Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1290 – The True Tomb Pit

Chapter 1290 – The True Tomb Pit

The True Tomb Pit

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Jiang Chen stood far away with his arms crossed while his eyes were focusing on the battle ahead. It was also out of his imagination that there would be such a formidable expert in One-Line-Sky. This improved his views of the geniuses in One-Line-Sky by a notch.

In the sky, Bu Qingfeng was wearing a white robe and was holding a combat sword. His strikes were so great that it could slash open the earth. Each of his attacks gave people the sense of oppression. The energy was as vast as the ocean and the pressure was as heavy as mountains.

On the other side, Tuo Hai wasn’t showing any quarters either. The black Heaven-Opening Axe was similarly powerful. This showed that the both of them favored strength. People like them would have insatiable craving when it came to batting. They had already exchanged blows a few hundred times in just a short period of time, but neither victory nor defeat could be determined.

“It’s impossible for these two experts to decide the outcome of the battle in such a short period of time.” Jiang Chen shook his head.

“They are equally matched. I’ve already lost count of how many times such a battle has occurred, but no winner has ever been determined.”

A figure emerged next to Jiang Chen. It was Guo Jie. He quickly came over to Jiang Chen’s side when he saw him.

“Your cultivation has improved again. It seems like you have gotten some good benefits.”

Jiang Chen glanced at Guo Jie and felt that Guo Jie’s Qi was stronger than before, seemingly about to advance to the half-step Golden Immortal realm soon.

“I did get some benefits, but compared to Brother Jiang, mine is insignificant.”

Guo Jie smiled. As a well-known core disciple, it was imaginable how arrogant he was during normal days. He was afraid that only Jiang Chen could make him say such a word.

Jiang Chen smiled back; then s.h.i.+fted his attention back to the battle in front.

It only showed that Jiang Chen was greatly interested in the battle between Bu Qingfeng and Tuo Hai. So, Guo Jie spoke: “Bu Qingfeng of Skycloud Pavilion, Tuo Hai of Profound Sun Sect, Huangfu Zhan of Huangfu Family, and Yun Canglan of Yun Family, these names are the pinnacle figures amongst the young generation in One-Line-Sky.”

While recalling these four geniuses, Guo Jie’s eyes couldn’t help staring at Jiang Chen. He suddenly felt that these four individuals seemed to lack something. Apart from Jiang Chen’s current cultivation, they were totally not on the same level.

“It seems like this ancient tomb will get very busy this time.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He initially thought that the strongest of the young generation who entered the ancient tomb were half-step Golden Immortal experts, but now, it seemed like that wasn’t the case. Aside from those half-step Golden Immortals, there were also four truly powerful geniuses.

He tried to calculate using the Great Divination Art. Given his current cultivation, even if he used the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd, he still wouldn’t stand a chance before these four experts. Anyone should know that those were true Golden Immortal experts. The moment he advanced to the Divine Immortal realm, he would probably be strong enough to fight them, but in order to eliminate these opponents, he would at least need to advance to the mid Divine Immortal realm. He could already gauge Bu Qingfeng and Tuo Hai’s power just from this battle. Geniuses like them were incomparably strong. Despite them being only Golden Immortal experts, their combat strength could already match any ordinary mid Golden Immortal expert.

“Of course, this expedition is a place for us to train and also a place for all the young generation of the four major powers to confront each other. How can it be peaceful with so many geniuses confronting one another? Right, Brother Jiang, I wonder if Diao Yong’s death has anything to do with you.” Guo Jie probed.

“I killed Diao Yong,” Jiang Chen said.


Guo Jie exclaimed. Although this thought had already crossed his mind, he never really thought that it was really Jiang Chen who killed Diao Yong. If this was spread out, he was afraid that it would cause a major uproar.

If it was before, he would surely treat Jiang Chen’s words as fart, but currently, he didn’t have the slightest doubt about what Jiang Chen had said. Because of this, he had changed his way of looking at Jiang Chen. Perhaps, Jiang Chen was the real genius. Comparing Bu Qingfeng and the other three geniuses to Jiang Chen, how were they any greater? It was only a matter of time before Jiang Chen surpa.s.sed them.

“Don’t be too surprised. I have plenty of means. Killing one Diao Yong is nothing,” Jiang Chen said indifferently.

Guo Jie couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. He couldn’t imagine what kind of freak this person who stood before him was.

“Brother Jiang, I’ll follow you from now on in Skycloud Pavilion.”

Guo Jie cupped his fists at Jiang Chen, showing his sincerity. He was an intelligent person. He could already see Jiang Chen’s unparalleled talent. Jiang Chen’s future achievement would surely be incredible and unimaginable. If he could follow such a person, he would certainly reap boundless benefits in the future.

Jiang Chen turned and patted Guo Jie’s shoulder. It was extremely beneficial for him to be able to have a genius like Guo Jie by his side. Guo Jie was a rare genius amongst the core disciples in Skycloud Pavilion. That meant that Jiang Chen would have a certain prestige and influence in the core disciples. The moment he ruled the entire Skycloud Pavilion in the future, he had to make every one of them convinced, and now was the time to expand his influence.

*Hong Long…*

In front, Bu Qingfeng and Tuo Hai were still entangled in battle. Sounds of collision were heard incessantly. All of a sudden, a palace below trembled restlessly when it was greatly affected by the combat waves of the two. Seeing what happened, the two geniuses immediately stopped their fight and looked at the palace below.

They both understood that such a battle was pointless even if they prolonged it. The ancient tomb was what they were looking for. The most important thing for them was to find the true tomb pit first. Due to the influence of their combat powers, the pit below responded. It was very likely that this was the true tomb.

The battle halted. Everyone’s eyes s.h.i.+fted to that agitating palace, seemingly about to collapse at any moment.

“Look, that palace is trembling. This is something that has never happened before.”

“That’s right. It must have been affected by Bu Qingfeng and Tuo Hai’s battle that it responded greatly. However, I wonder if this is really the true tomb.”

“The tremble is getting stronger. Could it be that the place is going to collapse?”


Many experts were shocked. By this time, countless of experts were present – rogue cultivators, geniuses of the four major powers, half-step Golden Immortals and the four Golden Immortal geniuses, which meant that Huangfu Zhan and Yun Canglan were also here. All of their eyes were fixed at the shaking palace.

*Hong Long……*

Suddenly, a rumble was heard from inside the palace. Then, a strong energy rushed out from it. Under the powerful impact of the force, the whole palace was blown away and was completely destroyed. Smoke filled the scene.

Within the foggy air was an ancient door that emerged by itself.

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