Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1311 – The Devil King

Chapter 1311 – The Devil King

The Devil King

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“Tuo Hai, accept your fate.”

Bu Qingfeng said plainly and retreated. He and Tuo Hai had been sworn enemies for a long time. No one could remember how many times they had fought along the years. Now that his arch-enemy was going to die, he felt somewhat crestfallen as if he had lost something.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Invisible storm waves whirled. Tuo Hai was completely locked by Jiang Chen. He was doomed. There was no way he could escape. The combat sword in his hand was trembling. He was a first cla.s.s genius of Profound Sun Sect, with a brilliantly bright future. He never thought that he would die one day, much less dying in Jiang Chen’s hands, because he had never looked up to Jiang Chen. Only a short while ago, Jiang Chen was just like an ant to him, not worthy of being his enemy.

But now, the situation had been completely overturned. He had become an insect before Jiang Chen instead, a prey that could be killed at any second. What a great irony!

“Jiang… Jiang Chen, please, I don’t want to die yet.”

Tuo Hai’s tone was quivering. Those who feared death were at their weakest state in the face of death.

“Oh? Then give me a reason why I shouldn’t kill you.” Jiang Chen said, seeming intrigued.

A reason for not killing him?

Jiang Chen’s words stunned Tuo Hai because he couldn’t think of a reason for Jiang Chen not to kill him. Even Yun Canglan and Huangfu Zhan were killed. Why would Jiang Chen keep him alive? To leave a trouble behind? If it were him, he would also not let his enemy live.

It seemed he was definitely going to die.

“Jiang Chen, I will fight you!”

Tuo Hai roared all of a sudden. Both of his eyes went red. He gripped the sword and lunged at Jiang Chen. Since he couldn’t find a reason for Jiang Chen to let him go, he might as well fight Jiang Chen with all his might even though he knew there was no hope.


Just as Tuo Hai moved, Jiang Chen acted. After losing his rationality, he had completely lost the qualification to fight his opponent. Jiang Chen vanished from where he was like a specter. The next moment his long sword penetrated through Tuo Hai’s chest.

Tuo Hai lowered his head to look at the hilt of the sword below. Feeling the continuous loss of vitality in his body, he felt reluctant and regretful, but now all emotions were of no use anymore. He could already see the gates of h.e.l.l opening in front of him. He began to ponder on his glorious life. All of these would become a past, and soon, his name would be forgotten in One-Line-Sky. His death would only become Jiang Chen’s glory and a stepping stone in Jiang Chen’s path.

The atmosphere was silent. Yun Canglan, Huangfu Zhan and Tuo Hai were dead. Of the four supreme geniuses of One-Line-Sky, three had died. Bu Qingfeng was the only Golden Immortal genius who was alive. Jiang Chen would never kill him because he was on the same side as Jiang Chen. They were friends, not enemies.

Jiang Chen turned back to his human form. His white clothes and dark hair fluttered in the air. His deep and bottomless eyes revealed the light of a war G.o.d. That was right. He was the war G.o.d, a peerless war G.o.d. Anyone who provoked him was destined to end up badly.

Everyone was looking at the silhouette in astonishment. The disciples of Skycloud Pavilion seemed incomparably excited. They all knew that a rare genius had emerged in Skycloud Pavilion. This genius would surpa.s.s Tian Muyun sooner or later. With a genius like Jiang Chen in Skycloud Pavilion, there was no way they couldn’t thrive.

The disciples of the other three major powers were grieving. They had suffered enormous losses during the expedition in the ancient tomb. The death of the three great geniuses would definitely deal a great blow to the higher ups of their major powers. Under this kind of provocation, One-Line-Sky would never be calm again. The death of Yun Canglan and Huangfu Zhan were extremely significant. They were the Young Masters of their families, the most important figures as they would inherit the family’s future and hope. Now, everything perished.

“The Son of Heaven is rising. The three supreme geniuses have become his stepping stones.”

“I can foresee a big chaos in One-Line-Sky. The three major powers will never let this matter rest, which will still be very dangerous for Jiang Chen.”

“This is a miracle. Jiang Chen is truly a heaven defying person. I’m sure he is still able to produce more miracles. Though there are many people who want him dead, he’s still alive until now, isn’t he?”


Innumerable experts marveled. All of them knew that Jiang Chen’s reputation would climb to the peak once he left the ancient tomb. Being the Son of Heaven, he was destined to rise among the young generation.

“Jiang Chen, you are going to pay a hefty price for what you did today. You are going to die very tragically.”

A half-step Golden Immortal genius of Huangfu Family threatened.


Too bad, just as his words faded, Jiang Chen’s sword slashed over. Without even having the chance to wail, he was slashed to death on the spot. Many shook their heads and sighed at the genius’ behavior. He must have some serious problem with his intelligence. Wasn’t he asking for death by threatening Jiang Chen at this time? Jiang Chen dared to kill even Huangfu Zhan, would he mind to kill another expert?

“It seems these half-step Golden Immortal geniuses are too arrogant. In that case, I will exterminate all of you. This will multiply the losses your sects.” Jiang Chen was cruel and ruthless. He had always been incisive on killings.


After hearing what Jiang Chen said, most half-step Golden Immortals yelled all of a sudden. Each of them revealed a horrified look.

“Jiang Chen, do you have any idea what you are doing?” A man from Profound Sun Sect spoke.

“Of course.”

Jiang Chen didn’t bother to continue conversing. He brandished his Heavenly Saint Sword. One after another, the sword light rushed out towards the half-step Golden Immortals. Their facial expression changed drastically. They were helpless. There was nothing they could do other than waiting for the arrival of their death.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

With several screams, all the half-step Golden Immortals of the three major powers died on the spot. In other words, all the great geniuses of the three major powers that came into the ancient tomb were dead. The fact was unimaginable and unbearable. The young generation was the true future and hope for a major power. Killing these geniuses were akin to destroying their foundations. It was conceivable how angry the three major powers would become after knowing what happened.

The weaker disciples of the three major powers were scared to death. Despite their anger, they wouldn’t dare to say another word. In their hearts, Jiang Chen was a frenzied devil king that killed people. Any unnecessary words would probably lead to death, not only to the individual who spoke, but also the entire batch. Judging by Jiang Chen’s power, it wasn’t impossible if he wanted to bury all of them here. Therefore, none of them would dare to go provoke this great devil king.

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