Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1286 – Immortal Execution

Chapter 1286 – Immortal Execution

Immortal Execution

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As the saying goes, enemies often crossed each other’s path. This was similar to what was about to happen in the palace.

There were two things that surprised Jiang Chen. First was the strength of the two dried corpse puppets. Each of them had the strength of a half-step Golden Immortal expert, but due to these puppets not having any combat skills and could only use physical attacks, and Diao Yong’s true combat strength being way stronger than a half-step Golden Immortal, it gave Diao Yong plenty of advantage in battle. It would definitely not be a problem for him to eliminate these two puppets.

The second thing that surprised him was the structure of the palace. The intensity of the battle of these three half-step Golden Immortals were extreme. The combat waves alone contained unparalleled destructive force, but the palace was still intact and no damage was found.

This didn’t indicate the incapability of these three Golden Immortals, but how incredible the expert who built these ancient palace was.

Although Jiang Chen was still clueless about how powerful the master of this ancient tomb was, after being in the tomb for three days, he was sure of one thing – the creator of this place would never be a mere Immortal King who had mastered the puny spatial law.

He guessed that not even a mighty Immortal Emperor could have such an ability.

It seems like Tian Muyun and the others have underestimated this ancient tomb. Even master wasn’t able to accurately divine this. This ancient tomb would never be a legacy of an Immortal King. I wonder what kind of secrets were hidden in this ancient tomb.

Jiang Chen thought to himself, realizing that the ancient tomb wasn’t as simple as he had imagined.

Diao Yong didn’t notice Jiang Chen’s presence as he was busy fighting the two puppets. If he saw Jiang Chen, he would have changed his target immediately. Currently, he wanted so badly to eat and flay Jiang Chen alive. He had yet to settle down since the incident two days ago.

The other palaces only had one puppet, but there were two in this palace and both of them were of half-step Golden Immortal strength. This fact alone showed how valuable the treasures inside were. At least, these treasures would be greater than those Heaven Rank Immortal Weapons.

Moreover, the familiar scent that Jiang Chen felt came from the inside. Jiang Chen circulated the Great Soul Derivation Technique, unleas.h.i.+ng his spiritual Qi to scan the surroundings. Then, he saw a broken sword fluttering back and forth at one corner of the palace. The top of the sword was radiating rays of light. The body of the sword was trembling. Although the broken sword seemed tattered, it could fly by itself, as if there was a spirit in it.

“Broken sword.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. He finally understood what the familiar Qi was. This broken sword was no stranger to him. Back in Xuan Yang City, Big Yellow and him had obtained a broken sword, and later on, they acquired another two. So now, there are already three fragments of the broken sword in Big Yellow’s possession.

This broken sword had the exact same Qi as the previous fragments that were now in Big Yellow’s hands. That was the Qi of origin. He was almost certain that these four fragments were the pieces to form a whole sword, just like the seven fragments he used to forge the complete Heavenly Saint Sword.

It seems like this fragment is more spiritual than the fragments that Big Yellow has. If these four fragments could be forged into one, this fourth piece will be the most crucial one and plays the biggest role. However, I don’t have any clues about the origin of this broken sword and why it appeared in Saint Origin World.

Jiang Chen was surprised and somewhat puzzled. The origin of the broken sword was strange, but there was one thing that he could be sure of – the power of the broken sword would perfectly be wielded by Big Yellow.

No matter where the broken sword came from or what kind of secret it contained, he was certain that this fourth fragment was a very precious treasure, as it was guarded by two half-step Golden Immortal corpse puppets. If it was any other treasure, Jiang Chen might pa.s.s. If he could get this broken sword for Big Yellow, it would be highly likely that Big Yellow would be able to craft a super Immortal Sword.

Apparently, Diao Yong had already discovered the potential of this treasure with his eyesight, even though he didn’t know what rank this piece of broken sword was. But the fact that this broken sword was guarded by these two dried corpse puppets proved that this was a precious treasure.

“En? There are words on the broken sword.”

Jiang Chen’s keen perception suddenly found out two ancient characters ‘Immortal Execution’ inscribed at the side of the sword.

That’s right. Despite its rusty surface, the rust was still unable to cover these two domineering words. It was the dominance that was akin to ruling the entire world. In the Immortal World, only a few people had the courage to use these words.


At this moment, a puppet finally succ.u.mbed to Diao Yong’s fierce attacks and was crushed to pieces. The other puppet was seriously wounded and would soon be destroyed by Diao Yong as well.

“Get lost!”

Diao Yong bellowed. Countless rays of light shot out from his palms towards the puppet. This was a force of destruction.

“Time to act now.”

Jiang Chen flashed and slipped into the palace like a ghostly figure. His target was the fragment of the Immortal Execution sword. He could already imagine that this strike of Diao Yong was going to destroy the puppet completely. If this fragment fell into Diao Yong’s hands, troubles would certainly arise.


Diao Yong’s attack landed on the puppet, shattering the mummified body on the spot and turning it into some remnants. Meanwhile, Diao Yong detected an uninvited guest in the palace and had gotten furious. No one in the ancient tomb would dare to steal the treasure that he wanted, however, no other expert could be found in the surroundings of the palace. None of them would be willing to provoke this unruly man.

Jiang Chen ignored Diao Yong. He grabbed the Immortal Execution Sword, slipped into the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and turned to Diao Yong with a smile.

“It’s you, Jiang Chen!”

Diao Yong almost spurted out blood when he saw that it was Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, I didn’t think that you would dare to show up in front of me. If you hand it and the wondrous rock to me, I will perhaps spare your life. I swear to G.o.d that this will be your last chance. You won’t have a second chance to live this time.”

Diao Yong was infuriated. He had never wanted to kill someone so badly before. Jiang Chen was the first.

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