Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1285 – Dried Corpse Puppet

Chapter 1285 – Dried Corpse Puppet

Dried Corpse Puppet

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On the other side of the doorway was a scene totally different from the outside. The atmosphere here was rather oppressive, giving everyone a sense of breathlessness. This made Jiang Chen frown. However, there were no death and corpse Qi detected in the air.

Not long after flying in the air, he discovered a huge area filled with black palaces. The top of each palace was circular, like a gloomy grave. Every palace was a few dozen miles away from each other. The size of this area was enormous. As far as the eye could see, there were a few hundreds of black palaces. Each of which consisted a layer of suppressive atmosphere.

Jiang Chen could see silhouettes moving back and forth between every palace, and felt the combat Qi from all directions, indicating that there were innumerable cultivators searching for treasures.

“If I’m not mistaken, one of these palaces must be where the ancient tomb is. However, these palaces have the exact same look and Qi. It won’t be an easy thing to identify the true ancient tomb. The suppressive atmosphere here must be caused by the ancient tomb itself. Apart from it, these palaces should also have plenty of treasures which I can’t miss.”

Having discerned the key of the matter at first glance, he immediately flew towards a palace in front of him.

*Hong Long…*


He could already hear the wails of combat even before entering the palace. Despite the potential treasures inside these palaces, there were also lots of dangers within. There might even be undead creatures like the black corpse ravens.

In front of the palace was a dozen rogue cultivators battling with a dried corpse. That’s right. It was a mummified corpse with a pair of empty eye sockets. It was lifeless, but for some reason it could move. It was extremely powerful. There were already dead bodies scattered all over the ground. The shriveled hand of the dried corpse was holding a heart dripping with blood. The stench of blood exuded from it was nose-stinging.

“This is a puppet.”

Jiang Chen muttered. It was a dried corpse puppet, a puppet controlled by some kind of force here. The puppet itself was a killing machine.

Jiang Chen swept through the surrounding palaces and found out that every palace have these kind of puppets. The strength of the puppets varied in every palace and this aroused Jiang Chen’s interest.

“It seems like there are treasures hidden in these palaces and the purpose of these puppets was to guard their respective palace. Different level of puppets indicates different value of treasures.”

Jiang Chen guessed. Such a guess was undeniably accurate. All the palaces in front looked exactly the same and the real ancient tomb was hidden amongst them. As for the dried corpse puppets, no one knew how long it had existed. Puppets like this would acc.u.mulate strength and become more powerful overtime, as they could actively absorb the death and corpse Qi here to enhance themselves.

It was conceivable that every palace here had a hidden treasure, and the stronger the puppet, the better the treasure.

Thinking about this, Jiang Chen decided to act. He made a stride in the air, arriving in front of the palace and struck out his palm. The huge palm landed precisely on the dried corpse puppet which was fighting a dozen of cultivators.


A dreary sound was heard. The supposedly powerful puppet was smashed to pieces by Jiang Chen’s palm and died on the spot.

The rogue cultivators were stunned. They hurriedly spun and saw Jiang Chen walking towards them.

“It’s Jiang Chen!” someone exclaimed.

Now, Jiang Chen was no longer a stranger to many of them. Every one of them backed a few steps to make way for Jiang Chen to enter the palace.

Neither of them were fools. Despite their desire to obtain treasures, they couldn’t give away their lives, and competing with Jiang Chen for treasures was exactly similar to digging a grave for themselves.

Jiang Chen entered the palace in a flash without paying attention to the fearful eyes of the rogue cultivators. The inside was littered with some Immortal Weapons. The grades of these weapons weren’t very high. The weapon with highest level was only a peak Heaven Rank. Besides that, there was nothing else.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help shaking his head. He turned and came out of the palace. He glanced casually at the rogue cultivators and said flatly: “Take the treasures inside and divide them amongst yourselves.”

After he finished speaking, he immediately left. Those Immortal Weapons were of no use to him, so he might as well leave them to the rogue cultivators. As these cultivators always had difficulty in getting sufficient cultivation resources, these weapons would surely help them a lot.

The rogue cultivators were dazed for a moment before they got delighted. Jiang Chen had left an extremely good impression in them.

“This Jiang Chen is not bad. He’s more powerful than those arrogant geniuses of the major powers. Despite his monstrous talent, he didn’t look down on any of us.”

“That’s right. He has killed the dried corpse puppet and left the treasures inside for us.”

“That’s because the treasures inside didn’t attract his interest. However, this Jiang Chen has always been nice. Despite his ruthlessness and devilish behavior, he is very kind to rogue cultivators. I heard that he had saved many rogue cultivators like us in the pa.s.sageway of the tomb.”

“There’s no need to discuss further. This is the kindness of Jiang Chen. Let’s go in and see what’s in there.”


More than a dozen of them were rus.h.i.+ng into the palace. These treasures might be unattractive to Jiang Chen, but it didn’t mean that they wouldn’t attract their interest as well.

Jiang Chen kept his Qi and began to scan the entire palace back and forth while heading towards the depths of the tomb. He was hoping to find the location of the true ancient tomb as soon as possible, just like the other super geniuses.

As the Great Soul Derivation Technique was being casted constantly, invisible spiritual energy was drifting in the air. All of a sudden, a familiar scent was caught by his spiritual Qi.


Jiang Chen’s eyes fell on one of the palaces like a sharp blade. It was where the familiar scent came from.

“This Qi is extremely familiar, but I can’t recall what it is. I’ll go and check it out.”

He turned into a breeze and reached the front of the palace. This palace was no different from the other palaces, but apparently, the familiar Qi came directly from this place.

*Hong…* *Hong…*

He could feel the battle roaring from inside the palace. Given his perception, he could already sense the powerful combat waves inside. He was sure that the attacker wouldn’t be an easy opponent.

Jiang Chen lowered his Qi to the minimum and slowly approached the gates of the palace. He saw two incomparably strong dried corpse puppets battling a young man intensely. When Jiang Chen’s gaze fell on that young man, a hint of a sneer was shown in his eyes.

“Diao Yong.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly, admitting that it is really a small world.

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