Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1265 – Big Event

Chapter 1265 – Big Event

Big Event

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“Qingcheng, stay in Yan City and cultivate well. As I have too many enemies in One-Line-Sky, it won’t do you any good if you follow me there. After I have settled the matter at hand, I will arrange a good cultivation place for you.” Jiang Chen patted Yan Qingcheng’s shoulder.

He understood Yan Qingcheng’s intention very well. She almost got herself killed in Evil Abyss partly because of him.

However, the current situation wouldn’t allow her to come with Jiang Chen. Moreover, there were too many things that Jiang Chen wanted to do. Either it was in One-Line-Sky or in Evil Abyss, it was too dangerous for her because Jiang Chen had too many enemies. Take the Profound Sun Sect for instance, the sect master had already given the orders to kill him on sight.

Even in Skycloud Pavilion, he was facing constant troubles. Because he had killed Qu Yuan and offended Great Elder Yang Shu, he was sent to Evil Abyss by Tian Muyun. In addition, Tian Muyun was Jiang Chen’s enemy as well. As such, Jiang Chen’s life would never have peace in either of these two places, it would be a burden to bring Yan Qingcheng along.

“Qingcheng understand. In that case, Big Brother Jiang must be careful.”

Yan Qingcheng nodded. She was an intelligent person. She knew the difference between her and Jiang Chen very well, and that Jiang Chen was a man who did great things. So following him wouldn’t be appropriate.

A while later, Jiang Chen sent Yan Qingcheng and Huang Ying outside of Yan City and left. As he had already divined the things that would happen in One-Line-Sky, he had to find out what it was at the earliest possible time.

While flying through the clouds and fog, he gazed below at the mountains and rivers moving oppositely like a flowing light and felt a sense of relief. His lips curved into a slight smile.

“Tian Muyun, Yang Shu, both of you can rack your brains out, however, you still wouldn’t be able to figure out how I can get out of the Evil Abyss so soon.”

Jiang Chen muttered. Given the situation in Evil Abyss, it was basically impossible for anyone to walk out of it alive once one entered it. Besides, Jiang Chen was merely a Heaven Immortal.

Back when Tian Muyun sentenced Jiang Chen to the Evil Abyss, Yang Shu didn’t express any sort of refusal. This indicated that he was convinced that Jiang Chen would die once he entered such a place.

In fact, what Yang Shu thought was the truth, but Jiang Chen had created a miracle out of it. He had obtained the greatest benefits in such a short time, and came to agreement with the Evil Lord and left Evil Abyss alive.

Cloudmist City.

Jiang Chen once again returned to this city. He could sense Fu Hui’s Qi drifting in the sky above the city. Back when he attacked the ore mine of Profound Sun Sect and was sought after by them, he arrived at this city and met Fu Hui. After that, Fu Hui recommended him into Skycloud Pavilion.

Jiang Chen had always treated Fu Hui as his friend as Fu Hui had helped him a lot.

“Fu Hui is a jack of all trades. Since he’s in the city, I will just go and ask him about the things that happened here.”

Jiang Chen spoke in his heart, then vanished in a flash, heading downwards to Cloudmist City. Fu Hui was a good friend to mix with. He had a reputation in the inner sect of Skycloud Pavilion. It was also because he had told Jiang Chen about the One-Line Eight Immortals and the Regenerative Lotus that Jiang Chen was able to stole the Regenerative Lotus, regrowing Han Yan’s arm.

Inside an incomparably elegant room in the prefecture, Fu Hui was enjoying his wine all by himself.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Suddenly, the door of the room blew open. A ghostly figure zipped past the doorway and the door closed automatically.

“Who is it?”

Fu Hui was jolted to his feet. His face overflowed with nervousness. Being a late Heaven Immortal expert, it’s was apparent that this person who entered his room unnoticeably must be stronger than him. How could he not be shocked by it?

“Brother Fu does have a leisure life.” Jiang Chen chuckled.

When Fu Hui took a good look at the intruder, his eyes went wide and was in shock for a moment, like he had just seen a scary ghost.

“Jiang… Jiang Chen.”

Fu Hui couldn’t help feeling astounded. Not just the people of Skycloud Pavilion, everyone in One-Line-Sky, including their enemy – Profound Sun Sect – knew that Jiang Chen had been sent to Evil Abyss by Tian Muyun.

When the news spread out, everyone was lamenting for Jiang Chen; they couldn’t believe that a rare genius like him had fallen just like that. Profound Sun Sect immediately cancelled the order to kill Jiang Chen on sight. To them, Tian Muyun had helped them take revenge on Jiang Chen, going into Evil Abyss was no different than being dead.

“It has just been a month, Brother Fu. You have already forgotten who I am?”

Jiang Chen chuckled, then sat down casually and took a drink from the wine.

Fu Hui finally regained his senses and the daze on his face was immediately replaced with delight.

“Brother Jiang, haven’t you been to the Evil Abyss? Could it be you that have already returned from Evil Abyss?”

Fu Hui couldn’t believe it. How could there be a concept that someone could just walked out of Evil Abyss alive?

“That’s right. I have returned and you are the first to see me.” Jiang Chen shrugged.

“My G.o.d! You’ve actually come out of that place. I thought you have already died in there. Goodness! You have created another miracle.”

Fu Hui spoke in an overjoyed tone. He strongly believed that once this news spread out, another heavy bomb would land in One-Line-Sky, possibly setting off another great upheaval.

What surprised him the most was that Jiang Chen had already advanced to the late Heaven Immortal realm. However, he sighed helplessly in the end as he had nothing to comment about this monstrous genius. It seemed like everything was possible to a legendary man, especially after he had just walked out of Evil Abyss alive.

“Brother Fu, is there something big that is about to happen in One-Line-Sky? I have come back from Evil Abyss because of it,” Jiang Chen asked straightforwardly.

He believed that if something were to happen in One-Line-Sky, Fu Hui must knew something about it.

“Ai! You are worthy of being the one Elder Tianji Zi looked for. You can even predict that there is big event coming in One-Line-Sky. Brother Jiang, it seemed like I can do nothing else besides being impressed by you.” Fu Hui shook his head, feeling speechless.

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