Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 131 – The Mighty Guo Shan

Chapter 131 – The Mighty Guo Shan

Chapter 131 – The Mighty Guo Shan

Something unexpected had happened once again. The arrival of Guo Shan had shut everyone’s mouths. In the Black Sect, Sect Elder Guo Shan’s influence was huge. His status, his position… it didn’t matter where he went, he would become the center of attraction and would ultimately receive respect.

An outstanding alchemist would be respected no matter where he went, and he would have a bright future. This was the reason why even Daoist Black would need to show Guo Shan some respect as well.

Not only Daoist Black, even those high cla.s.s Sect Elders would need to show respect towards Guo Shan. This was because most of the Black Sect’s Divine Core Sect Elders were indebted to Guo Shan. Most of them had asked Guo Shan to concoct a pill for them before, so even if they didn’t visit each other on normal days, they wouldn’t go and offend a powerful alchemist.

Therefore, even though Guo Shan never bothered about the matters of the Black Sect, let alone conflicts between disciples, and was always staying at his own mountain, just standing here was already enough to shock everyone. No one dared to ignore his existence, even the arrogant Fan Kun had to be respectful towards Guo Shan.

However, no one would have thought that Sect Elder Guo Shan, who had never gotten himself involved in any of the Black Sect’s matters, would come out today and stand next to Jiang Chen. By shattering Fan Kun’s attack and standing next to Jiang Chen, Guo Shan had clearly told everyone who he was siding with.

“Greetings, Sect Elder Guo Shan.”

Fan Kun cupped his fist and greeted Guo Shan. He looked polite, but at the same time, he didn’t show much fear either.

“Fan Kun, what are you doing? Killing your fellow disciple? You are the leader of the inner circle disciples, how can you attack an outer circle disciple? Don’t you feel disgraceful?”

Guo Shan let out a cold snort.

“Sect Elder Guo, you said I was trying to kill a fellow disciple? Jiang Chen just killed Jiang Wei with poison, don’t tell me that doesn’t count as killing a fellow disciple? Jiang Chen was wreaking havoc in the outer circle today, he burned a few courtyards, he seriously injured his fellow disciples, and he even dared to hang up all four outer circle Sect Elders! He is an evil man, shouldn’t I kill him? I was just helping the Black Sect get rid of this rotten meat!”

Fan Kun still spoke in the same imposing manner. His killing intent was high, and he didn’t want to give up on his decision to kill Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows, he was still a little shocked. Let alone Guo Shan being an alchemist, just his Divine Core cultivation realm would be enough to scare anyone, but this Fan Kun actually dared to talk to him like this. Was he really not scared of getting killed by Guo Shan? With Guo Shan’s status, killing an inner circle disciple who didn’t show him any respect wouldn’t be a big deal.

Jiang Chen didn’t know the reason, but others did. Because, everybody knew that Fan Kun was not only an inner circle disciple, he also had a status which made him very proud, and that was his grandfather.

“How can Fan Kun talk to Sect Elder Guo like that, isn’t he offending Sect Elder Guo’s dignity?”

“Fan Kun has a huge background, his grandfather Fan Zhong Tang is a senior Sect Elder in the Black Sect, and he has reached the Mid Divine Core realm, which is higher than Sect Elder Guo Shan. That’s why he isn’t afraid of Guo Shan.”

“That’s right, he has a powerful background, and that’s why he can be so arrogant. Looks like Fan Kun is determined to kill Jiang Chen today.”


The crowds were discussing the happenings. Some knew that this matter was still far from ending, and now that even Sect Elder Guo Shan had appeared, there might be some other Divine Core Sect Elders on their way.

“Fan Kun, Jiang Chen and Jiang Wei fought a consensual deathmatch, and it’s a rule that they were allowed to kill their opponent. Since Jiang Wei was killed, it can only be blamed on the fact that he was weak, and it can’t be blamed on Jiang Chen. As for the poison, I think you should know about it better than me, so I’ll just save my breath.”

Guo Shan said. He clearly wanted to protect Jiang Chen.

“Sect Elder Guo, this is a conflict between disciples! I hope Sect Elder Guo can stop interfering and let us settle this all by ourselves.”

Fan Kun didn’t show any signs of backing off. He had decided to kill Jiang Chen today, and if he couldn’t do so, it would be very difficult to find such a good opportunity to kill him in the future. Besides, Jiang Chen had shown great potential today, so if he wasn’t killed soon, once he gets more time to grow, he would become incredibly tough to deal with.

“d.a.m.n it, this Fan Kun is so despicable, what business does he have in someone else’s deathmatch? He won’t allow Sect Elder Guo Shan ‘s interference in a conflict between disciples. But he, as the leader of the inner circle disciples, with his peak Heavenly Core cultivation, is attacking an outer circle disciple. Isn’t that just disgraceful?”

“So despicable! I’m sure Sect Elder Guo Shan will protect senior disciple Jiang.”

“This has gone too far, it has become incredibly difficult to resolve! Fan Kun has a big background, and I’m sure he won’t let go of this matter easily.”

Many outer circle disciples started cursing. Jiang Chen had indeed made the conflict huge today, he was being lawless by hanging up so many people, but that was his capabilities. When Fan Kun, a peak Heavenly Core warrior, tried killing a Mortal Core outer circle disciple, it was just disgraceful.

“Ridiculous! I’m the Sect Elder, and I can interfere with anything I want! How dare you, as a junior, be so rude in front me? Get the h.e.l.l out of here!”

