Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1260 – 630 000 Dragon Marks

Chapter 1260 – 630 000 Dragon Marks

630 000 Dragon Marks

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*Hu…* *Hu…*

Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea began to roar. Enormous amount of Immortal Meta Stones were being refined and absorbed. The ma.s.sive number of Immortal Meta Stones that Ouyang He had left him could sustain his consumption until the Golden Immortal realm. As such, he wouldn’t have to worry about shortages of Immortal Meta Stones.

600 000 dragon marks had already been fully condensed out, pus.h.i.+ng his cultivation to the late Heaven Immortal realm, but it wasn’t over yet as there were still plenty of demonic devils. After absorbing numerous corpses of demonic devils, the nineteenth level of the paG.o.da started forming. According to the current rate of development, the nineteenth level of the paG.o.da would be fully condensed out soon.

“City Lord, the pa.s.sageway has been closed.”

Chen Hui spoke with a face full of delight. Even thdough it was an intense battle, it had brought him unimaginable excitement.

“I know.”

Jiang Chen showed a trace of smirk at the corner of his mouth. How could he not understand what was going on? It seemed like the Evil Lord had already achieved his own goal and had seen what he wanted to see. It would be pointless if the pa.s.sageway was kept opened because this would arouse the notice of the higher ups of the Evil Clan. The moment the super powerful demonic devil reached Jiang Chen’s city, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to handle it.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

The remaining demonic devils were still roaring furiously, at the same time, new demonic devils were being edified to eliminate their own kind. In such a battle, even Jiang Chen himself couldn’t help feeling great. Using the Edifying Light to deal with those demonic devils was absolutely a flawless move.

A dozen of minutes later, all the demonic devils above Yi Mo City were annihilated, but to everyone’s surprise, there wasn’t a single stench of blood flowing in the air and not even the corpses of the devils were seen, it was like they had just vanished in the air, like they had never appeared. However, when they recalled Jiang Chen’s special means of absorbing the devils’ corpses, it sent chills down their spine.

That was right, it was a gruesome scene. No matter how smart they were, they wouldn’t be able to find an explanation for Jiang Chen’s terrifying means.

“Chen Hui, those demonic devils won’t come here again. I want you to fix the broken buildings and treat the wounded.” Jiang Chen looked over at Chen Hui and spoke.

“Yes, City Lord.”

Chen Hui didn’t dare show the slightest bit of neglect to his master. Even if he wasn’t planted with the divine sense seed like Lu Sheng, Jiang Chen’s power had already planted a seed in his innermost soul, constantly warning him to not have a single thought of betrayal in his head.

Jiang Chen’s body flashed and vanished. His next target was Dark Yang City. The war there should have already ended by now, and that means there were numerous devils’ corpses waiting to be absorbed. He definitely couldn’t miss such humongous amount of energy.

When Jiang Chen arrived at Dark Yang City, as he had expected, the battle had already ended. Tyrant and Big Yellow had already gotten rid of everything. The air and land were filled with a nose-stinging stench of blood and a mountainous pile of corpses.

“Little Chen, you have advanced once more.”

Tyrant felt incomparably delighted after noticing that Jiang Chen had already advanced to the late Heaven Immortal realm. He understood Jiang Chen very well. He knew that Jiang Chen was a super abnormal dude who could kill and advance so easily as if he was just eating rice, and every advancement he made represented another terrifying level.

Jiang Chen wasted no time with Tyrant. Immediately, he summoned the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. A giant invisible portal wrapped around the mountainous pile of bodies, and in just a few blinks, all of the bodies disappeared and were completely absorbed by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

A buzzing sound started to echo from the paG.o.da and into the void for around 15 minutes before it came to a halt. The nineteenth level of the paG.o.da had already been completed and half of the twentieth level had been condensed. Meanwhile, the number of dragon marks in Jiang Chen’s body had reached 630 000; only 20 000 more dragon marks to advance to the half-step Divine Immortal realm.

With Jiang Chen’s current strength, he could already kill late Divine Immortal experts if he used his dragon form. If he also used the Great Divination Art, he could even fight a half-step Golden Immortal opponent. They were afraid that only Jiang Chen had such a heaven defying and terrifying combat strength in this world.

The outside of the paG.o.da was radiating an ancient b.l.o.o.d.y-red light. Each and every dragon mark on the surface of the paG.o.da became clearer and deeper. The current state of the paG.o.da seemed incomparably divine. Anyone who saw this would feel a kind of spiritual pressure from it.

“Presently, the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da could only be used as a means to escape or hide. It has other abilities that are not discovered yet. If I’m not mistaken, of the 99 levels of the paG.o.da, it only can ignite one ability every 33 levels. Therefore, there’s still a long way to go.”

Jiang Chen sighed. He had always been paying close attention to the power of the paG.o.da and was filled with antic.i.p.ation. He believed that the paG.o.da would never disappoint him in the end. The Ninety-Ninth level was the peak level of the paG.o.da, and thirty-three level was the first step that he had to reach. As the dragon transformation skill and the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da were interlinked, he could basically guess that as long as the condensation reached thirty-three level, a new ability would be unlocked and this would surely astound him.

The forces of the demonic devils that attacked Dark Yang City was humongous. If it wasn’t because of some delay that caused the loss of essence, it could’ve helped Jiang Chen’s paG.o.da to condense out the twentieth level or even push Jiang Chen to the half-step Divine Immortal realm.

However, Jiang Chen was not in a hurry. In the path of cultivation, he would never let greed and audacity cloud his judgement. He would never forget to fortify his foundation along the way. He was already quite delighted with the benefits he received today. The war with the demonic devils of the Evil Clan had just begun, there were still abundant resources that would help push Jiang Chen’s cultivation to a terrifying level.

“Little Chen, what should we do now?” asked Tyrant.

“We just have to wait. Wait for the Evil Lord to come looking for us, or summon us to Evil City,” replied Jiang Chen, he then led Big Yellow and Tyrant into Dark Yang City. Now that the entire outer region had become his territory, he could go wherever he wanted. He was the absolute emperor that no one could defy.

While waiting in Dark Yang City, Jiang Chen used the Great Divination Art to calculate the situation in One-Line-Sky. He had been away from One-Line-Sky for more than a month. So he wanted to calculate and see if he could get any clues about the situation outside. This was the right time for him to test the power of the Great Divination Art.

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