Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1313 – The Wrath of the Three Major Powers

Chapter 1313 – The Wrath of the Three Major Powers

The Wrath of the Three Major Powers

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Jiang Chen was gone. No one knew about it. It felt as if he was never there, it’s like his existence was an unfathomable mystery.

Outside the ancient tomb, countless of silhouettes surged out simultaneously. Every one of them looked pale, they couldn’t help feeling frightened when they thought about the scene inside the tomb. A single carelessness could lead them to their deaths.

*Whizz…* *Whizz…* *Whizz…*

More and more people exited the tomb. All of them were doing their best to escape for their lives. Death might be awaiting them if they were a little slower.

*Hong Long……*

Along with a final explosion, the whole the ancient tomb collapsed. Now, the ancient spatial zone that had existed for an unknown number of years was gone for good. One-Line-Sky had once again returned to its peaceful condition, but countless of them were still in the state of shock.

When the disciples saw their respective camp, they quickly flew over to join them, however, they had yet to leave as they knew something big was going to happen. It was also highly likely that One-Line-Sky would plunge into chaos.

“What’s going on? What happened in there? Where’s Canglan and the rest? Why haven’t they come out?”

The Patriarch of Yun Family, Yun Zhonghe, felt that something wasn’t right. He knitted his brows and asked the core disciples. Not just Yun Family, but also the higher ups of the Huangfu Family and Profound Sun Sect. It wasn’t right that their top geniuses weren’t even out yet whereas all the geniuses of Skycloud Pavilion were present.

“Patriarch, Brother Canglan and the rest of the geniuses are already dead.”

A disciple said with a saddened face. Fear was lingering in his heart when he recalled the incidents that happened in the ancient tomb.


Yun Zhonghe exclaimed, so did the other higher ups. The seniors of Huangfu Family and Profound Sun Sect were also dumbfounded. They simply couldn’t accept that their geniuses had died. This result was truly unbelievable and unimaginable.

“How could this happen? How did Canglan died? Tell me, quickly!”

Yun Zhonghe became so angry his beard was trembling. Yun Canglan was his own son, the Young Master and the greatest genius in Yun Family and the greatest pride of his life, but now his son was dead. How could he ever accept that?

“Jiang Chen, it was Jiang Chen! It was Jiang Chen who killed all of them!”

The disciple replied emotionally. His voice quivered when he mentioned Jiang Chen’s name. Jiang Chen’s ferocity had already left a great shadow in his heart. That was a devil king. That man wasn’t even a human.

“Jiang Chen!”

The name which had already been forgotten by the people rumbled in their ears once more like a thunder strike. It shocked not only the three major powers, but also the higher ups of Skycloud Pavilion, including Tian Muyun, Yang Shu and Tianji Zi, who had their mouths wide open, doubting what they had just heard was correct.

“This is impossible, I personally sent Jiang Chen into the Evil Abyss. He can’t appear in this ancient tomb. Furthermore, even if he did appear, he doesn’t have the ability to kill Yun Canglan.”

Tian Muyun denied at once. He absolutely wouldn’t believe what had happened inside. He knew the situation of Jiang Chen better than anyone of them. Anyone who entered the Evil Abyss could never come out of it. He had once lamented the loss of a great genius because of this.

“Bu Qingfeng, you tell them.”

Tianji Zi looked at Bu Qingfeng. His facial expression tensed. Jiang Chen was a disciple that he treasured the most. He had been feeling miserable ever since Jiang Chen went into the Evil Abyss. He regretted why he hadn’t did his best to stop his stubborn disciple. As to whether Jiang Chen could walk out of the Evil Abyss alive, he had no idea, but now that Jiang Chen had appeared again, he naturally would like to know more about it.

“Pavilion Master, Elder Tianji, indeed, it was Junior Brother Jiang who did it. Not only did Junior Brother Jiang exited the Evil Abyss alive, but he has also improved tremendously in the ancient tomb. Yun Canglan, Tuo Hai and Huangfu Zhan wanted to kill him, but they were killed by Junior Brother Jiang in the end instead.” Bu Qingfeng didn’t dare hide the truth and spoke.


Tian Muyun exclaimed once more. If this didn’t came out from Bu Qingfeng’s mouth, he would never believe it.

“Hehe! That brat didn’t let me down after all. He actually walked out of Evil Abyss alive and had such ma.s.sive improvement. Yun Canglan is a first cla.s.s mighty Golden Immortal genius who has a strength similar to ordinary intermediate Golden Immortal expert. Despite that, he was still killed by that brat. *Ze* *Ze*…”

Tianji Zi was chuckling in his heart. It was simply a great blessing to have such a disciple in his life. As for the great disaster that was caused by Jiang Chen, he didn’t mind it at all. To be a truly superior person, one needed to do earth-shattering things and this made Tianji Zi proud.

“Dammit! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually walked out of Evil Abyss alive and had even improved so much.”

Yang Zhu clenched his teeth. Last time, Skycloud Pavilion was stirred because of the matter of Qu Yuan, but the final solution was favorable to him, however, who would have thought that Jiang Chen would be so unpredictable and could even walk out of Evil Abyss alive? How could Yang Shu not hate Jiang Chen even more than before?

“Where’s Jiang Chen?”

The sect master of Profound Sun Sect, Dugu Sheng, sounded extremely cold. Judging from his looks, if Jiang Chen was present in front of him now, he would have already sent a slap to him.

Dugu Sheng’s question had reminded anyone to look for that extraordinary man. The experts who had yet to regain their senses looked around in all directions, but found no trace of Jiang Chen. Someone recalled that during the last moment before the spatial zone completely collapsed, Jiang Chen was still inside.

“Sect Master, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d is extremely cunning. I’m afraid that he has already fled away.”

The disciple spoke. Dugu Sheng, Huangfu Yaotian and Yun Zhonghe unleashed their divine sense, covering a few thousand miles of the area, but no trace of Jiang Chen’s Qi was found.

“Dammit! That son of a b*tch is really courting death! How dare he kill my son?!”

Huangfu Yaotian grieved loudly. The thought of losing his son was agonizing.

“What a good Jiang Chen! I have really underestimated you.”

Tian Muyun frowned. Jiang Chen’s emergence has already been confirmed. He had made great contributions on behalf of Skycloud Pavilion during this trip in the ancient tomb, but that didn’t make Tian Muyun happy, Jiang Chen’s appearance had just stolen his spotlight. Despite being the number one genius in One-Line-Sky, he suddenly felt a sense of inferiority when comparing himself to Jiang Chen. This was something that he had never felt before and he hated this feeling very much.

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