Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1283 – Exploring the Secret of the Wondrous Rock

Chapter 1283 – Exploring the Secret of the Wondrous Rock

Exploring the Secret of the Wondrous Rock

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Guo Jie led a bunch of disciples to leave the scene. The situation of the battle behind had nothing to do with them anymore. The reason why Jiang Chen stayed back and fought Diao Yong was to buy them time. This was something they well understood. This matter alone made them feel touched because Jiang Chen didn’t only care about his own life, but also theirs at the critical juncture.

If Jiang Chen left immediately, it was imaginable how furious Diao Yong would become. By then, the disciples of Skycloud Pavilion would naturally become the target of Diao Yong’s wrath. In the ancient tomb, it wouldn’t be unreasonable if Diao Yong slaughtered them all. Moreover, Skycloud Pavilion and Profound Sun Sect had been the greatest of enemies.

Back in the battle, Jiang Chen and Diao Yong were fighting fiercely. Every attack sent by Diao Yao was fiercer than the last. Although he had succeeded in suppressing Jiang Chen every time, he wasn’t able to get rid of Jiang Chen completely. He felt as if Jiang Chen had a way that could predict his attacks and was able to interrupt him before he could sent out a complete attack. Such a situation made him incredibly stifled.

“Is this b.a.s.t.a.r.d only a half-step Divine Immortal? How could he be so terrifying?”

Diao Yong gritted his teeth. He couldn’t believe and accept this fact. He couldn’t believe that a half-step Divine Immortal would be this powerful even if Jiang Chen was a genius. He just thought that having this kind of power was way too monstrous.

“Like I said, you are still far from being qualified to kill me.”

Jiang Chen spoke arrogantly. By using the Great Divination Art, he was able to get entangled with Diao Yong and confuse his opponent.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, don’t you get overly arrogant. I have yet to use my true skills. Killing you wouldn’t be difficult at all.”

Diao Yong was exasperated. He felt that it was time for him to use his powerful trump card to destroy Jiang Chen now. Given his cultivation and ident.i.ty, it would be a joke if he couldn’t take down a half-step Divine Immortal.

“Haha, unfortunately, I’m not interested in your games anymore.”

Jiang Chen laughed. He kept his Heavenly Saint Sword and a pair of brilliant Flaming Wings sprouted behind his back. With a flutter of the Flaming Wings, he vanished into the sky far away.

“Where are you running to?!”

Seeing the situation, Diao Yong was infuriated. He immediately turned into a ray of light and chased after Jiang Chen. Today, he had personally come here but was not only was he not able to secure the wondrous rock, he also couldn’t save the life of his fellow disciple. If he let Jiang Chen escape, he would certainly lose so much of his face.

Diao Yong’s speed was quick. After all, he was a mighty half-step Golden Immortal expert. In his point of view, it would totally be impossible for a puny half-step Divine Immortal to escape his grip.

However, what happened next made Diao Yong spurt out blood, he had lost Jiang Chen’s trace after chasing Jiang Chen for just a while. It was like Jiang Chen had vanished like a ghost. Not even a hair of Jiang Chen could be found.

“Dammit! How could that b.a.s.t.a.r.d be so fast?”

Diao Yong felt gloomy to the extreme. He might as well gave up hunting down Jiang Chen. Now that he couldn’t even find a trace of Jiang Chen, what was the use of chasing him?

When Diao Yong returned, he found out that the disciples of Skycloud Pavilion were all gone, making his anger roll inside his stomach.

“Jiang Chen, don’t let me see you again. It will be your death next time. I must make you die very unpleasantly.”

Diao Yong said ferociously. Judging from his looks, he couldn’t help wanting to tear Jiang Chen to pieces.

What happened here today would surely spread across the ancient tomb like a storm. Jiang Chen’s name would reach an all-new peak. It was without a doubt that Jiang Chen had offended not only Profound Sun Sect this time, but also the other two major powers, the Yun and Huangfu Family.

“Jiang Chen is just too bold. He has offended the three major powers this time. I’m afraid the he wouldn’t be getting out of this ancient tomb alive this time.”

“That’s right. The geniuses of the three major powers have already regarded him as a thorn in their flesh that needs to be eliminated quick. According to others, there are true Golden Immortal experts who have entered the ancient tomb as well. If Jiang Chen were to encounter those experts, he’s going to die for sure. Although he’s very talented, his cultivation is still too weak. He’s merely a half-step Divine Immortal.”

“I don’t think so. Jiang Chen is a person who carries great luck. He won’t die so easily. He has done so many great things and is still alive. However, don’t’ you all forget that he has just walked out of the Evil Abyss alive. If he could even survive that h.e.l.l-like place, what’s so hard about this ancient tomb?”

“That’s not possible. I personally feel that Jiang Chen hasn’t gone into the Evil Abyss at all. It was just a ruse created by Tian Muyun. I don’t believe that there’s anyone who can walk out of Evil Abyss alive.”


The ancient tomb was destined to lose its peace because of Jiang Chen’s presence. Many of them thought that it would be hard for Jiang Chen to leave the ancient tomb alive this time, as he had offended too many people. If his enemy was merely Profound Sun Sect, it might be a different case.

Some thought that Jiang Chen wasn’t sent to the Evil Abyss from the beginning. After all, the ruthless and violent name of Evil Abyss had already been planted deep in the minds of the people. Neither of their faces wouldn’t change whenever they talked about Evil Abyss. It wasn’t easy for someone to succeed in exiting the Evil Abyss alive.

The wondrous rock was no doubt a very unusual treasure. Jiang Chen was afraid that such a divine treasure wouldn’t exist even at the center of the ancient tomb. As the saying goes, even an innocent man would arouse the jealousy of others if he was holding a precious jade. Therefore, Jiang Chen would surely become the target of many experts at this point.

In a deserted land, Jiang Chen reverted back to his human form. He looked around and began to study the wondrous rock.

Jiang Chen’s body flashed and went inside the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Currently, the wondrous rock was placed inside the spatial zone of the paG.o.da. Surprisingly, this rock remained calm and quiet all these while.

“The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da is a supremely divine item. The paG.o.da itself possesses a great True Dragon Bloodline. The wondrous rock must have felt the incredible bloodline inside, which is why it remained so silent and calm. However, I wonder what kind of existence is living inside the rock.”

Jiang Chen’s curiosity was stirred. In spite of his experience and knowledge, he wasn’t able to decipher the secret of the wondrous rock. He might as well circulate the Great Soul Derivation Technique. All of his spiritual energy turned into a storm, rolling towards the rock.

However, what surprised Jiang Chen was that it seemed like there was a mysterious strength inside the rock. This energy had formed into a defensive barrier, blocking his spiritual energy from exploring any further.

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