Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 130 – Killing Jiang Wei

Chapter 130 – Killing Jiang Wei

Chapter 130 – Killing Jiang Wei


Jiang Wei screamed out in a horrifying manner as he spat out a mouthful of blood. The powerful sonic waves had not only hurt his body, they had also damaged his soul and his Divine Sense, causing him to instantly become much weaker.


Jiang Chen didn’t let Jiang Wei respond. He continued attacking by punching Jiang Wei’s face. Everyone who was watching the fight could hear a loud sound of bones cracking; it was Jiang Wei’s nose bridge which was broken by Jiang Chen. Jiang Wei had blood all over his face, and he looked incredibly miserable.


Jiang Wei fell down with his face facing upwards, and he had completely lost his ability to fight. With the help of the Nine Phantom Wolves, Jiang Wei was unable to react, thus, he was defeated.


With a thought in his mind, all of Jiang Chen’s phantoms retracted into his real body. At the same time, Jiang Chen took a step forward and arrived in front of Jiang Wei. He stared at him from up above with a sneer.

“How did it all happen? Jiang Wei was really defeated? He completely lost?”

“Jiang Chen’s movement skill is so terrifying! There were so many Jiang Chens, and Jiang Wei couldn’t figure out which one was the real one!”

“d.a.m.n, I wonder if Jiang Chen will kill that Jiang Wei.”

“I think Jiang Wei is in great danger this time. With Jiang Chen’s character and approach, I don’t think he can escape from death. Besides, this is a deathmatch, only the winner can stay alive, there is nothing wrong even if Jiang Chen really decided to kill him. Also, with Jiang Wei’s status and cultivation level, being defeated by an outer circle disciple is a big disgrace.”

Everyone was shocked by what they saw, who would have thought that the Mid Heavenly Core Jiang Wei would be defeated? And in such a sudden and quick manner as well. Just earlier, both of them were still fighting equally, then, in just the blink of an eye, Jiang Chen used an awesome movement skill and defeated Jiang Wei.

“Useless fool.”

Far away, Fan Kun with an insidious expression was silently scolding Jiang Wei. However, he had to admit that Jiang Chen was really strong. If he was allowed to continue growing, even Fan Kun himself would find it difficult to defeat Jiang Chen in the future. Also, Fan Kun had confirmed that Jiang Chen’s existence was a threat to Nan Bei Chao, a huge potential threat.

“Impossible, this can’t be! In just two days, how could you become so strong?!”

Jiang Wei shook his head, he really couldn’t accept the fact that he was defeated by Jiang Chen. Two days ago, he was still chasing him like a mad dog in the Myriad Demon Mountain, and Jiang Chen couldn’t even resist a single attack from him. Two days had pa.s.sed, now Jiang Chen had become much stronger, and he could even defeat him with ease… Was he really a human?

“Tell me, why did you want to kill me? There’s no grudge between you and I, and I suppose someone else asked you to do all of this, right? Just tell me who it was, and I might spare your life.”

Jiang Chen said with a deep voice. He had never met Jiang Wei before, and there was nothing between them. There was no reason for him to kill Jiang Chen, therefore, the most obvious answer was that there was someone even stronger who wanted to kill him.

“Fine, I’ll tell you.”

Jiang Wei said. However, with a ferocious look in his eyes, a black poison needle suddenly appeared in his hand.

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

Jiang Wei clenched his teeth and waved his hand forcefully. The poisonous needle immediately flew out from his hand. With such short distance, he was confident that the needle would stab Jiang Chen. He wanted to see how Jiang Chen was able to resist the poison since he had witnessed Jiang Chen getting hit by the needle back in the Myriad Demon Mountain. But now, he was alive and kicking, and this had really puzzled him.


Jiang Wei was fast, but Jiang Chen was faster. Although Jiang Wei had hidden his movement, there was no way he could hide from Jiang Chen’s eagle eyes. With lightning fast speed, Jiang Chen grabbed the poison needle with two fingers.

“Hmph! Since you are courting death, I’ll fulfill your wis.h.!.+ You don’t want to tell me who the one behind everything is? Fine, I’ll lure him out myself. So, you like to use poison? Fine, I’ll let you taste it!”

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort, he had lost his patience. This Jiang Wei had even tried killing him with a poison needle; Jiang Chen wouldn’t let someone like this stay alive.

With a high amount of killing intent, Jiang Chen flipped his palm and pointed the poison needle in his hand towards Jiang Wei’s forehead.


Right at this moment, someone shouted out loudly from the inner circle direction. Then, everyone saw Fan Kun flying out from the inner circle, it was he who had shouted just now.

But, Jiang Chen completely ignored Fan Kun. With extremely fast speed, he stabbed the poison needle into Jiang Wei’s forehead.


An ear-piercing cry came from Jiang Wei’s mouth. The cry was incredibly horrifying, and it hardly resembled a human’s cry. Then, everyone saw some black threads starting to appear on his forehead, and it spread all over his body. The poison started corroding his body, it was melting his muscles, and it made his face start twisting. It even produced a sizzling sound from within his body. The scene was horrifying.

“Senior disciple Fan, save me, save me……”

Jiang Wei looked at Fan Kun with terror, and his voice had become hoa.r.s.e. He was a genius from the inner circle, and he had a bright future; he didn’t want to die, and Fan Kun was his only hope, because the poison needle was given to him by Fan Kun, only he could provide an antidote to this poison.

