Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1257 – The Attack of Demonic Devils

Chapter 1257 – The Attack of Demonic Devils

The Attack of Demonic Devils

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Tyrant and Big Yellow’s hearts were still palpitating after hearing what Jiang Chen had said, they had never seen the Evil Lord before and had no understanding of this human ruler. However, Jiang Chen was well-versed in the Great Divination Art and since he had already calculated that a great event would happen soon, they could only wait.

On the third day late at night!


An earth-shattering and lingering roar reverberated through the night sky above Yi Mo City one after another. Momentarily, it seemed like Yi Mo City had fallen into a state of endless chaos.

At this moment, every expert in the city was awakened and alerted. As experts who had lived in the Evil Abyss for quite some time, such roars were not unfamiliar to them, it was precisely the roars of the demonic devils of the Evil Clan.

However, nothing like this had ever happened before because this was where the humans resided; it was a human territory. It had been a long time since they witnessed a large-scale invasion of demonic devils. Something big must have happened for so many demonic devils to emerge in this night all of a sudden.

In the prefecture, Jiang Chen’s eyes turned grim.

“Sure enough, it has come. Let’s go out and see.”

A moment later, he flew out of the prefecture followed by Tyrant and Big Yellow. At the same time, there was also a group of Divine Immortals getting out of their houses. Currently, Yi Mo City was completely surrounded by demonic devils. The entire sky was filled with black devil waves. Incomparably study-looking demonic devils could be found everywhere. Each and every demonic devil was roaring and yelling ma.s.sively. This scene sent chills down everyone’s soul.

There were at least a hundred demonic devils in this region and their number was still on the rise. New demonic devils kept on materializing unnoticeably like some kind of pa.s.sageway had been opened, allowing large number of devils to arrive at Yi Mo City.

“What’s happening? Yi Mo City is the territory of humans. Why are there so many demonic devils appearing all of a sudden? What exactly has happened?” someone exclaimed.

The faces of everyone paled with fear, fear that came from their innermost soul. They knew how ferocious and violent every demonic devil was. If they denied that they didn’t fear these savage devils, it would be a lie.

“Little Chen, it seems like this is the method of the Evil Lord,” said Tyrant with a smile.

“Chen Hui!” Jiang Chen shouted.

Chen Hui instantly appeared before Jiang Chen. The current expression on Chen Hui’s face wasn’t good. After staying so long in the Evil Abyss, he already had some encounters with the demonic devils, but the present scene was something that he had seen for the first time. This wasn’t just an ordinary battle, but war. It would be a war between humans and demonic devils.

A war like this always happened in the past, but after half of the Evil Abyss had been conquered by the Evil Lord, nothing like this had ever occurred.

“Is there a pa.s.sageway that connects to the Evil Clan from here?” asked Jiang Chen.

Chen Hui took a moment to contemplate before his eyes sparkled.

“City Lord, before the arrival of the Evil Lord, the Evil Abyss was dominated by the Evil Clan and to the best of my knowledge, there were plenty of pa.s.sageways in this spatial zone due to its instability. After the Evil Lord took over half of the Evil Abyss, he has locked many of the channels by using some kind of means. The fact that so many demonic devils appeared today must be related to the opening of the pa.s.sageway,” said Chen Hui.

As soon as Chen Hui’s words faded, Lu Sheng flew over with a panicked face and spoke: “Master, a huge number of demonic devils have also appeared in Dark Yang City.”

“What about the status of the other cities?” asked Jiang Chen.

“The other cities are still fine. No presence of demonic devils are detected yet,” answered Lu Sheng.

After listening to what Lu Sheng had said, Jiang Chen suddenly understood the meaning behind it, revealing a smile at the corner of his mouth. With his smartness and wisdom, he had already figured out the main factor of the problem.

“Little Chen, what’s going on here?” Tyrant asked.

“This incident is already very obvious. The Evil Lord purposely opened two pa.s.sageways just to watch our true ability. Tyrant, go and guard Dark Yang City and kill all the demonic devils. Remember, keep their corpses for me. I have to thank the Evil Lord for this treat,” Jiang Chen said.

The situation was clear. The Evil Lord still had doubts about Jiang Chen and Tyrant’s means of handling the demonic devils. This explained why he opened these two pa.s.sageways. His intention was to observe Jiang Chen and Tyrant’s true abilities.

Such a situation was extremely favourable to Jiang Chen. As his Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was in need of demonic devils’ blood and Qi essence, and he couldn’t take the risk of intruding into the Evil Clan’s territory by himself again, these demonic devils in front of them was precisely the nourishment he needed.

More importantly, Jiang Chen’s foundation had already been fortified during the month that they had waited and it wouldn’t be a problem for the paG.o.da to advance another level after eliminating all of these demonic devils. So naturally, he would have to thank the Evil Lord for sending these resources to his pocket.


Tyrant was a clever man. He already understand what Jiang Chen meant. Since the Evil Lord wanted to see their abilities, they should present the best of their abilities. Tyrant’s Buddha Sect cultivation technique, especially the Edifying Light was the natural enemy of these demonic devils. This would definitely open the eyes of the Evil Lord.

After Tyrant and Big Yellow left for Dark Yang City to get rid of all those ferocious devils, Jiang Chen remained, standing guard over Yi Mo City. The more-than-a-month of waiting was about to make his body rusty if he didn’t take this opportunity to move and flex his muscles.


The roars of the demonic devils became even more horrifying, like an endless wave, sweeping through the city. In just a few moments, the number of demonic devils had already reached above a thousand. Large number of them began advancing, breaking the city gate and into the city.

“What should we do now, City Lord?” asked Chen Hui.

It was his first time seeing such a scene. So, it was only right for him to be tensed.

“Kill them!”

Jiang Chen ignored Chen Hui’s question. He summoned the Heavenly Saint Sword and turned into his dragon-form, he then lunged forward. Besides him, the demonic chief, Ah Da and Ah Er also advanced forward to meet the group of vicious enemies. In fact, having experienced many crazy and intense battles, such a battle was nothing to Jiang Chen.


The Heavenly Saint Sword was swung, producing a brilliant ray of light as if a golden heavenly river hanging in the darkness. Five to six mighty demonic devils had been killed in one slash. Two among them were early Divine Immortal devils, but their st.u.r.dy physiques were just as fragile as the other demonic devils before Jiang Chen.

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