Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 132 – Daoist Black’s Decision

Chapter 132 – Daoist Black’s Decision

Chapter 132 – Daoist Black’s Decision

“Guo Shan, don’t yell at me just because you’re an alchemist! You want to protect this evil guy? Does that mean you want to walk the path of evil as well?”

Fan Zhong Tang was p.i.s.sed off. With his status in the Black Sect, being scolded and disgraced in front of so many people would certainly make his anger boil. Besides, he had to help his own grandson get rid of Jiang Chen.

“Save your breath! Those who dares touch Jiang Chen today, I’ll be the first one to attack!”

Guo Shan took a step forward and stood in front of Jiang Chen. It looked like if Fan Zhong Tang really attacked, he would go all out and fight him.

Jiang Chen didn’t show any emotion on his face. Although what happened so far had exceeded his expectations, it hadn’t come to a stage where he couldn’t control himself. Because, if Guo Shan and Fan Zhong Tang couldn’t come to a conclusion, Daoist Black would definitely need to step out.


Indeed, as Jiang Chen had expected, just as Guo Shan finished his words, a dignified shout came from the direction of Palace Black. After that, a golden light shot out from within Palace Black.

The golden light arrived at the outer circle’s training grounds, and it swept across all pillars and shattered all of them together with the ropes, freeing those who were tied up. The golden light did not only shatter all pillars, it also unsealed the seals on the people’s Qi Seas that had been previously sealed by Jiang Chen.

“Sect Chief.”

Fan Zhong Tang and Guo Shan bowed towards the direction of Palace Black at the same time. The shout just now and the golden light came from Daoist Black. As the Black Sect’s chief, one of the four most powerful men in the Qi Province, no one dared to stand in the way of Daoist Black.

“Heavens! Even the Sect Chief is here! It was just a small conflict in the outer circle, but now even the Sect Chief has come!”

“This matter has gone too far! If the Sect Chief doesn’t do something now, it will soon go completely out of control!”

“Jiang Chen has really wreaked havoc in the Black Sect today, he has created a storm!”

Everyone was shocked. In the eyes of all disciples, Daoist Black was a paramount, respected by many.

In the next second, a middle-aged man wearing a Daoist robe flew by. His hands were on his back, he stood in midair with a dignified expression, and his black hair was fluttering in wind. He was Daoist Black, the Black Sect’s ultimate emperor.

“Greetings, Sect Chief!”

All disciples on the training grounds bowed down to pay their respects. From Fan Zhong Tang to Guo Shan, down to the lowest ranked novice disciples, all of them showed respect towards Daoist Black. Daoist Black was the most mysterious man in the Black Sect, and he rarely showed himself anywhere within the Black Sect. Him showing up because of just a tiny little conflict between the outer circle disciples, Jiang Chen was the first one to make him do that.

“Explain, I’ll give you all a chance to explain what happened.”

With a stern expression on his face, Daoist Black gazed at Fan Zhong Tang and Guo Shan. But more importantly, he looked at Jiang Chen and Fan Kun as well.

“Sect Chief, Jiang Chen bullied his fellow outer circle disciples, severely injured them, and even hung up four Sect Elders and beat them! He is a complete nutcase! This has never happened before in the history of the Black Sect! He is completely out of his mind, and he’s lawless! He used a deadly poison to kill Jiang Wei! Such a cruel and ruthless thing can only be done by evil men! If we don’t kill this man, it will jeopardize the Black Sect’s reputation, and none of the disciples can stay here with hopes of peace!”

Fan Kun condemned justly and severely, conveying his reasons behind his actions, as well as making Jiang Chen look like a wicked man.

Daoist Black didn’t show any change of expression, he just stared at Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, what is your explanation then?”

Daoist Black asked.

“I don’t want to explain, but I believe the Sect Chief can bring me justice.”

Jiang Chen cupped his first towards Daoist Black. It was actually pointless for him to try and explain what happened. In the end, it was all up to who the Sect Chief decided to blame. If he really wanted to punish Jiang Chen, no matter how good his explanation was, it would be useless. And, if Daoist Black didn’t want to pursue these matters any further, it would only take some simple words.

Besides, Jiang Chen didn’t need any explanation, because the explanation from the crowds weighed more than his alone.

“The fact is simple, there is nothing you can explain! Disciple requests Sect Chief to lay down punishment on Jiang Chen!”

Fan Kun spoke with a sneer.

“Sect Chief, senior disciple Jiang Chen is wrongly accused!”

Just as Fan Kun finished his words, an outer circle disciple voice out.

“That’s right! Sect Chief, two days ago, outer circle disciple Guo Lei spread fake news about Jiang Chen dying in the Myriad Demon Mountains! He did that on orders from inner circle disciple Cai Dong! And, he bullied all of us and asked us to hand over 100 Mortal Restoration Pills to him, and he also seriously injured w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zheng! Many of us can testify to this, we are the victims!”

“Sect Chief, senior disciple Jiang was just trying to bring us justice! If he really violated the sect rules, it was Guo Lei and the others who violated them first!”

“Also, Jiang Wei is the one responsible for his own death! He challenged senior disciple Jiang Chen to a deathmatch, he can’t blame anyone for his own death! As for the poison, the needle belonged to Jiang Wei, it had nothing to do with senior disciple Jiang!”


