Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1266 – Ancient Tomb

Chapter 1266 – Ancient Tomb

Ancient Tomb

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There was no way that Fu Hui wouldn’t be impressed by Jiang Chen. After learning that Jiang Chen had been sentenced into the Evil Abyss, he was certain that Jiang Chen would die for sure. It took him quite a while to recover from his sadness. Today, unexpectedly, Jiang Chen was standing right in front of him, intact.

Jiang Chen’s existence was already a miracle. Adding his ability to peek into the future, it made him even more abnormal.

Fortunately, today wasn’t Fu Hui first time knowing Jiang Chen, so he was able to recover from the extraordinary shock very quickly.

“Brother Jiang, you have returned just at the right time. Something big indeed has happened in One-Line-Sky. Not long ago, some cultivators have found an ancient tomb in the barren land in One-Line-Sky. The tomb itself is a spatial zone. It must be left behind by at least an Immortal King. Elder Tianji Zi has already divined it once, stating that the ancient tomb is a treasured place containing both fortune and danger. This is no doubt a rare chance for the young generation of the four major powers. So, they have decided to open the ancient tomb tomorrow, and allow the young geniuses to seek for fortunes,” answered Fu Hui, explaining about the big event that was about to happen in One-Line-Sky once more. This incident had already stirred everyone in One-Line-Sky, making it no longer a secret. In fact, Jiang Chen would be able to obtain this information by asking anyone on the street.

“Ancient tomb?”

A glimmer of light flashed past Jiang Chen’s eyes. It seemed like his trip back here wasn’t in vain. Truly, the expedition in the ancient tomb would be a great opportunity to all young geniuses in One-Line-Sky, even to him. Since his master had already divined it, he felt more a.s.sured with his calculation.

“That’s right. It’s a tomb, but no one knew what’s inside. It’s very likely that it was left behind by a mighty Immortal King or an even greater existence. Tomorrow is the day of its expedition, and I suppose Brother Jiang won’t miss it, right?” Fu Hui said with a smile.

“‘Course. I have come all the way back just for this. I wonder who will be the people that will enter the tomb.” Jiang Chen asked with curiosity.

“The ancient tomb expedition is open specifically for the young experts of the four major powers and some qualified rogue cultivators. The four major powers will not exert full control over the tomb. As many individuals will be partic.i.p.ating on this expedition, it will become a rare test for the geniuses. Some inner and core disciples will also be joining in this expedition. There will also be some extremely terrifying geniuses who have already exceeded the range of the core disciples, the true disciples. Their cultivation ranges from half-step Golden Immortal to true Golden Immortal realm. Apart from all that, the higher ups – the Golden Immortal seniors – of the major powers will also be partic.i.p.ating.” Fu Hui said.

He was good at getting news and the details.

“Golden Immortal experts? It seems like this expedition isn’t going to be peaceful. However, this is what makes it exciting. It would be meaningless if it was too serene.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a smirk. If it was before, he would have some fear for those Golden Immortal experts due to their wide gap, but now that he was already a late Heaven Immortal, and was only a few steps away from the half-step Divine Immortal realm. As long as he could obtain some fortunes in the tomb, he could make a breakthrough to the half-step Divine Immortal realm at any time, by then, killing a half-step Golden Immortal wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Since Jiang Chen had already returned, One-Line-Sky would lose its peace once more.

“But you have to be careful, Jiang Chen. Profound Sun Sect has already treated you as their arch-enemy. I’m afraid that they will never let you go if they see you. Plus, the relations.h.i.+p of the four major powers have never been good. There would be lots of killings in the tomb. At that time, you are going to be in the limelight again.” Fu Hui said.

This was something that he was certain of. Given Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty in One-Line-Sky, he would be a hot figure that people couldn’t miss wherever he went.

“Well, I have no intention of concealing myself. I have only one objective after entering the tomb – that is to obtain benefits. Anyone who step in my way will die. Anyone who provokes me will also die.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated, emitting a vague aura of a king. That was the incomparable aura of an inborn king.

“Of course, no ordinary people could stand Brother Jiang’s extraordinary means.”

Fu Hui looked shock. He didn’t have a single doubt about Jiang Chen’s arrogant declaration. He even felt that what Jiang Chen said was the truth instead of arrogance.

“By the way, Brother Jiang, since you have already returned, do you want to return to the sect and head over to the ancient tomb with our sect’s geniuses?” Fu Hui asked.

“No, I have my own way of entering it. Don’t tell anyone about my return as this will create troubles for me.” Jiang Chen reminded.

Just like what Fu Hui said, he had too many enemies, and Profound Sun Sect had always regarded him as a major enemy. If he walked into the ancient tomb openly, he would only bring endless trouble upon himself. Even though he wasn’t afraid of troubles, he was unwilling to deliberately cause himself trouble as he didn’t intend to go to the ancient tomb just to create troubles.

“I understand. Don’t worry.”

Fu Hui nodded. He wasn’t a fool; naturally, he understood Jiang Chen’s concern.

Jiang Chen spent a day in Cloudmist City. The next day, early in the morning, he headed towards the barren land with Fu Hui. When they were neared the area, Jiang Chen separated from Fu Hui and headed towards the area by himself. With the help of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, he was able to sneak into the ancient tomb stealthily.

Today was the opening day of the ancient tomb. A sea of people had already been waiting here early in the morning. Besides the experts of the four major powers, there were also plenty of rogue cultivators. Either it was in Saint Origin World or the Immortal World, rogue cultivators had always led a challenging life. Because they were short of cultivation resources, they couldn’t be compared to those in major powers. So, whenever there was an expedition, they would be the hastiest ones. Despite the danger and risk of the expedition, they wouldn’t hesitate to make a move, because to them, such an opportunity was too rare; and once they could obtain a great benefit from the adventure, they would soar up to the top of the food chain. So rogue cultivators would always be the one who cherished the chance of going into an expedition.

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