Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1282 – Fighting the half-step Golden Immortal

Chapter 1282 – Fighting the half-step Golden Immortal

Fighting the half-step Golden Immortal

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Diao Yong felt incomparably furious. How dare Jiang Chen kill his comrades in his presence? That was completely ignoring his existence; he couldn’t accept that! Being a supreme half-step Golden Immortal genius, no one amongst the young generation of One-Line-Sky wouldn’t give him face.

“You can’t save him.”

Jiang Chen didn’t even look at Diao Yong. He wasn’t denying the mightiness of this half-step Golden Immortal, but saving Wu Wei from his hands was virtually impossible.

*Hong Long…*

A surge of energy was channeled into the Heavenly Saint Sword. It roared and turned into a blood-red dragon, appearing on top of Wu Wei’s head in a blink. As the sword was too fast, there was no time for Diao Yong to respond.


Wu Wei roared with strong reluctance, but it was useless. His fate had already been completely doomed the moment he infuriated Jiang Chen. He had no other choice but to die.


Wu Wei let out a scream as he was cut into halves by the Heavenly Saint Sword. His whole body was ripped apart by the sharp sword Qi. The whole scene was so b.l.o.o.d.y that many didn’t dare to look at it directly.

The instant Wu Wei was killed, Diao Yong’s attack reached Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen made another slash, colliding with Diao Yong’s Immortal Light.

*Hong Long…*

The collision was ma.s.sive. It almost destroyed the void above. And a powerful gale was created after that.

*Deng! Deng! Deng!*

The formidable shockwave pushed Jiang Chen three steps back.

“Sure enough, a genius half-step Golden Immortal is powerful. I’m no match for him even with my dragon-form. But if I use the Great Divination Art, I still can fight him. If I use the Frenzied Dragons Leaves the Pool of the Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes, I can get rid of this b.a.s.t.a.r.d,” thought Jiang Chen.

He was able to immediately identify the gap between himself and Diao Yong. With his current cultivation, he could fight any ordinary half-step Golden Immortal, but Diao Yong wasn’t an ordinary opponent.

A genius like Diao Yong was capable enough to fight a normal early Golden Immortal expert. So naturally, Jiang Chen was no match for him, but with Jiang Chen’s incredible trump cards and means, it wasn’t impossible for him to eliminate this opponent.

However, Jiang Chen couldn’t use such a trump card until it was the critical moment. The consumption was too great after all. Once he used it, he would fall into a temporary weakened state, putting him in a dangerous position.

It didn’t concern him even if he couldn’t win this match. At least, Diao Yong still wasn’t a terrifying opponent. If Jiang Chen wanted to escape, Diao Yong wouldn’t be able to stop him.

“Son of a b*tch!”

Diao Yong cursed. His cold and furious eyes were fixed on Jiang Chen. How dare this abominable Jiang Chen kill an expert of Profound Sun Sect in front of him? That was a complete act of disrespect. Across the entire One-Line-Sky, everyone who didn’t give him face had already died and Jiang Chen wouldn’t be an exception.

“Jiang Chen, you have the nerve to kill Wu Wei in my presence! Were you challenging my dignity?” Diao Yong bellowed.

“What dignity do you have? Put away your high and mighty sense of superiority. You are no worse than a fart in front of me.”

Jiang Chen showed his middle finger to Diao Yong. What this b.a.s.t.a.r.d said was ridiculous. The grudges between him and Profound Sun Sect had long been irreconcilable. Yes, Diao Yong was powerful, but he had yet to reach the extent where it could terrify Jiang Chen.

After hearing Jiang Chen’s words, many of them couldn’t help rolling their eyes and suck in a breath of cold air.

It was mad and bold. Today, they finally witnessed what arrogance meant. They were afraid that Jiang Chen was the first one who dared to speak to Diao Yong in such a way. Plus, Jiang Chen definitely had the qualifications to do so.

“How arrogant! Since you’re courting death, I’ll grant your wish. However, before you die, hand over that rock first and I will consider giving you a nice and quick death without putting you through any kind of torment,” Diao Yong said.

In his point of view, it was already considered very kind of him to offer such conditions to Jiang Chen after Jiang Chen killed so many people of Profound Sun Sect. This was a score that could never be settled without killing the enemy. Furthermore, killing Jiang Chen and getting the wondrous rock would earn him a huge credit in his sect.

“You have so much of nonsense. I would like to see if you have the ability to kill me.”

Jiang Chen chuckled sneeringly, totally disrespecting Diao Yong. This severely affected Diao Yong’s self-esteem. It was his first time seeing such a wild and barbaric person.

“A thing that knows neither death nor life! I would also like to see what makes you capable of fighting me.”

Diao Yong was angered. He no longer wanted to waste any more time on speaking nonsense with Jiang Chen, and struck out a palm. A terrifying energy condensed and formed a dark cloud, pressing downwards at Jiang Chen all of a sudden.

The attack of a genius half-step Golden Immortal was ma.s.sive. For a moment, the entire void was filled with formidable energy, allowing everyone to feel a rush of pressure and discomfort.

“Jiang Chen, be careful. Diao Yong is a half-step Golden Immortal expert. He’s very hard to deal with,” Guo Jie reminded.

“Guo Jie, bring the others away from here immediately.” Jiang Chen whispered to Guo Jie.

He didn’t intend to stay and fight with Diao Yong for long. The matter today had already aroused the notice of many experts. He was afraid that Diao Yong wouldn’t be the last expert to appear here. If this battle lasted for another period of time, more experts would come over and this was something that Jiang Chen didn’t want to see. He had come to the ancient tomb for benefits. Before getting sufficient benefits, he didn’t want to have a life-and-death struggle with those geniuses.

As such, Jiang Chen didn’t want to get entangled in a battle with Diao Yong, however, he was afraid that Diao Yong would later vent his anger on Guo Jie and the other experts of Skycloud Pavillion. That was why he asked Guo Jie to bring the other disciples away. He would stay here and stall Diao Yong for some time until every disciple of Skycloud Pavilion were gone from this map. Then, he would leave elegantly, leaving Diao Yong alone with his wrath.

Alright. Take care of yourself.

Guo Jie nodded. He was a smart person, he naturally understood Jiang Chen’s thoughts and worries. Immediately, he led the disciples of Skycloud Pavilion away, leaving Jiang Chen and Diao Yong in the battlefield. After seeing Jiang Chen’s incredible means, Guo Jie was no longer concerned about him. He believed that given Jiang Chen’s ability, even if Jiang Chen couldn’t fight Diao Yong, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have any problem escaping.


The Heavenly Saint Sword uttered another howl. The sound of the dragon’s roars was earth-shaking. A ray of sword light seemed like a terrifying heavenly river. It impacted fiercely with Diao Yong’s dark cloud.

*Hong Long……*

It was another earth-shattering collision. It trembled the earth so much that countless countless felt numbness in their scalp.

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