Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1312 – The Spatial Zone Collapsed

Chapter 1312 – The Spatial Zone Collapsed

The Spatial Zone Collapsed

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“It’s over. I’m afraid the higher-ups of the three major powers are going to cry after knowing that they have lost so many geniuses. They are supposed to find treasures in this ancient tomb, but they found nothing instead.”

“I can already imagine their fury . I’m afraid that it’s going to burn the whole One-Line-Sky.”

“I wonder if Skycloud Pavilion can keep Jiang Chen safe once he leaves this ancient tomb. If Skycloud Pavilion insists on protecting Jiang Chen, Skycloud Pavilion would surely be attacked by the three major powers. Tian Muyun certainly can’t afford to bear it.”


*Hong Long……*

Just at this moment, the earth trembled all of a sudden, and then the entire spatial zone began to shake. It felt as if the spatial zone was cracking.

“Not good. Jiang Chen has taken the Immortal Execution Order and the Immortal Burying Coffin is gone. The spatial zone is going to lose its support and crumble.”

“Quickly, go. If the spatial zone crumbles, everyone is going to die here.”

“Let’s get out of here now!”


The Immortal Burying Coffin and the Immortal Execution Order were the main pillars of this spatial zone. Now that they were gone, the ancient tomb wouldn’t be able to sustain it any longer and would crumble soon.

The collapse of the spatial zone wasn’t a small deal. Anyone trapped inside would die for sure unless he was an Immortal King expert.

Jiang Chen didn’t move. He couldn’t return to One-Line-Sky now. He could already imagine what would happen if he emerged in One-Line-Sky now. He was carrying too many secrets – the wondrous rock, heart of magma, Immortal Execution Order and more importantly, the ability to come out of the Evil Abyss alive. Even if the three major powers believed that Jiang Chen never entered the Evil Abyss, Tian Muyun would never believe it. At that time, he wouldn’t be able to go through Tian Muyun unhindered.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen had killed so many geniuses from the three major powers here. If he returned at this time, those old experts outside would surely shred him to pieces as soon as they saw him.

“I can’t go back to One-Line-Sky now. The matter here has already been resolved anyway. I can return to the Evil Abyss now, but definitely not Skycloud Pavilion. The next time I return to Skycloud Pavilion, will be the time Tian Muyun and I fight a decisive battle.” Jiang Chen spoke in his heart.

He turned his palm. A pale yellowish talisman appeared in his hand. The spatial Qi was drifting on top of it. This was a spatial talisman given by the Evil Lord, Yang Bufan when he left the Evil Abyss. The purpose of it was to get him back to the Evil Abyss straightaway.

As long as he was within the boundary of One-Line-Sky, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to get back into Evil Abyss, however, getting out of the abyss would surely be difficult.

However, the place he was at right now was a spatial zone, not One-Line-Sky. This was the spatial zone of the ancient tomb which was a totally different world from One-Line-Sky. This was a world built personally by an expert. The spatial talisman in his hand wouldn’t be useful here.

Therefore, he must wait. He had to wait for the moment the spatial zone crumble, then connect the Qi outside to use the spatial talisman and escape. Without a doubt, such an act was surely too dangerous. He must have absolute timing.

If he was an ordinary person, he wouldn’t be so sure, but Jiang Chen was different. His perceptive ability was incomparably sharp. He had once mastered the spatial law back in Saint Origin World. He was greatly endowed with talent. Adding the fact that he cultivated the Great Soul Derivation Technique, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to leave at the right time using the spatial talisman.

When that time came, he would leave and disappear without a trace. The three major powers wouldn’t be able to find him even if they overturned the whole One-Line-Sky. Even the crafty Tian Muyun wouldn’t be able to figure out that he was able to enter and exit the Evil Abyss so freely.

The deaths of Yun Canglan and the other supreme geniuses caused heavy losses to the three major powers. Naturally, this would throw the entire One-Line-Sky into chaos. But this didn’t concern Jiang Chen at all as he had to deal with the turbulence in the Evil Abyss first.

Countless of cultivators had already left. In order to survive, none of them could afford to keep track of Jiang Chen. Bu Qingfeng didn’t even noticed if Jiang Chen had already exited the spatial zone. None of them thought that Jiang Chen would stay inside. After all, the spatial zone was going to collapse soon. No one would be stupid enough to stay inside to die.

At this moment, outside the main doors of the ancient tomb, the higher ups of the four major powers were chit-chatting. They seemed to have high confidence in their geniuses in the expedition of the ancient tomb.

*Hong Long……*

All of a sudden, the closed doors of the ancient tomb collapsed. The spatial zone in front was shaking. Spatial waves were flowing back and forth. Their faces changed instantly, especially the patriarchs of the four major powers. Every one of them was a half-step Immortal King expert that had already mastered the early stage of spatial law. They were able to sense the huge spatial movement inside.

“Not good. The spatial zone inside is crumbling.”

“I wonder what has happened inside. It’s going to take some time for it to collapse. The people inside should still have the chance to escape.”

“What exactly has happened? Why would the solid ancient tomb be collapsing all of a sudden? It’s not even seven days yet.”


Numerous experts were petrified, not knowing what had happened inside, but they were certain that something big must have happened inside. None of them had ever predicted that such an event would suddenly take place.

*Hong Long……*

The roaring sound was getting louder and heavier. The void began to crack. One by one, silhouettes of experts were flying out of the spatial zone. That was because the crumbled doors wasn’t sealed yet. Once it was sealed, all of them would be trapped and die inside.

As for Jiang Chen, he had already found a point connecting to the border of One-Line-Sky. He crushed the spatial talisman in his hand. An illusory portal appeared. The portal trembled intensely. Apparently, it was greatly affected by the collapsing spatial zone. If it wasn’t because of his precise timing, he was afraid that the pa.s.sageway of Evil Abyss would be destroyed immediately.

“Humph! One-Line-Sky. Take as much time as you can. Once you are done with it, I will be back. When I return, I’m going to settle all the scores. That will be the day when I change the whole One-Line-Sky.”

Jiang Chen revealed a trace of a smile, then strode into the portal. The portal closed before the spatial zone of the ancient tomb collapsed completely.

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