Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1305 – Yun Canglan Struck

Chapter 1305 – Yun Canglan Struck

Yun Canglan Struck

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The Heavenly Saint Sword was like a true dragon, letting out world-shaking roars as the extremely brilliant sword Qi slashed forward.

*Chi La!*

The terrifying knuckle wind was supposed to be indestructible, but when it met the Heavenly Saint Sword, it turned extremely vulnerable and was cut into halves, it was completely destroyed.

This wasn’t all of it. The attack of the genius didn’t make any impact on the Heavenly Saint Sword. Horrifying sword Qi stretched over the void, leaving behind a brilliant heavenly river. In a blink, it appeared on top of the genius’ head.


The genius’ face paled. As a supreme half-step Golden Immortal expert, he already knew what the current situation was. In truth, Jiang Chen had already reached such a powerful extent that not even he was a match for Jiang Chen. His attack was so insignificant in front of Jiang Chen and Jiang Chen’s single sword strike would certainly take his life.

In just a moment, death Qi had completely enshrouded him. This was a critical moment. Like the others, the first thought that came to him was to run for his life. The Heavenly Saint Sword however was like a bloodthirsty vampire. It had totally locked on the genius’ position. Moreover, Jiang Chen’s sword strike was just too fast. There was no time for the genius to react.

Out of helplessness, the genius of Yun Family had no choice but to defend with all his might. A sharp combat sword appeared in his hand. In an instant, all of the energy in his body was channeled into the combat sword. The sword let out a howl and slashed forward to block Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword.


Likewise, it didn’t have the least bit of effect. Jiang Chen’s cultivation had already reached the peak of early Divine Immortal realm, which made him powerful enough to kill any half-step Golden Immortal experts.

The Heavenly Saint Sword didn’t even stop after flinging away the combat sword of the genius. With a wail, the genius of Yun Family was slashed in half. Blood was sprinkled in the void. It was a tragic death.


Countless of experts were shocked. Even Bu Qingfeng opened his mouth wide. No one had a clue that Jiang Chen had already become so strong. How could that half-step Golden Immortal expert be killed by him in seconds? They wouldn’t have believed it if they didn’t saw it with their own eyes.

“My G.o.d! How did this guy grow so fast? It was way too fast. Back when he seized the wondrous rock, he couldn’t even fight Diao Yong and that was only two or three days ago.”

“Scary. That’s truly scary. I have never seen such a terrifying person before. He’s truly an abnormal freak. His existence has affected the three major powers so much.”

“One sword strike to kill the half-step Golden Immortal genius of Yun Family. This is heaven defying, but the stronger Jiang Chen gets, the more determined Tuo Hai and Yun Canglan are to kill him. He just grows very quickly. If he isn’t eliminated today, no one knew to what terrifying extent would he reach next time.”


Everyone was shocked. The scene was just too horrifying. The top genius of Yun Family who wanted to kill Jiang Chen was killed by his prey instead. Jiang Chen’s strength had undoubtedly sent a huge blow to the geniuses of the four major powers. Jiang Chen was simply incomparable to any of them. Even Yun Canglan and the other supreme geniuses felt weakness in themselves. If they were on the same level as Jiang Chen, they were afraid that Jiang Chen could kill them all as easy as pinching insects to death.

“I forgot to tell you all that I was the one who killed Diao Yong,” said Jiang Chen plainly.

“What? Senior Brother Diao Yong was killed by him?”

“Dammit! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d already has the power to kill Diao Yong. We shouldn’t have let Brother Kun fight just now.”

Jiang Chen admitted with his own mouth, which solved the mysteries that people had about Diao Yong’s death. The experts of Profound Sun Sect had already been gritting their teeth when they saw Jiang Chen was still alive. After hearing that Diao Yong died under Jiang Chen’s hands, their fury surged.

“Who else?”

Jiang Chen just stood there, but it gave people the impression of loftiness, like he was challenging the whole world, not putting every single genius of One-Line-Sky in his eyes. That was contemptuous and tyrannical.

Bu Qingfeng felt extremely worried at first, but after witnessing Jiang Chen’s means, he was no longer concerned about him. With such ability, even if he couldn’t fight against those geniuses, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to escape. Also, looking at his confident face, he seemed fearless while facing Tuo Hai and the other geniuses.

“Yun Canglan. Wasn’t it you who kept on declaring to kill me? Do it now then!”

Jiang Chen turned to Yun Canglan and made a provocation. He was never someone that could be bullied easily. Yan Chenyu’s matter had put him in a very bad mood this time. His stomach was full of anger right now and these people intended to seize away his Immortal Execution Order. So naturally, he had to vent his anger on these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.

“Jiang Chen, you’re definitely the most arrogant person that I’ve ever seen, and you do have the right to do so. I acknowledge your talent is far above mine, but unfortunately, your cultivation is still too weak. Even though you can kill a half-step Golden Immortal expert, you won’t be a match for me. The gap between Golden Immortal and half-step Golden Immortal is beyond your imagination. Since you are asking for death, I will help you fulfil it. When you die, the Immortal Execution Order will surely be mine.”

Yun Canglan stood out. It was necessary for him to do so at this time. Today, Jiang Chen must be eliminated, this person was just too scary, especially when having him as an enemy. Yun Canglan couldn’t allow him to grow anymore or else, it would certainly be a disaster to Yun Family.

“Come and attack now.”

Jiang Chen said flatly. His body was filled with combat intent. While facing Yun Canglan, he didn’t even have the slightest bit of fear. He had just advanced to the peak of early Divine Immortal realm and now was the time for him to test his true combat strength, to see how big the gap between him and Yun Canglan actually was.


Jiang Chen led the attack by striking out the True Dragon Palm.


Yun Canglan’s eyes turned icy cold. Immediately, he struck out a palm. It created terrifying palms of winds that blotted out the sky and the pressure caused the void to tremble. Every wave was as sharp as blades, cutting everything on its way.

*Hong Long……*

Yun Canglang’s wind palm and Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Palm collided and started an enormous energy storm.

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