Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1289 – Golden Immortal Genius

Chapter 1289 – Golden Immortal Genius

Golden Immortal Genius

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*Hong Long……*

The destructive energy that exploded from the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd continued to rage in the Five Elemental Spheres. Diao Yong was located right at the center of the explosion. The outcome could already be determined just from his agonizing wails.

The energy required for casting the Second Level of the Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool was ma.s.sive. Currently, Jiang Chen’s face was already pale. All of the energy in his Qi Sea was expended. Extravagant amount of Immortal Meta Stones was consumed to help restore his energy.

“F*ck! My cultivation base is still not enough. Casting the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd is too dangerous.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but curse. Despite the power of the halberd, it still couldn’t be used casually as it consumed too much energy. Take the current situation for example, if there was another powerful half-step Golden Immortal in this palace besides Diao Yong, Jiang Chen would surely be killed by that expert after using this deadly strike at Diao Yong, he currently didn’t have any combat strength left.

When the terrifying energy dissipated, Diao Yong’s figure became visible. Even though he wasn’t fully dead yet, he was not much different from a dead man. His body was dripping with blood. His Qi was in complete disorder. His vital force was continuously dissolving into the air. The combat spear that he was holding was broken in a few sections.

One should know that this was a peak Divine Immortal Weapon. Despite its solidness, it was still destroyed by the overwhelming power of the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd. This only showed how strong the power of the halberd was, and this was only the second level of the first style of the Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool.

It was already imaginable that when Jiang Chen’s cultivation got stronger, he would be able to cast the true power of the Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes. So how powerful would that be? He was afraid that its power would even be greater than Ouyang He’s peak form.

*Barf…* *Barf…*

Diao Yong was spurting out blood. His eyes seemed dazed as he stared at Jiang Chen. His final consciousness was telling him that he was already finished. He could already see the G.o.d of Death waving to welcome him.

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth curled slightly upward. He strode towards Diao Yong, stretched out a forefinger and a flicker of light shone at the tip of his finger. With a Pu-Chi sound, the light shot through between Diao Yong’s brows. Diao Yong fell to the ground.

After killing Diao Yong, the commotion spread outside of the palace. Jiang Chen knitted his brows. Instead of leaving the palace, he flashed into the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. His current condition was unfit for any battle. He had to restore his strength quick.

“Look, this palace seems like it has been hit by some kind of powerful force. There are so many huge cracks in the wall. I wonder who fought here.”

Outside the palace, some people were astounded by the condition of the palace. They had been here for quite some time now and they had gained quite an understanding of the palaces here, especially the st.u.r.diness of the building. The fact that this palace was in this condition could only be explained that the experts inside were too powerful.

“It’s Diao Yong. I saw him entering this palace earlier. He even chased the other people off the building. So, none of us dared to get close to this palace.”

“Seems like the battle here was very intense, but judging on the situation, it should be over now. Why don’t we go in and check it out? Perhaps there are still some treasures left for us.”


After a short discussion among the few cultivators, they walked into the palace carefully. When they saw what happened inside the palace, their facial expression changed drastically. The death of the two puppets didn’t surprise them as much, but the dead body lying on the ground made their mouth open wide.

“It’s Diao Yong!”

“My Goodness! Who did this? Diao Yong of the Profound Sun Sect is a half-step Golden Immortal expert. An expert like him has a combat strength that is on par with an ordinary early Golden Immortal expert. Who in the ancient tomb would have the capability to kill such a genius?

“His death was tragic. Despite his ability, he didn’t even have the chance to escape. The attacker is too terrifying.”

“Do you all think that Diao Yong perished together with these puppets?”

“That’s impossible. Diao Yong was killed by some powerful Immortal Weapon and combat technique. Although these puppets are strong, they can’t use any combat techniques and don’t have any weapons. Plus, nothing is left inside the palace. This indicates that the treasure has already been taken by someone. We’d better leave this palace now. We can’t afford to provoke the person who could even kill Diao Yong.”

“Do you all think that the attacker was Jiang Chen?” someone asked.

“Not possible. Jiang Chen is merely a half-step Divine Immortal. Despite his heaven defying talent and power, he strength is not yet enough to kill Diao Yong. Besides, both of them had already fought two days ago, and Jiang Chen was no match for Diao Yong back then.”

Somebody shook his head, feeling that this matter was unrelated to Jiang Chen. Although Jiang Chen was formidable, there was no way for him to be strong enough to kill Diao Yong. Furthermore, not only was Diao Yong killed, he didn’t even seem to have the chance to escape as well.

The group departed quickly. Diao Yong had died here. So, this wouldn’t be a pleasant place to linger around.

Not long after the group left, Jiang Chen walked out of the paG.o.da and left the palace stealthily, continuing his journey towards the depths of the tomb.

The news about Diao Yong’s death spread out fast. This was the first time that a genius half-step Golden Immortal died ever since the ancient tomb has been opened. A lot of people were guessing about the culprit behind this, especially the experts of Profound Sun Sect. Every one of them were incredibly furious. Diao Yong’s death wasn’t a minor loss to Profound Sun Sect. Now, they’re starting to regard the other sects as their enemy, especially the people of Skycloud Pavilion. After all, both sects had never really gotten along well. So, it was only logical to a.s.sociate Diao Yong’s death with Skycloud Pavilion.

When this news reached Jiang Chen’s ears, he smiled. It didn’t matter to him if the other would suspect him, he didn’t have any intention of reconciling with Profound Sun Sect anyway.

“A fight has started. A fight has started over there!”

Suddenly, someone yelled. Everyone, including Jiang Chen, turned towards that direction. Flames were all over the place. The combat waves had already spread to the horizon. Two silhouettes were flickering back and forth in the void. They were engaging in an inextricable fight.

“It’s Bu Qingfeng of Skycloud Pavilion and Tuo Hai of Profound Sun Sect. I had never thought that the two of them would appear here. These two experts are famous figures in One-Line-Sky. They represent the true pinnacle of the young generation.”

“That’s right. This is because they have already surpa.s.sed everyone and has reached the true level of Golden Immortal realm. Both of them were always at odds. It’s only normal that they would fight in this encounter.”

“Let’s go over and watch. Watching such a tremendous battle would surely be beneficial to us.”


A large number of cultivators flew towards that direction. It wasn’t easy to encounter an intense battle like this.

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