Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1288 – Extinguishing Diao Yong

Chapter 1288 – Extinguishing Diao Yong

Extinguis.h.i.+ng Diao Yong

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*Weng…* *Weng…*

The Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd let out a buzzing sound and shook violently in Jiang Chen’s hand. One after another, the dragon imprint on the halberd started to move restlessly. Jiang Chen’s dragon marks turned turbulent. Ma.s.sive energy was being channeled into the halberd.

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered with a blood-red light, filled with killing intent. Diao Yong’s fate was already doomed the moment the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd emerged. The current Jiang Chen was no longer the Jiang Chen who had just cultivated the Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes. Given his half-step Divine Immortal strength, he was already strong enough to exert the second level of Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool, which was much more powerful compared to the first level.

Of course, exerting the power of the second level meant larger consumption, but it wasn’t Jiang Chen’s concern. There were no other person here anyway. He had already exposed the trump card that he shouldn’t have exposed, so he must kill Diao Yong with this one strike.

If the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd was exposed to the public, it would greatly affect him. By then, everyone would be able to a.s.sociate him to the stolen lotus. He wouldn’t be able to find a place to reside anymore and the One-Line Eight Immortals would surely personally hunt him down.


Diao Yong’s facial expression changed slightly, as if he could already feel the pressure coming from the halberd and Jiang Chen’s power. He had already fought Jiang Chen before, so he knew how strong Jiang Chen was. Now that Jiang Chen was holding a Great Luo Immortal Weapon, even if he couldn’t fully exert its full power, this attack could never be underestimated.

He drew out his combat weapon. It was a long and black spear. The runes on the body of the spear indicated its uniqueness. But this Immortal Weapon had yet to reach the Great Luo level. It was merely a peak Divine Immortal Weapon. Great Luo Immortal Weapons were rare. Normally, not even early Golden Immortal experts would possess a Great Luo Immortal Weapon. Furthermore, not everyone could specifically craft a Natal Weapon for themselves like Jiang Chen.

Although Diao Yong was a genius of Profound Sun Sect, he didn’t possess any Great Luo Immortal Weapon. In any case, the long spear that he was holding was still an unusual weapon.

“Jiang Chen, die now!”

Diao Yong bellowed. The combat spear in his hands trembled and produced a screeching sound. The tip of the spear thrust forward at maximum speed, like a poisonous serpent, at Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen was fearless; the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd had been ready for this. As soon as Diao Yong attacked, Jiang Chen lunged. The halberd in his hand moved like an aquatic dragon, creating a beautiful arc in the void. The tip of the halberd had an indistinct silhouette of a ferocious dragon.


The speed of the two were so fast that the impact ended in a blink. The extremely powerful shockwaves rushed to every corner of the palace. Lines of fissures began to appear on the walls as well.

Despite the big commotion here, no one from the outside could sense it because of Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental Spheres.

*Deng…* *Deng…* *Deng…*

At this time, Diao Yong was forced to take several steps back. His back hit the wall of the palace. His hand was trembling along with the combat spear. There was a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth. The collision was so great that it affected the flow of his blood and Qi.

“Not possible! How can you exert such a powerful strength from the Great Luo Immortal Weapon?”

Diao Yong was startled. The astonishment in his heart had reached an unimaginable extent. He simply couldn’t believe that Jiang Chen would suddenly become so domineering. He had never put Jiang Chen in his eyes, but now, it seemed like the outcome was going to change.

“The true power starts now.”

A cruel smirk appeared on Jiang Chen’s mouth. The previous strike was nothing more than the first level of Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool. The next attack would certainly be a fierce attack. He was going to exert out all of the power of the second level. The power of this strike would surely be inconceivable, even to him.

However, there was one thing that he was certain about. That was the second level of the technique was more than enough to kill Diao Yong.


An earth-shattering dragon’s roar broke out from the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd. Under Jiang Chen’s control, it turned into a complete frenzied dragon that could charge forward at any time.

“Not good.”

Diao Yong said. He was completely stunned by the momentum of the halberd. He could even feel a very strong sense of crisis, a threat to his life. It was something that he had never felt before. He was sure that the next strike of Jiang Chen would surely take away his life.

“Jiang Chen, I won’t forget what happened today. I now know that you are the thief of the Regenerative Lotus. As long as I spread this news out, you will become the common enemy of all. By then, there will be no place for you anymore in One-Line-Sky.”

Diao Yong spoke his final words and flew towards the exit of the palace within a flash. At this moment, aside from fleeing away to protect his life, he no longer had the courage to continue fighting Jiang Chen. All of his arrogance and pride had disappeared in an instant.

“Diao Yong, it’s too late for you to run away now. How could I give you the chance to expose my secret and trump card?”

Jiang Chen’s voice contained endless killing intent. His dark hair fluttered in the breeze, making him look like the great devil king of h.e.l.l.

“Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool!”

As Jiang Chen bellowed, a combat dragon was send out coming from the halberd, or it could be said that the halberd had turned into a devastating combat dragon. The might of the dragon filled the entire palace and all the s.p.a.ces within the Five Elemental Spheres.


Diao Yong exclaimed. He found out that he had already completely fallen into an invisible cage. He finally understood that Jiang Chen had already set him up from the very beginning. Jiang Chen was really determined to kill him.

Under his full strength, he wouldn’t have any problem breaking the Five Elemental Spheres, but unfortunately, Jiang Chen had already launched his frenzied dragon technique. Diao Yong had already lost his chance.


The horrendous dragon rushed forward. Diao Yong had nowhere to run. He could only confront it head on with all of his might.


Diao Yong screamed furiously, he lifted his combat spear to meet the frenzied dragon. However, under the powerful attack of the halberd, Diao Yong’s attack seemed pretty weak.

*Hong Long……*

Diao Yong was devoured by the wild energy. The entire palace was turned into a chaotic battlefield, filled with horrifying energy waves.


The indestructible walls couldn’t hold it anymore. Numerous cracks began to appear on the surface of the walls. They grew longer and larger, seemingly about to collapse at any moment, but due to the solid structure of the palace, the building still stood firmly despite all of its cracks and fissures.

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