Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1275 – The Great Unrest

Chapter 1275 – The Great Unrest

The Great Unrest

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Jiang Chen’s pupils glowed brilliantly as if no darkness could cover them, like the stars in the night. Currently, Jiang Chen had officially advanced to the half-step Divine Immortal realm; now he was strong enough to kill any ordinary half-step Golden Immortal opponents. Of course, if that was a half-step Golden Immortal genius, he would find it hard to deal with even with the Great Divination Art. Geniuses who had reached that level had already comprehended the profound meaning of Great Luo, making their power equivalent to a true early Golden Immortal expert.

There was an insurmountable and unimaginable gap between Divine Immortal and Golden Immortal realm, but Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid of this, with his current cultivation, he could already run amok in the ancient tomb. Even if he couldn’t fight his opponents, he wouldn’t have a problem running away. Furthermore, this was only the beginning of the expedition. Surely, he would obtain more benefits in this tomb and enhance his cultivation even more.

“Senior Brother Jiang is truly extraordinary for being able to walk out of the Evil Abyss so easily.”

“I knew for a long time that Brother Jiang wouldn’t die so easily. It’s really a good thing for us that Senior Brother Jiang is able to come with us in this expedition. Brother Jiang’s talent is surely going to outs.h.i.+ne all the geniuses of the other three major powers.”

“I, w.a.n.g Yang, am going to serve Senior Brother Jiang from now on.”


Each and every disciple of Skycloud Pavilion was flattering Jiang Chen, including those Divine Immortal realm core disciples. Despite their high cultivation, their combat strength was no match for Jiang Chen – something which they were extremely clear about. Additionally, their status was also not comparable to Jiang Chen, he had another status – the true disciple of Elder Tianji Zi – a status they probably wouldn’t be able to reach in their lifetime.

“Alright. Now that we have left the pa.s.sageway, the front should be the interior of the ancient tomb. We will separate from here. Go and seek for your own fortune. If I encounter those who are in trouble, I will naturally lend a hand.”

Jiang Chen waved and spoke to the crowd. It wouldn’t be good with if so many of them kept on following him. He himself disliked crowded situation. Besides, they had already reached the end of the pa.s.sageway, the threats of the black corpse ravens had been fully resolved.

Everyone nodded after hearing this, convinced of what Jiang Chen had said. After all, they had all chosen to come and search for treasures and improve themselves. They were responsible for finding their own fortune. If they continued to follow Jiang Chen, they might be able to ensure their safety, but not their benefits.

Since the danger had already been removed, they would have to rely on themselves now. If they still insisted on staying with Jiang Chen, they might as well stay in their super safe Skycloud Pavilion.

“Brother Jiang, I will go seek for my own fortune as well.”

Fu Hui cupped his fists at Jiang Chen; then flew towards one direction. Geniuses like him also had his own thinking and decision.

Jiang Chen vanished in a flash. This gloomy tomb was like Jiang Chen’s world. It didn’t matter even if his ident.i.ty was exposed. As long as it wasn’t exposed to the outside, it was fine. In any case, he had already arrived in the interior of the ancient tomb. It was only a matter of time before a fight broke out between him and the others and thus, revealing his real ident.i.ty to the four major powers.

However, Jiang Chen’s comeback was a big deal to others. Words about his return would surely spread very quickly and stir up everyone in the tomb.

Many of those who chose the other pa.s.sageways had arrived at the interior of the ancient tomb. They had more or less experienced dangerous situations along the way. It could be clearly seen that the current number of people had reduced by a significant amount. Those who had died along the way would stay there forever.

This was the danger in the path of cultivation. You never knew when, where, and how you would die.

When the incident about Jiang Chen’s return was heard, pandemonium broke out. After being absent for more than a month’s time, this terrifying genius finally emerged. Every time he appeared, he would affect the emotions of countless of people, attracting every one of their attention.

“I didn’t think that Jiang Chen could walk out of Evil Abyss alive. It seems like we all have underestimated him. However, Elder Yang Shu surely won’t let this matter rest if he knows that he is still alive.”

“So what if he’s still alive? Jiang Chen has come out of that dreadful place just by relying on his own capability. Besides, he has always been loyal to Skycloud Pavilion. I heard that along the way, he has helped all the Skycloud Pavilion disciples who were facing dangerous situation. This fact alone has given me a good impression of him.”

“That’s right. To Skycloud Pavilion, Jiang Chen’s emergence is a good thing. It only means that his presence will create pressure to the three major powers, especially Profound Sun Sect. Being the arch enemy of Jiang Chen, they wanted so badly to shred Jiang Chen to pieces. Plus, Jiang Chen has already killed many of their disciples along the path. The conflict between them is definitely irreconcilable.”


When the geniuses of Skycloud Pavilion found out about Jiang Chen’s return, they were overjoyed. In any case, they were considered a unit and had to stick together in this ancient tomb. Furthermore, the fact that Jiang Chen had saved the other disciples of Skycloud Pavilion indicated Jiang Chen’s intention that they should all unite.

“d.a.m.n! Why hasn’t this b.a.s.t.a.r.d died yet? Tian Muyun must be lying! He had never sent Jiang Chen to Evil Abyss. That was just a pretense. Tian Muyun did this to buy time for Jiang Chen to grow. Plus, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d has also managed to sneak into the ancient tomb without anyone noticing him.”

“Humph! This time, we must make him stay here forever. We won’t give him a chance to leave this tomb. That man is just too much of a threat and grows too fast. If he isn’t gotten rid of as soon as possible, he’s going to be a major threat to our Profound Sun Sect.”

“That man has already killed a few of our fellow disciples. My younger brother was among them. This is a score that can’t be forgotten. We have to kill Jiang Chen to avenge my brother’s death!”


All the experts of Profound Sun Sect gritted their teeth when they heard of Jiang Chen’s appearance. They had almost forgotten their old score after more than a month’s time, their enemy was no longer alive after all. But unexpectedly, Jiang Chen was far from dead and had even killed their comrades. How could they possibly accept this? Numerous experts of Profound Sun Sect had made up their mind to destroy Jiang Chen here, not giving him a single chance to leave this place.

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