Guo Shan yelled out loudly as he unleashed his Divine Core aura. Fan Kun’s face immediately turned pale when he felt the ma.s.sive amount of energy. He frightfully thought to himself that a Divine Core warrior was indeed not someone he could fight unless he was at the same level. If he was a Divine Core warrior, then he would have the possibility to fight Guo Shan.

Even a clay doll would get angry, let alone Sect Elder Guo Shan. If it wasn’t for him not wanting to mess with Fan Zhong Tang, if an inner circle disciple talked to him like that, he would have already slapped him.

“Who is the one so arrogant? How dare you ask my grandson to get the h.e.l.l out of here?!”

Right at this moment, another lordly voice sounded out from afar. Then, an old man wearing a gray robe came descending from mid-air. Soon, he arrived next to Fan Kun. The man was about as old as Guo Shan; he carried an imposing expression, and he portrayed a domineering image.

Jiang Chen was startled, he immediately understood why Fan Kun dared to be so rude to Guo Shan; it was all because he had a mighty grandfather behind him. Jiang Chen gazed at Fan Zhong Tang and found out he was a Mid Divine Core warrior, one stage higher than Guo Shan. Guo Shan was at the peak of the Early Divine Core realm, and he was just one step away from the Mid Divine Core realm.


When Fan Kun saw Fan Zhong Tang, he bowed towards him and greeted.

“Heavens, now even Fan Zhong Tang is here! He is a real high cla.s.s man in the Black Sect, his status and position is just one level below the Sect Chief’s!”

“I never expected this matter to become so huge! Now, with the arrival of two Divine Core warriors, this is going to become messy!”

“It think it’s going to be difficult to resolve this. If Fan Zhong Tang and Guo Shan fight, I think only the Sect Chief himself can resolve this.”

Too many shocking things had happened today, and it had made all the disciples numb. It had all begun with a small conflict between outer circle disciples, and dozens of disciples had been forced to hand over their Mortal Restoration Pills. However, this small conflict had escalated. Four outer circle disciples were hanging on pillars, a genius inner circle disciple had been killed on the deathmatch stage, and now there were even two Divine Core warriors.

“Fan Zhong Tang, now even you are here. So, you and your grandson are going to bully an outer circle disciple together? Let me tell you this, I, Guo Shan, will be the first one to fight you!”

Guo Shan showed a strong att.i.tude towards this matter. Since he had come here today, he was determined to protect Jiang Chen. Perhaps in other people’s minds, Jiang Chen was just an outer circle disciple, a genius amongst all outer circle disciples, but in Guo Shan’s mind, Jiang Chen was a peerless genius. Besides, Jiang Chen had given him great help with alchemy, and both of them had become like brothers. When his brother was in trouble, Guo Shan, as his brother, couldn’t just sit back and watch.

Besides, others might be afraid of Fan Zhong Tang, but Guo Shan didn’t fear him. Although his cultivation level was lower than his, if they compared statuses within the Black Sect, Guo Shan’s was not any less than Fan Zhong Tang’s.

Jiang Chen’s face darkened, and he remained silent. He could now basically confirm that the one who wanted to kill him was Fan Kun. As for whether or not his grandfather was related to it, he wasn’t sure yet. This was his ultimate goal for wreaking havoc today, Jiang Chen wanted to find out who the mastermind behind everything was. However, what he didn’t understand was, why would Fan Kun want to kill him so badly? There was nothing wrong between him and Fan Kun. However, none of this mattered any longer.

“Kun’er, what’s going on?”

Fan Zhong Tang turned his head and looked at his grandson, Fan Kun.

“Grandfather, it all began……”

Fan Kun explained what happened today to Fan Zhong Tang through his Divine Sense. Then, Fang Zhong Tang immediately stared at Jiang Chen. In his seemingly calm eyes, a slight killing intent was hidden. Although he was hiding it pretty well, it couldn’t be hidden from Jiang Chen.

“Even he wants to kill me.”

Jiang Chen felt incredibly angry right now. This hatred towards him came from nowhere, and although he had the intelligence and experience of a Saint, he couldn’t guess why this grandfather and grandson duo wanted to kill him.

“Hmph! Guo Shan, take a look at the training grounds, this guy didn’t show any respect to his seniors! He even hung up Sect Elders and beat them, and he killed his fellow disciple through a ruthless approach! He is an evil man, a man like this should be killed immediately!”

Fan Zhong Tang snorted coldly. He used the same tone as Fan Kun and labeled Jiang Chen an evil man, trying to blame everything on him.

The disciples and Sect Elders who were hung up on the pillars and beaten were still screaming and yelling. When they heard Fan Zhong Tang’s words, they were so touched they felt like crying.

“Fan Zhong Tang, there are reasons for what Jiang Chen did today. Jiang Wei was killed because they fought in a deathmatch. A Mid Heavenly Core inner circle disciple was killed by an outer circle disciple on the fighting stage, I don’t think this needs much of an explanation.”

Guo Shan spoke with an indifferent expression.

“Guo Shan, you and I are both Divine Core Sect Elders, we shouldn’t interfere with conflicts between disciples. In my opinion, to avoid hurting our relations.h.i.+p, let’s just back off and let Fan Kun handle Jiang Chen, how about that?”

Fan Zhong Tang asked.

“Puh! Fan Zhong Tang, you’re so disgraceful! You really want to let your grandson fight an outer circle disciple, you’re so shameless by saying that! I, your father, will protect Jiang Chen at all costs today! Those who dares try to touch him, I’ll teach him a lesson!”

Guo Shan had a really strong att.i.tude. Although this old man was normally a peaceful guy, once he became p.i.s.sed off, he would surely do something great. Jiang Chen took a glimpse at Guo Shan who was giving his speech, and he felt warmth in his heart.