The outer circle disciples who followed Jiang Chen were all rus.h.i.+ng to voice out their stance on the matter. They just couldn’t keep quiet any longer, because if they didn’t tell the truth, Jiang Chen would feel disappointed at them. No matter what, it was Jiang Chen who stood out and wreaked havoc for them, and if they were forced to choose between Jiang Chen and Fan Kun, they would definitely jump to Jiang Chen’s side, and they wouldn’t even care about offending Fan Kun.

“Sect Chief, what these disciples said is correct. We can’t blame Jiang Chen for this mess. In other words, Jiang Chen is a victim as well.”

With a smile on his face, Guo Shan cupped his fist and spoke to Daoist Black. He was thinking about how to help since Jiang Chen didn’t want to explain, but he had never expected so many disciples would stand out and show their support for Jiang Chen. This was even better than if Jiang Chen was to explain himself. Looking at Jiang Chen’s confident face, Guo Shan couldn’t help but silently praise him. Although Jiang Chen was young, he had the strongest mind Guo Shan had ever seen. He could stay calm no matter what situation he was in. Besides, Jiang Chen had a brave heart, and there was nothing he wouldn’t dare to do. If there was, there would be no way for things to escalate like this.

“Sect Chief, we can’t judge this situation just by listening to these few disciples! Even if what they said was true, it’s also a fact that Jiang Chen has brutally beaten the Sect Elders, and even hung them up! These Sect Elders represents the Black Sect’s face, and what Jiang Chen has done is slap the Black Sect’s face!”

Fan Kun still didn’t want to give up.

“Fan Kun, do I need you to teach me how to settle matters?”

Daoist Black’s face darkened.

“I didn’t mean it, please forgive me, Sect Chief.”

Seeing that his words had made the Sect Chief angry, Fan Kun’s expression immediately changed.

“That’s enough. I know more or less what happened today, just let it all end here, and don’t let it be repeated.”

After finis.h.i.+ng his words, Daoist Black disappeared from where he was standing. It was like he had never been here. It was actually just because his speed was extremely fast. Daoist Black was just one step away from the Combat Soul realm, his mightiness could never be imagined by ordinary people.

However, Daoist Black’s words had startled many of the people.

What just happened? The Sect Chief came here personally, but in the end, this was his decision.

An awful expression emerged on Fan Kun’s face, he was not happy with this decision. He didn’t know why Daoist Black favored Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen had caused such a huge disturbance today, and even though it wasn’t him who started everything, he should still get some relevant punishments. But now, because of Daoist Black’s decision, everything had come to an end.

Not only only Fan Kun was puzzled, everyone who had witnessed what happened today was shocked and had their mouths wide open.

“What? It ended just like this? The Sect Chief settled this matter in a really unique way.”

“I agree with you, initially, I thought that Sect Chief would become angry and punish those who had done wrong, but he just said something simple, and the matter reached a conclusion.”

“Don’t you guys get it? The Sect Chief favors Jiang Chen! With what Jiang Chen has done today, even though he wasn’t the one who started everything, but by brutally beating the Sect Elders alone, he should have received serious punishment. But now, no punishment! The Sect Chief obviously doesn’t want to punish him.”

“There must be a reason behind the Sect Chief’s decision. Jiang Chen has been growing extremely quickly, his talent and potential is peerless within the Qi Province, and he can even compare with Nan Bei Chao from the Burning Sky Pavilion! And soon, he will be suppressing Fan Kun! A genius like him won’t easily be punished, this is the benefit of being a true genius!”


Many people were shocked by the decision, but at the same time, they could understand the reasoning behind it. After all, Jiang Chen had proven himself with his outstanding performance, a genius like him won’t be easily punished by the sect.

Besides, the decision was made by the Sect Chief himself, who would dare to object? As for whether or not the decision was fair, in this world where the strongest gets all the respect, fairness was actually a luxurious thing. In the Black Sect, Daoist Black’s words were justice.

The Sect Elders and disciples who were hung up and brutally beaten could only swallow their tears. They thought the Sect Chief would bring them justice, but now, they couldn’t even think about it anymore. Besides, the Sect Chief’s decision had sent everyone a message; he was favoring Jiang Chen. After what happened today, many people would remember this, and they wouldn’t mess with Jiang Chen easily. Because if they did that, the consequences would be really nasty.

With an insidious expression, Fan Kun stared at Jiang Chen like a poisonous snake, “Jiang Chen, one day, I will kill you.”

“Fan Kun, I don’t care why you want to kill me, but let me warn you; you better not mess with me. If you do, the consequences will be something you never want to experience.”

Jiang Chen said faintly. He never showed any mercy to his enemies.

History had proven that those who were Jiang Chen’s enemies would never receive any happy endings.


Fan Kun let out a cold snort, then he turned around and left. At the same time, Fan Zhong Tang also disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Initially, Fan Kun wanted to kill Jiang Chen no matter what. However, when the Sect Chief personally came, he was forced to abort the mission, because, if he ignored everything and continued a.s.saulting Jiang Chen, he would be bathing in the flames of anger from Daoist Black, and that was not something he could really face.

A major incident that shook the Black Sect had been concluded with a light touch from Daoist Black. What happened today would definitely be recorded in the Black Sect’s history book. Jiang Chen’s name had once again become the center of attraction.

From today onwards, not only the outer circle disciples, even the Sect Elders and some inner circle disciples would think twice before looking for any trouble with Jiang Chen.