Fan Kun shook his head and felt some pity for Jiang Wei, only he knew that there was no antidote for this poison. The poison was so strong that there was simply no cure for it. Any Heavenly Core warrior who gets poisoned by the needle would die for sure.


Jiang Wei’s body fell down onto the ground and now laid there motionlessly. The poison was so intense that the moment it reached his heart, he died.

“An eye for an eye.”

Jiang Chen had an indifferent expression. The death of Jiang Wei hadn’t affected his mind in the slightest. He would never feel pity for someone like this, especially when he had seen how strong the poison was. Jiang Chen felt that his decision was right, because if it wasn’t for him cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill and absorbing the Green h.e.l.lish Python’s bloodline, he would have died two days ago just like Jiang Wei.

“Jiang Wei is dead… What a horrifying way to die.”

“That poison needle is terrifying! I’m sure it was covered in some super strong poison, it could instantly kill a Heavenly Core warrior! Incredible!”

“Brutal! Jiang Chen is so fierce, the way Jiang Wei died was so horrifying!”

“Can anyone blame him? Didn’t you guys see what happened? It was Jiang Wei who took out the poison needle and tried killing Jiang Chen with it, Jiang Chen only gave him a taste of his own medicine! He deserved it!”


Jiang Wei was dead, and everyone was shocked. But, no one really pitied him, because they had all seen what happened, it was Jiang Wei who took out the poison needle, and he was the wicked one.

“Jiang Chen, you are so cruel and brutal, how dare you use poison on your fellow disciple? This is something only evil men would do! You’re not on the right path, so I, Fan Kun, will enforce justice on behalf of the heavens by killing you today and completely removing you from this world!”

Fan Kun spoke with a stern voice. After speaking, he unleashed a huge shadow hand and attacked Jiang Chen. He had used all his strength with this attack, and with his cultivation level, there was no way Jiang Chen could be his match.

But luckily, Jiang Chen had prepared himself. Right as Fan Kun was about to strike, Jiang Chen spread his blood wings and evaded the attack. But, the ripples from Fan Kun’s attack had also made his blood start boiling.

“Heavens, senior disciple Fan Kun attacked! Jiang Chen is finished for sure!”

“Senior disciple Fan Kun is recognized openly as the number two within the inner circle, and aside from Guan Yi Yun, no one can actually suppress him! And, ordinary Late Heavenly Core warriors are nothing in front of him! I never expected him to actually try and personally kill Jiang Chen.”

“Why do I have this feeling that Fan Kun has a real grudge against Jiang Chen? Besides, Jiang Chen and Jiang Wei fought a deathmatch, it’s against the rules for Fan Kun to step in!”

The crowds exclaimed. Today’s conflict had become more serious. Up to now, it had gone completely out of control. Initially, it was just a small conflict between the outer circle disciples, but now, even the high profile and important disciple Fan Kun was getting himself involved. It looked like this conflict could only be settled by the high cla.s.s Sect Elders.

“Fan Kun, are you blind? It was Jiang Wei who took out the poison needle first!”

Jiang Chen was angry, this Fan Kun tried killing him the moment he arrived, without even giving him the chance to explain. Besides, Jiang Chen could feel that Fan Kun really wanted to kill him, his determination was even greater than Jiang Wei’s. Also, from the way Jiang Wei had asked Fan Kun to save him before he died, Jiang Chen started thinking that Fan Kun was the man behind everything.

“Hmph! I only saw you using the poison needle to kill Jiang Wei. Jiang Chen, you bullied fellow disciples, you tortured fellow disciples, and you killed a senior disciple. Such a wicked and cruel man, what you did is proof that you are a devil! Today, I’m going to kill you!”

In an imposing manner, Fan Kun stared at Jiang Chen with a razor sharp vision and intense killing intent. Today was his best chance to kill Jiang Chen, and he could blame it all on some crimes.


Fan Kun unleashed the energy of a peak Heavenly Core warrior. The strong and powerful energy waves collided with each other and produced loud explosive noises. His Yuan energy was like a tsunami that had completely locked down on Jiang Chen.


Another loud explosion, Fan Kun attacked again. He unleashed a huge s.h.i.+ning golden palm, a combat skill. This palm flew towards Jiang Chen.

Everyone’s expressions had changed, Fan Kun was a really powerful man, and since he had used his best attack to attack Jiang Chen, no matter how talented Jiang Chen was, he was only a Late Mortal Core warrior. The gap between them was huge, and he simply couldn’t defend against this attack.

Right at this moment, something unexpected occurred. A bright beam descended from the sky, and like a sharp blade, it tore Fan Kun’s huge golden palm to pieces. Suffering from the counter attack, Fan Kun was forced to take a few steps back before regaining control over his body.


A bright figure blinked a few times, then a plump old man walked down from the air. Soon, he arrived next to Jiang Chen. When the crowds saw who this man was, they immediately cried out in awe.

“Sect Elder Guo Shan, he is here too!”

“The alchemist Guo Shan is the n.o.blest Sect Elder in the Black Sect, and he is a Divine Core warrior! But, he has been focusing on concocting pills, so he didn’t bother about anything within the Black Sect. I never expected him to show up here today!”

“Doesn’t matter if it was his status or position in the Black Sect, Sect Elder Guo Shan was above all other Sect Elders, and even Sect Chief Daoist Black would have to show respect when they meet each other.”