Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1306 – The Energy in the Immortal Execution Order

Chapter 1306 – The Energy in the Immortal Execution Order

The Energy in the Immortal Execution Order

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This was a contest between two true experts. It was a totally different level from the previous battle. The momentum of Yun Canglan was many folds greater than the half-step Golden Immortal genius.

The blood-red dragon claw perished. Jiang Chen felt a strong vibration and was sent a dozen meters away. The blood and Qi inside his body couldn’t help churning. Meanwhile, Yun Canglan had also received a shock from Jiang Chen’s attack.

Such a vibration was nothing to Jiang Chen. It wasn’t even serious enough to cause him injuries. With a wash of the wood spiritual energy, he had fully recovered.

Although Jiang Chen failed in this round, no one laughed at him. Even Yun Canglan didn’t have an intent to sneer at this junior. Instead, he felt astonished that despite Jiang Chen being just a peak early Divine Immortal, Jiang Chen was still alive after his powerful palm strike. Jiang Chen didn’t even suffer any injuries. This alone could make Jiang Chen proud. Such a result was truly out of Yun Canglan’s expectation.

“Huangfu Zhan, I think this kid isn’t easy to deal with. Let’s not delay any longer. Now that the Immortal Burying Coffin is gone, I’m afraid that the spatial zone of this ancient tomb won’t hold much longer. It will probably crumble soon. How about we eliminate him together?” Tuo Hai looked over at Huangfu Zhan and suggested.


Huangfu Zhan nodded. The two of them unleashed their Qi and rushed towards Jiang Chen. Everyone understood the underlying intention of these two geniuses. They weren’t afraid that Jiang Chen wasn’t hard to deal with, but afraid that they wouldn’t get a share from the benefits after Yun Canglan killed Jiang Chen. They might be able to let go of the wondrous rock and the heart of magma, but the Immortal Execution Order was a totally different case. Whoever got it first would have it. So how could they possibly watch Yun Canglan getting all these benefits alone?

Seeing the two readying to strike, Bu Qingfeng couldn’t stand idly by. Immediately, he came to Jiang Chen’s side and whispered: “Jiang Chen, I can only keep one of them busy. Although you are powerful, you won’t be a match for the two of them. I advise you to escape now. As long as you return to Skycloud Pavilion, you will be safe.”

“Thanks for your concern, Senior Brother Bu.”

Jiang Chen smiled but didn’t put Bu Qingfeng’s intention to heart. Of course, he knew that Bu Qingfeng was sincerely worried about him.

However, even if he walked out of the ancient tomb, he wouldn’t go back to Skycloud Pavilion. If the words about the Immortal Execution Order spread, it would surely bring storm and chaos to One-Line-Sky. At that time, he wouldn’t have a safe place in One-Line-Sky and Tian Muyun would definitely start paying more attention to him.

Putting Tian Muyun aside, after exiting the ancient tomb, he would return to Evil Abyss at once and help Yang Bufan accomplish his conquest over the Evil Clan. Along the way, he would also need the demonic devils for improvement. Although he had obtained tremendous benefits during this trip and had advanced tremendously, it was still far from enough to fight against Tian Muyun.

“Don’t delay any longer. Attack now.”

Tuo Hai shouted and took action, but he was stopped by Bu Qingfeng. In the next second, both of them started an intense battle. As the both of them always have been foe to each other, they had plenty of battles like this before and every time during their battle, it would cause the sky to turn gloomy and dark.

On the other side, Yun Canglan and Huangfu Zhan struck resolutely to avoid further complication. After all, Jiang Chen had produced too many miracles and they didn’t wish to see any miracles happening on Jiang Chen anymore. It would be best if they could eliminate him as soon as possible. Regarding the matter about their reputation, they wouldn’t think about it now, nothing was worth more than the Immortal Execution Order.


Yun Canglan and Huangfu Zhan unleashed their powerful Qi that rolled and formed a dark cloud in the void, falling down on Jiang Chen oppressively.

It was imaginable how powerful the joint attack of two mighty Golden Immortals was. Even Jiang Chen’s facial expression changed a little as he had somewhat underestimated these geniuses from the beginning. Like Yun Canglan said, a true Golden Immortal could never be compared to a half-step Golden Immortal. It was like day and night.

“Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal.”

Jiang Chen struck. Despite facing these two formidable opponents, there was no sign of fear on his face. Terrifying flying dragons spiraled out frenziedly with incessant roars and collided with the attacks of the two great experts.

*Hong Long……*

The Heaven and the Earth shook as the two ma.s.sive energy collided. The shockwaves spread extremely far away. Many cultivators were frightened and moved backwards, fearing that they would suffer great injuries or even be killed by the enormous shockwave. This was what they called the pinnacle battle between geniuses. Life could be in danger even by being a spectator of this battle.

The Five Elemental Dragons were destroyed. Jiang Chen, after all, wasn’t a match for them. He was sent flying once more.

Jiang Chen harrumphed dully. A trickle of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. At the same time, his palm cracked and blood gushed out from the wounds and stained the Immortal Execution Order. Then, the order token let out a faint glow.

Subsequently, an incomparably pure energy rushed out from the Immortal Execution Order and into Jiang Chen’s body. The energy was incomparably icy and cold, but it was extremely pure and rich.


A wave of energy caught Jiang Chen by surprise, causing him to suck in a cold breath of air. Frost instantly formed on the surface of his body.

But immediately, Jiang Chen felt overjoyed because he discovered the origin of the energy.

“This is the energy of ice. The Immortal Execution Order has been placed on the Immortal Burying Coffin for too long and has absorbed the pure cold Qi that was inside the coffin. When my blood touched the token, it stimulated the token. This amount of energy is truly a great fortune. If I’m able to refine this terrifying energy, I can at least condense 50 000 dragon marks, pus.h.i.+ng my cultivation to the peak of intermediate Divine Immortal realm. By then, killing Yun Canglan would be a piece of cake.”

Jiang Chen was surprised by the accidental gift. It was like receiving a hot coal in snow. He tried to fight the great geniuses of One-Line-Sky, but found out that he was no match for them. However, with the help of this pure energy, his cultivation could advance once more and the battle situation would surely be reversed.

“Jiang Chen, you’re no match for us. I suggest you to stop making these senseless struggle and hand over the Immortal Execution Order and wondrous rock obediently to save yourself from physical suffering.”

Huangfu Zhan spoke coldly. Seeing Jian Chen’s injuries, they were sure that Jiang Chen would die today.

Jiang Chen ignored the threat of Huangfu Zhan and focused all his attention on circulating the dragon transformation skill and Water Dragon Seal to refine the newfound energy. Fortunately, this was Jiang Chen. If it was someone else, he wouldn’t be able to refine such icy cold energy, unless that person had special meridians like Yan Chenyu’s Nine Yin Meridians. Very few people would be able to bear such an icy and cold Qi.

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