Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1278 – Uprooting

Chapter 1278 – Uprooting


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Given their cultivation, they wouldn’t have a problem locating the source of the attack. Plus, Jiang Chen didn’t even try to conceal himself. The Qi from his body rushed to all directions.

Jiang Chen’s eyes turned cold. He focused all of his concentration on the wondrous rock, totally ignoring Yun Ying and the others. Since he had already decided to strike, he wouldn’t hold anything back. Even though it wouldn’t be easy to subdue the mysterious rock, he had to try it anyhow.

“It’s Jiang Chen! He’s Jiang Chen! It’s his attack!” someone in the crowd yelled.

Most of them had only heard Jiang Chen’s name and hadn’t seen him in person. So, the one who exclaimed must have seen Jiang Chen before, exposing the ident.i.ty of Jiang Chen on the spot.

That, however, did not concern Jiang Chen. Ever since he entered the ancient tomb, he no longer intended to hide his ident.i.ty.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! So you are that Jiang Chen. I’ve been looking for you everywhere. I had never expected that you will reveal yourself in my face. How dare you seize that rock!? totally courting death!” Wu Wei spoke.

His inability to move the rock had stirred his anger. Now that Jiang Chen had appeared all of a sudden, and trying to seize it, how could he not go mad?

“So he’s Jiang Chen. He sure isn’t an ordinary person.”

Guo Jie of Skycloud Pavilion smiled. He felt relieved knowing that the attacker was Jiang Chen. In any case, Jiang Chen was a disciple of Skycloud Pavilion, one of his comrades. If he chose to oppose his own comrade like the others did because of one mysterious rock, he wouldn’t be able to survive well in Skycloud Pavilion.

Yun Ying and Huangfu Zhi were both infuriated, glaring at Jiang Chen with a face full of fury. They had no good feelings about Jiang Chen. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d had been famous since his arrival, s.n.a.t.c.hing away all the chances for them to be noticed. As if that wasn’t enough to infuriate them, he only hid in the dark but wanted to seized the rock all of a sudden.

The current Jiang Chen wouldn’t put these experts in his eyes; he could already feel the powerful force that was about to rush out of the rock. It seemed like the force would become stronger when it faced stronger enemies. The force was chaotic, high, mighty, and inviolable.

Killing, reverence, and all the ancient Qi were mixed together. This astonished Jiang Chen, convincing him that the existence inside this rock was absolutely extraordinary.

What’s actually living inside? If I go head on, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to subdue it even if I expend all of my energy, however, I can feel a strong bloodline from it. This bloodline is incomparably n.o.ble, almost similar to my true dragon bloodline. Why don’t I use my bloodline to test it, it can probably win the recognition of the creature inside and obtain the rock.

Jiang Chen thought. He could already see that it was basically impossible to move the rock just by using brute force. He was clueless about what was living inside the rock. He was afraid that even a Golden Immortal expert wouldn’t be able to move this rock. At this point, he could only use his own bloodline, as this wondrous rock contained a very n.o.ble bloodline, almost comparable to his true dragon bloodline.


Jiang Chen’s body flashed, instantly transforming in his dragon form, arousing his bloodline completely. There were two purpose in using his dragon-form. One was to stimulate his bloodline, hoping to obtain the recognition of the being inside the rock, and lastly, to deal with Yun Ying and the others. Geniuses like them weren’t like any average late Divine Immortal experts. Even with Jiang Chen’s current condition, he would need to use his dragon form in order to kill half-step Divine Immortals easily.

“It’s this transformation again. He sure is that hateful Jiang Chen.”

Seeing this, a lot of people from Profound Sun Sect started to curse. Even though they hadn’t seen Jiang Chen before, they were no stranger to his transformation technique.

The moment Jiang Chen stimulated his bloodline, he could clearly feel that the rock moved even more restlessly, but its resistance had vanished all of a sudden. This exhilarated Jiang Chen. It seemed like his trick had worked. As the bloodline inside the rock was too n.o.ble, it wouldn’t allow any being with a lower bloodline to touch it. Apparently, Jiang Chen’s true dragon bloodline was a n.o.ble one and it could get the recognition of the rock almost instantly.

“Jiang Chen, you want to reap the benefits out of us? If you don’t stop what you are doing, you are going to get yourself killed.”

Wu Wei bellowed, then struck out an incomparably brilliant palm at Jiang Chen, like a red cloud carrying a ma.s.sive force that could topple and overturn mountains and seas.

Jiang Chen darted his dragon eyes. Cold light glowed in his eyes. He then spoke coldly, “You’d better not offend me.”

After that, he raised another palm and launched a powerful True Dragon Palm. A huge dragon claw with endless divine power collided with Wu Wei’s attack in a blink.

*Hong Long…*

The sky and earth trembled. Wu Wei’s attack was simply too vulnerable in front of Jiang Chen, it was crushed and destroyed, leaving nothing behind.

*Deng…* *Deng…* *Deng…*

In the void, Wu Wei felt a powerful shock and was forced several steps back.


This scene made many people around exclaim. Wu Wei himself, needless to say, was very shocked. Yun Ying and the other two were gaping at the scene, then stared at Jiang Chen in disbelief. Although that attack wasn’t Wu Wei’s full-fledge attack, the fact that Jiang Chen was able to counter it while subduing the wondrous rock was already fascinating. This couldn’t be said that Wu Wei was weak. It was only because Jiang Chen was too strong.

“How could this be possible? He’s merely a half-step Divine Immortal expert. How could his strength reach such an extent?”

“Motherf*cker! Another extremely abnormal b.a.s.t.a.r.d has emerged in One-Line-Sky.”

“Jiang Chen is just like what the rumors said. He’s too heaven defying. One should know that Wu Wei is the best among his peers in the core disciples, but he’s no match for Jiang Chen.”


Everyone was shocked. Even Guo Jie of Skycloud Pavilion looked dumbfounded. He knew that Jiang Chen had stirred the entire Skycloud Pavilion, but he hadn’t imagined that Jiang Chen could grow so much in just more than a month’s time. If Wu Wei was no match for Jiang Chen, it could also mean that he was no match for Jiang Chen as well.


Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly, not giving Wu Wei a second glance. He exerted his force and pulled. The wondrous rock would surely be uprooted from the ground.

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