Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1277 – Strike

Chapter 1277 – Strike


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The astonis.h.i.+ng scene stirred numerous experts around.

“What exactly is inside this strange rock? How could it launch such a powerful resistance that can even deflect the attack of an early Divine Immortal expert? Certainly, this isn’t a simple rock.”

“Amazing! I reckon that there must be an extremely powerful seal existing inside. Either the force just now came from the seal or from a powerful creature. That’s the only explanation for it.”

“The one who attacked just now was the genius of Yun Family, an early Divine Immortal expert. If he can’t even lay his hands on the strange rock, our chances of touching the rock is almost zero.”

“We won’t have a chance either way. Haven’t you noticed yet? All the late Divine Immortals of the four major powers are here. They are simply not the opponents that we can compete with. We aren’t going to obtain any benefits with them being here.”


Conversations could be heard everywhere. The strange rock was too mystical for being able to deflect that attack. This indicated that the rock was an extraordinary one. It stirred up the pa.s.sion of everyone, especially the geniuses of the four major powers. Each and every one of their eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with interest.

“Very good. This is without a question no ordinary rock and this rock is first discovered by our family. So, we should own every bit of it. I, Yun Ying, will now subdue this wondrous rock.”

The leader of the Yun Family spoke loudly. Judging by his tone, it sounded as if the rock was already theirs, totally ignoring everyone’s existence. The one who spoke was a core disciple of Yun Family, a late Divine Immortal expert. A genius like him was incomparable and had unparalleled position amongst the core disciples. So naturally, his tone would sound domineering and without any half-step Golden Immortals around, his words were equivalent to the will of the whole Yun Family.

“Yun Ying, don’t fool around here. With so many of us here, do you think that your family can wrest away this wondrous rock?”

A genius of Huangfu Family spoke coldly. He was Huangfu Zhi. His cultivation was on par with Yun Ying. He was also the representative of the Huangfu Family for now. The four major powers of One-Line-Sky had never gotten along well. Among them, Skycloud Pavilion and Profound Sun Sect were the enemies of each other, while the Yun and Huangfu Family had never stopped competing with one another. There had been conflicts between the disciples of the two different major powers during normal days. So when they finally met here face to face, it was even more impossible for them to compromise with each other because that would be equal to giving away their face.

“The wondrous rock has no owner. So it’s absolutely impossible for Yun Family to claim owners.h.i.+p of it. Don’t even think about it Yun Ying.”

An expert of Skycloud Pavilion spoke. He was called Guo Jie, also a core disciple of his sect. At this time, he had chosen to express his stand. As the wondrous rock was an extraordinary and rare item, he couldn’t just watch the rock fall into the hands of the other three major powers.

“In my opinion, we should just have a fair compet.i.tion.”

The genius of Profound Sun Sect, named Wu Wei, spoke, the last of the big four who hadn’t expressed his opinion. Apparently, the geniuses of the four major powers wouldn’t compromise.

*Hong Long…*

The movement inside the mysterious rock was getting stronger, it started to shake more intensely. The golden light pillar above the sky became brighter. The rogue cultivators knew their own limitations. They knew that there was no way they could compete with these geniuses. As such, plenty of them had treated this scene as a show.

“In that case, why don’t the four of us attack and subdue this rock together. As for the treasure inside the rock, we will divide it into four portions when we return, what do you say?”

Yun Ying said, putting forward an excellent idea. It could be seen that he didn’t want to waste time and knew that a stalemate would not solve the problem. With the geniuses of the four major powers present, Yun Family’s thought of owning the wondrous rock was no longer possible.

The other three leaders exchanged glances with one another, understanding the reason behind Yun Ying’s words. They knew each other’s strength pretty well. If they really started a fight here, they were afraid that it would be hard to determine a winner. In that case, it would be better to reach a compromise first until they subdued the wondrous rock.

“There’s no need for such nonsense. Let’s attack it now.”

Huangfu Zhi then struck, grabbing the wondrous rock with his big palm.

Seeing what happened, the other three attacked immediately, refusing to be the last. It was imaginable how powerful the Qi of the joint attack of four late Divine Immortal experts. Ma.s.sive amount of energy converged and formed a huge net, wrapping around the wondrous rock.

This overwhelming energy was like being crushed by Mountain Tai. When the energy landed on the wondrous rock, a dazzling golden light pillar began to tremble.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

A more intense buzzing sound rang out from the rock and a flood of energy suddenly surged out of it, charging towards the ma.s.sive energy struck by the four experts.

*Hong Long…*

Hearing only the roar of the impact, the pool of energy was swept away by the force coming from the rock, after that, the rock got even more agitated.

“How did that happen? We can’t even take down this strange rock?”

“What exactly is inside this rock?”

They were flabbergasted. There was a look of shock on their faces. The reaction of the wondrous rock was beyond their imagination, even though they had already imagined that the rock would counter-attack. They had never thought the counter-attack would be so intense.

“We’ll try again. I don’t believe that this rock can last for long.” Yun Ying said.

At this time, Jiang Chen who was not far away from the scene was gazing at the wondrous rock unblinkingly. He was circulating the Great Soul Derivation Technique to examine the rock and was very intrigued by it.

“There has to be a living thing existing inside. It has to be a divine creature. I can feel its divine Qi and bloodline. This type of bloodline is incredibly n.o.ble, almost equivalent to my true dragon bloodline. How could such a treasure fall into someone else’s hands?”

Jiang Chen was astounded. Then quickly, he struck when the second attack of the four failed again.

*Hong Long…*

A huge blood-red dragon claw descended from the sky, heading towards the wondrous rock. This dragon claw appeared at the precise moment when the attack of the four experts were destroyed by the wondrous rock.

“Who is it?!”

Yun Ying and the other three clamored; then turned their gaze to the unknown person who was standing not far away from them.

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