Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1307 – Disappearance

Chapter 1307 – Disappearance


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In the face of Yun Canglan and Huangfu Zhan’s joint attack, Jiang Chen wouldn’t stand a chance. Even if he used the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd, there was no absolute certainty, which left him only with one option – run. But now, the situation had changed. He had gotten an unexpected help from the Immortal Execution Order. Under the rush of such energy, it wouldn’t be a problem for Jiang Chen to advance to the peak of intermediate Divine Immortal realm. By that time, he would even turn defeat into victory.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The energy in his Qi Sea was overflowing. The energy within the Immortal Execution Order was too strong, even stronger than the energy within the heart of magma. Jiang Chen circulated the dragon transformation skill to the maximum. Tremendous amount of energy was being refined at crazy speed. The s.p.a.ce in his Qi Sea was getting bigger and bigger as countless of dragon marks were dancing back and forth, letting out dragon roars.

New dragon marks were constantly being condensed out. His Qi continued to climb. The injuries that he suffered wasn’t a big deal to him. His peak condition was restored almost instantly with the wood spiritual energy.

“Something’s not right.”

Yun Canglan was waiting for Jiang Chen to hand over the Immortal Execution Order to them voluntarily, but all of a sudden, he felt a sudden change in Jiang Chen’s Qi.

“Not good. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s Qi is changing continuously, seeming to advance at any second. He might have obtained some kind of benefits. Dammit! We can’t let him advance once more.”

Huangfu Zhan’s facial expression changed dramatically. In fact, they already had fear for Jiang Chen. Fear that stirred up inside of them as Jiang Chen’s talent had far exceeded theirs. It had given them tremendous pressure especially when their joint attacks couldn’t even kill Jiang Chen or injure him badly.

This meant that the gap between them and Jiang Chen wasn’t that big. If Jiang Chen advanced to another level, the battle might be reversed and this wasn’t something they hoped to see.

“Let’s attack together. Stop him from advancing. Don’t hold back anymore. Kill him straightaway.”

Yun Canglan’s expression hardened. He eliminated all the underestimation he had for Jiang Chen. Such a heaven defying genius was truly giving them a huge headache. Soon, they were going to lose control of the situation.

“Turning Cloud Palm!”

“Huangfu Combat Seal!”

Yun Canglan and Huangfu Zhan no longer held back their strength and struck out with their strongest attacks, determined to kill Jiang Chen.

*Hong Long…*

Innumerable bright golden palms emerged, intertwining in the void to form a palm shadow, grabbing at Jiang Chen like a huge net. At the same time, Huangfu Zhan’s attack was also incomparably strong. His combat seal had produced a miniature world that was full of destructive energy. The consequences of being hit by this was unimaginable.

“How mean and contemptible! These two experts are the top geniuses in One-Line-Sky. Two versus one is already a shameless act for the two of them. Now, they have even used the Turning Clouds Palm and Huangfu Combat Seal.”

“Turning Clouds Palm and Huangfu Combat Seal are the unique combat techniques of the Yun and Huangfu Family. Each of which is extremely powerful. Jiang Chen won’t be able to defend against those.”

“Ai! It seems like Jiang Chen is really unlucky today.”


Seeing Yun Canglan and Huangfu Zhan exerting their ultimate skill, plenty of them were worrying for Jiang Chen. Under the siege attack of these two great experts, it wouldn’t be easy to survive. Although Jiang Chen was tough, his cultivation was still very weak.

When the terrifying Qi waves of the attack reached Jiang Chen, he slightly raised his head. He could feel the tyrannical strength coming from these two experts, but due to him having put all of his attention in advancement, he simply couldn’t put any thought in battling. It wouldn’t be easy for him to defend against this attack.

“Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.”

Jing Chen shouted lightly. The door of the paG.o.da opened all of a sudden. With a flicker, he entered into the paG.o.da and the door closed.

*Hong Long……*

Yun Canglan and Huangfu Zhan’s attack landed in the void and exploded, creating a huge brilliance. Despite the ma.s.sive energy, Jiang Chen was nowhere to be seen. In other words, their ultimate attacks didn’t make an impact at all.

“What? Where is he?”

Upon seeing what had happened, Yun Canglan almost spurted out blood. A situation like this was mystical and unprecedented. Jiang Chen had vanished like he had never appeared before.

“Where has Jiang Chen gone to? Could it be that he has escaped?”

Huangfu Zhan couldn’t help being astounded. They were experts who always had battles and had acc.u.mulated plenty of combat experience, but they had never encountered such a strange incident before. Their enemy had disappeared entirely in an instant. How could they ever accept that?

“My G.o.d, Jiang Chen is gone. How did he do that?”

“Could it be that he has escaped at the critical moment of the attack? This isn’t possible. Yun Canglan and Huangfu Zhan are experts who have mastered the Profound Meaning of Great Luo. No matter how great Jiang Chen is, he can never flee in front of them without them noticing.”

“There’s no way he can run away so stealthily. I guess he must have had some kind of means to conceal himself. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is really horrifying.”


No one wasn’t surprised. A scene like this had attracted the attention of everyone, even Bu Qingfeng and Tuo Hai temporarily stopped fighting. Numerous divine sense swept through the air to locate Jiang Chen, but not even his Qi could be detected.

“Are you kidding me? This brat can actually vanish in front of us? What’s this all about?” Huangfu Zhan was about to spurt out blood.

“It’s impossible for him to escape. He only has a Divine Immortal cultivation base and had yet to master the spatial law. I guess he must be using some kind of concealing technique to conceal himself completely. I would like to see how long can he continue in this state.”

Yun Canglan said coldly. Then, each of the half-step Golden Immortals of Yun Family, Huangfu Family and Profound Sun Sect occupied a position in the scene, sealing the region completely. As long as Jiang Chen reappeared, he wouldn’t be able to leave.

Yun Canglan and the other supreme geniuses cast out their divine sense to scan around the void back and forth, making sure that every corner was within their watch.

Currently, Jiang Chen was in his paG.o.da which was a mighty supreme Divine Weapon that none of the experts here could detect, however, Jiang Chen’s present expression was incomparably unpleasant. Of all the battles that he had, he had never retreated before as that would affect his road to hegemony.

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