Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1259 – Late Heaven Immortal realm

Chapter 1259 – Late Heaven Immortal realm

Late Heaven Immortal realm

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*Roar…* *Roar…*

The sky above Yi Mo City was filled with earth-shattering roars and intense clashes. A large number of demonic devils were constantly emerging, but they were also disappearing like clouds being swept away by a gale, because Jiang Chen was unnoticeably using the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and sucking all of the leftovers in battle. However, the paG.o.da was like a bottomless hole. After the seventeenth level was fully condensed, the eighteenth level immediately began to form. Tremendous amount of energy had been channelled from the paG.o.da into Jiang Chen’s body, stimulating the formation of new dragon marks in his Qi Sea.

In Dark Yang City, Tyrant used the same methods as Jiang Chen – edifying a large number of demonic devils, he then commanded the edified devils to kill their own kind. The reason he displayed such a skill was also for the Evil Lord to see. Since the Evil Lord had opened two pa.s.sageways, he would definitely pay close attention to Dark Yang City as well.

After a great number of demonic devils died, Tyrant collected and kept all of their corpses. He knew that these corpses would bring Jiang Chen some benefits, so he would never waste it.

Such a large-scale of war had never happened in Evil Abyss for a long period of time. Ever since the Evil Lord reigned half of the Evil Abyss, there were only occasional clashes between humans and demonic devils, it wasn’t comparable to this kind of war.

In the inner region, inside Evil City was a black-robed man with a straight figure. His body radiated a Qi that was like a sword that could penetrate through the sky. He was very young, seemingly about thirty years old. His bright eyes and his sharp facial features gave him a handsome and attractive appearance.

By looking at him, one could tell that he was a devilish man. If one looked closely, one could even observe the ambitious expression in his eyes. Standing beside this man were several experts. They were firm and motionless, making sure that they didn’t breathe too loudly. Taking a closer look, the cultivation base of these people had already reached the terrifying Golden Immortal realm. The weakest among them was a mid Golden Immortal expert whereas the strongest was a late Golden Immortal expert.

However, the cultivation base of the devilish man was the scariest. There was a thick spatial airflow constantly drifting around his body. This indicated spatial strength. It proved that this man had already mastered the Spatial law and was a true Immortal King expert, unlike any half-step Immortal King experts.

There was only a single mighty Immortal King across the entire Evil Abyss. And there was also only one person who occupied the top of the hierarchy in Evil City. Combining these two facts together, the man, needless to say, is the Evil Lord.

That was right. He’s the Evil Lord. His young appearance and age were always beyond the imagination of people who hadn’t met him. Currently, there was a huge mirror hanging in front of the Evil Lord. The mirror was the size of 9 to 12 meters, just like a screen.

Everyone’s attention was focused into the mirror where it was divided into two scenes, one for Yi Mo City and the other for Dark Yang City.

Just as Jiang Chen speculated, the situation in Yi Mo and Dark Yang City were planned by the Evil Lord. At this moment, not only were the other Golden Immortal experts astounded by the scenes in the mirror, but also the Evil Lord . Their eyes were continuously spewing out brilliant light.

“What a good Jiang Chen! He could actually give me such a huge surprise. His potential talent has exceeded mine. He has such a terrifying combat strength even though he’s merely a Heaven Immortal expert. I’m afraid that even those geniuses of the major powers in the central region of Ethereal Immortal Domain are no match for him.”

The Evil Lord revealed a trace of a smile, he couldn’t help praising Jiang Chen. His current expression wasn’t the same as Tian Muyun’s. His eyes were full of admiration when he looked at Jiang Chen whereas Tian Muyun’s were filled with envy.

“Lord, I wonder what kind of technique this Jiang Chen and that monk used to continuously make those demonic devils listen to their commands and make them kill their own kind. Such a technique is truly heaven defying.”

“That’s right. I think this should be a technique from the Buddha Sect, the sect that has always been the bane of the devil race. However, Jiang Chen apparently isn’t a member of the Buddha Sect. So how could he use such a skill? Look at that ray of light. Every demonic devil is subdued as the light pa.s.ses them. That’s truly terrifying.”

“Lord, if we are able to acquire this technique and power, we will be able to subdue the entire Evil Clan and your undertaking will then be accomplished.”


The shock that the Golden Immortal experts felt had been compounding even until now. They knew all too well about the scariness of the demonic devils after their countless clashes with the Evil Clan. However, the scene ahead was truly unimaginable to them. It was totally out of their imagination.

“I have once met an eminent monk of the White Dragon Temple. He told me that there was a supreme scripture named the Edifying Light in Buddha Sect. He said that the light was the natural enemy of all kinds of evils. It seemed like the ray of light that Jiang Chen and the monk used is the Edifying Light,” said the Evil Lord.

Based on what he said, it implied that he had an extraordinary ident.i.ty and status in the outside world, no ordinary person could get in touch with the monks of the White Dragon Temple of the Ethereal Immortal Domain.

“Lord, since the two of them have such powerful techniques in their possession, why don’t we capture them and demand them to hand over the method to cultivate the Edifying Light?” a late Golden Immortal expert said.

“You surely know nothing about it. The Edifying Light is a sacred technique of Buddha Sect. Only those who are fated can practice such a skill. Of all the eminent monks in the White Dragon Temple, none of them could cast this spell. This little monk must have a very deep connection with the Buddha which explained why he was able to cultivate the Edifying Light. Based on my observation of Jiang Chen, he is a man with great fortune and will have lots of miraculous encounters. As for me, even if I obtained the method of cultivating the Edifying Light, I won’t be able succeed in the process,” said the Evil Lord. Apparently, he was someone who wasn’t just aware of someone else’s strength, but also his own limitations.

“So what plan does the Lord have in mind now?” someone asked.

“We absolutely can’t make Jiang Chen our enemy. This man’s incredible luck would make his future boundless and immeasurable. I can’t complete my great undertaking in Evil Abyss without the help of these two. I will close the pa.s.sageways in a while. I will then personally summon them to Evil City after they have finished their ma.s.sacre,” said the Evil Lord.

The reason why he didn’t look for Jiang Chen was because he was still sceptical about Jiang Chen’s ability. Now that he had seen it with his own eyes, he was filled with shock and joy. To put it bluntly, Jiang Chen’s appearance had allowed him to see a new hope and light. With Jiang Chen and Tyrant’s help, he would certainly be able to take control of the whole Evil Abyss.

Suddenly, the pa.s.sageways in Yi Mo City and Dark Yang City were closed. The demonic devils of the Evil Clan stopped appearing. It was only a matter of time before all the remaining devils were gotten rid of by Jiang Chen and Tyrant. At this time, the number of dragon marks in Jiang Chen’s body had already reached 600 000 which was precisely the mark of breaking through to the late Heaven Immortal realm.

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