Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1276 – The Wondrous Rock

Chapter 1276 – The Wondrous Rock

The Wondrous Rock

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Apart from the people of Skycloud Pavilion, none of the other three major powers had a good opinion of Jiang Chen. No doubt, the first who reacted negatively about Jiang Chen’s return was Profound Sun Sect, the arch enemy of Jiang Chen. Both the Yun and Huangfu Family didn’t really have good feelings about Jiang Chen either. Jiang Chen was after all the genius of a compet.i.tor’s sect. They didn’t hope to see any other geniuses emerging besides from their own sect because that was a potential threat to them.

The spatial zone in this ancient tomb was amazingly huge. There were even mountains and rivers here. Jiang Chen had yet to find any valuable things as he moved across the interior of the tomb. At this moment, he missed Big Yellow’s presence, that dog always had a keen sense when it came to treasures.

Although Jiang Chen was proficient in the Great Divination Art and could calculate things, he wasn’t able to divine the location of the treasures. In order to find fortune in the tomb, he needed to rely mainly on his luck, and his luck had never been poor.

The current surrounding was different from the gloomy path before. The corpse and death Qi was weakening at a continuous pace whereas the spiritual Qi was rising, like it was a blessed land. Truly, this was an extremely good place for cultivation. This was something that no one had ever thought of, and it made everyone feel very excited.

In such a place, even a fool could guess that there must be existences of treasures. For a moment, every corner of the place was filled with the shadows of experts – geniuses of the four major powers and rogue cultivators. Every one of their faces were filled with exhilaration.

“Wahaha! A few high grade Immortal Meta Stones can be found here! This is intoxicating!”

“d.a.m.n! You fool! Why are you shouting so loudly after obtaining the treasure? Do you want to get yourself killed?”

“Look, what’s this? My G.o.d! this is an Immortal Sword dropped by someone, I can sense Divine Qi from it. This is, without a question, a great place. Wonderful!”


All kinds of excited voices could be heard. Some were keeping their silence. Some shouted loudly as they were overwhelmed by their emotions, but immediately after that, they realized their foolish act, and they then quickly left the scene. Some said that wealth should never be revealed to the public, and this place was full of compet.i.tion. If the treasure you got was targeted by some other expert, the other expert would definitely seize it the moment you let your guard down.

This was a blessed land where treasures were everywhere. To a rogue cultivator, these treasures were extremely rare. For instance, when a late Heaven Immortal or a half-step Divine Immortal suddenly got a true Divine Realm Immortal Weapon, it would be incredibly pleasant and worth celebrating.

Jiang Chen however didn’t express any interest in those items, and headed deeper into the tomb. Many geniuses of the four major powers also did the same. As they were rich in cultivation resources, they wouldn’t want to waste their time and effort on things that they didn’t need.

It had already been a half day in the tomb, but nothing precious was found. During this period, Jiang Chen encountered some creatures that were as dead as the black corpse raven. These dead creatures were incomparably strong, but compared to the black corpse raven, they were easier to deal with because they didn’t resurrect.

Killing these creatures was naturally a piece of cake to Jiang Chen, but it was impossible for him to rely on these things to improve his cultivation or the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. As Jiang Chen already advanced, whether it was the formation of dragon marks or the levels of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, its difficulty would rise as more energy would be required. Any ordinary undead creatures and demonic devils would no longer have any significant impact on Jiang Chen’s advancement.

In front of him was a summit where the top was filled with smoke and fog, just like a paradise. The entire summit was full of spiritual Qi that gave people a refres.h.i.+ng feeling. A place like this couldn’t possibly be a tomb no matter how you looked at it.

At this time, many people had already gathered on the summit. As far as one’s eyes could see, there were at least a hundred people there, including the experts of the four major powers. Despite the distance, he could still clearly feel the Qi of the late Divine Immortal experts. Those were the top core disciples of the four major powers. Every one of them were proud and arrogant beings. Being at the late Divine Immortal realm was equivalent to having the combat strength of a half-step Golden Immortal expert.

Cultivators were continuously flying towards that direction, causing this deathly silent mountain to turn rowdy.

“There’s treasure in front.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. His Great Soul Derivation Technique could already sense the strong Qi of a treasure ahead. All those experts must have gathered there for the treasure.

His body flashed and disappeared from the scene. He moved at an incredibly fast speed, arriving on top of the summit in just a few blinks. He didn’t get too close to the crowd. He just stood some distance away behind the crowd.


All of a sudden, a golden ray of light soared from the top of the mountain. The light was very strong. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the big rock above the summit. It had the size of roughly 3 meters, radiating a dense blood Qi from the inside. This was a strange rock. Anyone could determine the extraordinary features of this rock just by using their eyes.

*Hong Long……*

The wondrous rock shuddered violently all of a sudden. It wasn’t intense at first, but gradually, it grew stronger and seemingly about to burst at any time.

“There’s life existing inside this rock. The blood Qi inside is very strong. I have no idea what strange creature is living inside.”

“The blood Qi is too exuberant. It is definitely a good treasure. If I can get my hands on this wondrous rock, the benefits will be boundless.”

“That’s right. The spiritual Qi here is astonis.h.i.+ng. This is no doubt a blessed place. This wondrous rock should be some kind of treasure. Whoever can get this rock is surely going to obtain great fortune.”


Many of them were shocked that a strange rock suddenly emerged in this lonely mountain. Discussions about the rock immediately started. Plenty of them were wondering what might be hiding inside the rock, but judging from the strong blood Qi, this certainly isn’t an ordinary rock.

“Let me see what’s in the rock.”

A genius from the Yun Family could no longer hold himself back. He was an early Divine Immortal expert, a core disciple of the Yun Family and a very proud young man. He struck out a huge palm, grabbing the wondrous rock.


However, just as the young man’s palm hit the rock, a powerful energy surged out from the rock, crus.h.i.+ng the genius palm strike.

*Deng! Deng! Deng!*

The disciple of Yun Family was forced to take three steps back. His face turned slightly pale.


The disciple exclaimed. Astonishment spread across his face. His eyes were staring at the wondrous rock unblinkingly. He couldn’t believe what just happened, given his own strength, he couldn’t even move the rock.

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