Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1284 – The Depths of the Ancient Tomb

Chapter 1284 – The Depths of the Ancient Tomb

The Depths of the Ancient Tomb

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Jiang Chen tried once more, sweeping the rock like a hurricane, but the result was the same. The mysterious power in the wondrous rock was too great. The barrier would only get stronger when it was confronted by stronger force. So, Jiang Chen didn’t have a chance.

“I wonder what this mysterious energy is, but the bloodline inside must be powerful. If I guess correctly, the creature inside may have a very powerful divine beast bloodline, a true ancient creature.”

Jiang Chen guessed. Although he didn’t know what the bloodline inside was, he could feel a sense of familiarity from it. The level of the bloodline was on par with his True Dragon Bloodline and Big Yellow’s Dragon-Horse Bloodline. What aroused Jiang Chen’s curiosity was that why a rock with an ancient beast bloodline would be in the ancient tomb, but this aspect alone could tell that the ancient tomb had been in existence for a very long time.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up as he had formed new idea about this wondrous rock.

“If I use my dragon transformation skill to refine this living creature, I’m afraid the benefits that I’ll obtain will be unimaginably boundless. My cultivation will also improve by leaps and bounds,” Jiang Chen whispered in his heart.

But this kind of idea was immediately rejected as soon as it flashed through his mind. He wanted to find out what this mysterious creature was. He was certain that the creature inside was gestating and the internal environment of the wondrous rock was well suited for its survival.

More importantly, Jiang Chen was uncertain whether or not he could refine the being inside the rock as there was an unknown force protecting it. Today, he had obtain the approval of the rock because of the True Dragon Bloodline and the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. If he forcefully refined it, it was very likely that he would receive an intense backlash, and he wasn’t sure if he could withstand it.

To put it in another way, this was akin to a gamble, a huge gamble. Jiang Chen liked gambles but he was unwilling to make this bet this time. Apart from the high risk factor, it was also because of the resonance created between him and the creature which had given him a good feeling about it. Because of this, Jiang Chen had decided to wait for the baby creature to be born as he wanted to see what kind of divine beast was it.

In the meantime, Jiang Chen wasn’t in a hurry to leave the place as there was still sufficient time before the doors of the ancient tomb closed. After the incident with the wondrous rock, many experts must be looking for him now.

Although his foundation wasn’t affected much during the vast advancement previously, he still needed some time to fortify his foundation.

This desolate mountains seemed like a perfect place. No one would come here. Even if there were people here, it would be hard for them to detect the Qi of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Currently, he was hiding in the PaG.o.da that had flawlessly combined with the void.

The fortification of his foundation took two days. This was similar to the result he expected two days ago. When words about the incident of the wondrous rock spread, the experts of the three major powers were seeking for him everywhere.

There were plenty half-step Golden Immortal geniuses like Diao Yong that had entered the tomb. They were supposed to continue to search for treasures in the depths of the ancient tomb, but now, seeing Jiang Chen had become their first priority. They wanted to kill Jiang Chen for two reasons. First was for revenge and second was to obtain the rock.

But Jiang Chen was nowhere to be found in these two days, like he had never appeared before. In many people’s point of view, Jiang Chen must have hidden somewhere, which they understood why he would do so. Jiang Chen had, after all, offended too many people and all his enemies were very powerful. It wouldn’t be normal if he didn’t choose to hide.

Now, Jiang Chen was ready to strike again. Three days had pa.s.sed since he entered the ancient tomb. He had yet to go to the depths of the place, so he was still clueless about what secret were hidden within.

He felt refreshed after he walked out of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Immediately, he flew at his maximum speed towards the depths of the tomb.

Not long after he flew out of the barren land, he happened to meet a person, who was Guo Jie. His face was filled with delight when he saw Jiang Chen. He then flew over to greet Jiang Chen.

“Brother Jiang, many experts are looking for you everywhere. I didn’t expect to see you here,” Guo Jie said.

His gaze had changed compared to last time. It was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with respect. That day he had witnessed Jiang Chen’s means. Subsequently, he knew that Jiang Chen had escaped from Diao Yong’s grip. These had gained Jiang Chen an unparalleled status among the young generation.

“It doesn’t matter. It isn’t easy for them to kill me. By the way, anything big event going on within these two days?” Jiang Chen asked.

“There weren’t any big events, but many have obtained a lot of fortune in the ancient tomb. However, apart from your wondrous rock, there wasn’t any earth-shattering treasure or secret found in this tomb. I wonder what kind of people have left behind in this place. Oh, I heard that another hidden door has been opened. This door directly connects to the interior of the tomb. I was about to go there.” Guo Jie said.


Jiang Chen looked surprised. Sure enough, this ancient tomb was really unusual. No one knew that a door to the interior of the tomb would be hidden in the void. Now that it was opened, it went without thinking that it would link to the depths of the tomb as well. It was a must for everyone to go and explore more, as many of their ultimate purpose was after all reaching the deepest region of the tomb.

“Brother Jiang, let’s go together.” Guo Jie said.

“We’d better split up.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, disapproving going together with Guo Jie. He liked to have freedom. Plus, he was now the common enemy of the majority of the experts. Guo Jie wouldn’t benefit by following Jiang Chen.

Guo Jie nodded. He wasn’t an idiot. He knew incredibly well why Jiang Chen was unwilling to go with him.

Jiang Chen followed after Guo Jie left.

Not many experts could be found in this huge spatial zone. It seemed most of them had gone into the interior of the tomb after the hidden door was opened. Jiang Chen moved fast, and found the door that led to the depths of the tomb.

It was an illusory door the height of three meters. Jiang Chen scanned the door using his divine sense. After learning that no seal was placed on the door, he entered right away.

“I would like to see what kind of treasures will exist in the depths of the ancient tomb.” Jiang Chen smiled and strode forward.

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