Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1267 – Seeing Tian Muyun Once More

Chapter 1267 – Seeing Tian Muyun Once More

Seeing Tian Muyun Once More

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Apart from the large number of rogue cultivators, the experts of the four major powers were wearing their respective uniform and stood at four different places. Every one of these young geniuses put on a high and mighty face, they had the reason to be proud. Compared to their peers, they had a tremendous advantage over the others.

“Why are so many rogue cultivators here? The ancient tomb was discovered by the experts of the four major powers. It should be closed to the public and only be opened to us. Didn’t those puny rogue cultivators have any awareness of their own power before coming here to compete with us?”

“Although the four major powers are the peak existences in One-Line-Sky and has unparalleled status across this region, we still have to show some courtesy. Besides, even if those rogue cultivators joined us in this expedition, do you think they can compete against us?”

“That’s right. This would only show how magnanimous we are. Even if we allowed those rogue cultivators into the ancient tomb, they are still going to keep a distance from us and won’t dare to touch anything that we have a liking to.”


The disciples of the four major powers were seriously proud and were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a strong sense of superiority, totally not putting the rogue cultivators in their eyes. In their point of view, the fact the four major powers had opened this expedition to the rogue cultivators was a blessing to them and they should be grateful for it.

Likewise, majority of the rogue cultivators had self-awareness. Under normal circ.u.mstances, they wouldn’t dare to offend the geniuses of the four major powers, provoking them was akin to digging a grave for themselves. After all, not every one of them was like Jiang Chen.

Certainly, quite a lot of geniuses of the four major powers were present today. It ranged from Heaven Immortal inner sect disciples to Divine Immortal core disciples. There were also a dozen half-step Golden Immortal geniuses who were standing at the centre of their respective group. They looked glamorous, like cranes amongst the chickens. Their heads were held high. These were the typical arrogant geniuses. Peerless geniuses like them were always the target of nurturing of the four major powers, they are important figures. Every one of them possessed some very powerful means. Although they were merely half-step Golden Immortals, their true combat strength was on par with early Golden Immortal experts, which was also what made them so fearsome.

Jiang Chen hadn’t seen any Golden Immortal experts around. He thought that even if there were Golden Immortal experts partic.i.p.ating in this expedition, they wouldn’t go into the ancient tomb with these cultivators as they had respectable status.

“My fellow friend, I see that many have already arrived, but why isn’t the doors of the ancient tomb opened yet?” Jiang Chen asked a rogue cultivator beside him.

“I figure that you still don’t know about it yet, my friend. According to the others, there is a fierce blockade sealing the doors of the tomb. It can only be open by the joint strength of the experts of the four major powers.” The rogue cultivator said.

“So that’s how it is.”

Jiang Chen replied. Then slowly, he released his soul force and reached the huge doors of the ancient tomb. He could sense a great aura drifting around the doors the height of 6 to 9 meters. The surface of the doors were filled with variegated marks and scratches, indicating the age of this tomb.

No doubt, there was a layer of seal an inch away from the doors. In his opinion, the seal was crumbling and had lost its power due to the pa.s.sage of time.

It seems like the ancient tomb isn’t as simple as I thought. To break the remaining layer of the seal, it needs the joint strength of all the top experts of One-Line-Sky. I have no idea how powerful this seal is when it was at its peak. I’m afraid that this isn’t something left by just an Immortal King.

Jiang Chen whispered in his heart. He couldn’t help being astonished by the power of the seal. He was sure that this ancient tomb wasn’t as simple as it looked ages ago. At the same time, he was intrigued by the mystery inside the ancient tomb.

Fu Hui had joined the group of Skycloud Pavilion inner sect disciples. He scanned around and saw no trace of Jiang Chen or his Qi.

He couldn’t help chuckling in his heart, this was within his expectation. He knew that given Jiang Chen’s skills, no one would be able to find him.

A while later, several incomparably powerful Qi flew over from different directions. There were a total of eight of them. They were precisely the One-Line Eight Immortals, the eight experts that represented the peak, n.o.ble, inviolable beings in One Line Sky.

“The One-Line Eight Immortals are too powerful. Half-step Immortal King realm… I’m afraid that I won’t be able to reach this level in my lifetime.”

“They are the supreme existences in One-Line-Sky, totally incomparable to any of us.”

“The Eight Immortals have come. The doors of the ancient tomb will be opened soon. We have to be prepared now. Although there may be tremendous fortunes inside there, there are also dangers. We have to be careful once we enter it. Don’t get yourself killed before even obtaining any benefits. That would only make your trip in vain.”


Many rogue cultivators started discussing. Despite being called rogue cultivators, they were no idiots. They surely knew that there weren’t only fortunes inside the ancient tomb, but also dangers. Aside from the danger that might exist inside, competing with the geniuses of the four major powers for resources was also an extremely dangerous thing.

Jiang Chen’s gaze s.h.i.+fted to Tian Muyun and felt a pang of surprise.

Tian Muyun is worthy to be called the genius of the generation. It has only been a month, but he has already made another advancement in his cultivation, leaving him only a step away from the Immortal King realm. At this rate, he’s going to break through to the Immortal King realm sooner or later. It seems like I have to advance as soon as possible to shorten the gap between us.

Jiang Chen spoke. With his meticulous mind and proficiency in both the Great Derivation Soul Technique and Great Divination Art, he was able to discern things that the others couldn’t from Tian Muyun. He knew that this person was an extremely terrifying genius. This proved how sinister Ouyang He’s vision was. Jiang Chen was almost certain that it wouldn’t be long before Tian Muyun become an Immortal King.

Given Tian Muyun’s disposition and ambition, once he reached the Immortal King realm, it would be the time of chaos in One-Line-Sky. This time, Tian Muyun had given Jiang Chen a sense of urgency to improve himself fast.

While Jiang Chen was gazing at Tian Muyun, Tian Muyun s.h.i.+fted his eyes to Jiang Chen’s side as if he could sense Jiang Chen’s presence. Without delay, Jiang Chen cast out the Qi of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da to conceal himself among the crowd perfectly, giving Tian Muyun no chance to detect his Qi.

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