Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1258 – Heaven Defying Means

Chapter 1258 – Heaven Defying Means

Heaven Defying Means

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The demonic devils which were slain didn’t fall from the sky, but were absorbed by some unknown force. The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da shook slightly after receiving the blood and Qi essence. Its seventeenth level began to form.

Jiang Chen’s attack shocked a lot of people. Each and every one of them had their mouths wide open. During the battle more than a month ago, although Jiang Chen had unstoppably conquered every city in the outer region, he never really displayed his skill, which was why many hadn’t seen his attacks before and had no knowledge about this combat strength. Judging from the surface, Jiang Chen was after all only a mid Heaven Immortal young man. So how powerful could he actually be?

However, as soon as they saw Jiang Chen’s attack, it seemed as if they were struck by lightning. The early Divine Immortal demonic devils were totally no match for him. They had to admit that this was truly their first time seeing such a scary genius.

As a matter of fact, not only were early Divine Immortal demonic devils a vulnerable opponent to Jiang Chen, he could even kill mid Divine Immortal demonic devils with a single slash. After all, Jiang Chen has already transformed into his dragon-form. If he used the Great Divination Art, it would even be possible for him to fight against a late Divine Immortal demonic devil. In addition, he could also suppress all these devils completely. The devils wouldn’t be able to exert their full strength while fighting against Jiang Chen. This was the reason he was able to subdue the demonic chief.


The demonic chief and the twin barbaric bulls were also like frenzied killing demons. They broke directly into the enemy’s main forces and started an intense ma.s.sacre. The demonic devils spared no effort to defend against the advances of the two bulls. While confronting the demonic chief, many of the devils were puzzled. They couldn’t understand why the demonic chief was charging and killing them. He was supposed to be standing on their side. Nothing like this had ever happened across the entire Evil Abyss.

The demonic devils of the Evil Clan were extremely ferocious and had their own pride. There was no way that a human could make them yield, let alone the chief of their tribe.

However, this was an irrefutable fact. Despite their inability to understand, they had to defend against the attack with all their might, otherwise, many more of their comrades would die in the hands of this demonic chief.

The battle was intense. Every demonic devil that was killed was completely absorbed by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, improving Jiang Chen’s power. This was an extremely gruesome scene, the corpses of the dead disappeared right after they died.

“Slaughter them!”

Chen Hui shouted loudly and charged forward with a group of Divine Immortal experts. The main combat strength amongst their group was the few late Divine Immortal experts. Now that their city lord had already charged into battle, they had no reason to stay behind looking like a coward.

Large amount of blood and Qi essence was being absorbed. The exuberant blood and Qi essence of the Divine Immortal demonic devils in particular had brought too much benefits to Jiang Chen. The whole seventeenth floor of the paG.o.da was condensed very quickly and the number of dragon marks in his body had increased by a large amount. His cultivation was constantly moving forward to the late Heaven Immortal realm.

A large number of demonic devils died in Jiang Chen’s hands, but the amount of demonic devils appearing in the sky above Yi Mo City didn’t seem to decrease. However, this was what Jiang Chen wanted. The more the demonic devils, the better. Every demonic devil was a nourishment to him and to the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, which was why the demonic devils were one of his greatest targets in Evil Abyss. And since the Evil Lord had provided such a great help, Jiang Chen would naturally have to cherish it.

“I can’t continue killing this way. The Evil Lord must be watching the scene now. I have to show the ability that the Evil Lord has been hoping to see,” muttered Jiang Chen.

He was afraid that his power had already astonished the Evil Lord, but he knew that this wasn’t what the Evil Lord wanted. What the Evil Lord wanted to see was Jiang Chen’s Edifying Light. Jiang Chen was no fool and naturally knew what to do in such a situation.

“Edifying Light.”

Jiang Chen spoke lightly, shooting out a brilliant serpent-like edifying light that went through a dozen of demonic devils. These demonic devils weren’t very strong, the strongest was an early Divine Immortal and the weakest was merely at the Heaven Immortal realm.

After being edified, their eyes instantly turned tame and gentle.

“Kill them.”

Jiang Chen sent out a command. The dozen edified devils didn’t dare show any neglect. Immediately, they turned and lunged at their kin. This abrupt change threw the entire demonic devil forces into chaos. Many of them were yelling unpleasantly, not knowing what actually happened.

This scene changed their impression of Jiang Chen once more. What they saw was their enemies killing each other, and this had greatly reduced the pressure coming from the enemy forces. Although they had no idea what Jiang Chen did to the dozen of demonic devils, they had to admit that such a skill was truly heaven defying.

“*Roar…* What’s going on?”

The demonic devils had gone mad when they saw their comrades which were fighting alongside with them suddenly turned against them in the next moment. This had given the unedified demonic devils the urge to cough up blood.


Unfortunately, the demonic devils who were edified by Jiang Chen only recognized Jiang Chen as their master. If Jiang Chen wanted them to kill, they would never hesitate even if their target was their own parents. Because of the limitation of his cultivation base, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to edify too many devils. However, as his cultivation base advanced and his Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da condensing another level, the number of demonic devils he could edify would naturally increase. The moment he could edify devils in huge bulks, he could win the war without even fighting.

When the demonic devils finally realized that those edified demonic devils were no longer their allies, they brushed off their puzzled thoughts and fought back.

Very quickly, a dozen of the edified demonic devils were gotten rid of, but before the other demonic devils could regain their senses, nearly twenty of their comrades had already been edified. Likewise, they spun around and lunged frenziedly at their own kind.

“My G.o.d! What has City Lord done to them? How terrifying!”

“That’s right. Such a skill is truly heaven defying. No wonder the Evil Lord took notice of him. If the battle continued in such a way, the devil army is going to be defeated soon.”


No one wasn’t shocked by it. At this point, every one of them had already admired Jiang Chen so much that they wanted to prostrate before him.

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