Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1256 – The Tranquillity Before the Storm Comes

Chapter 1256 – The Tranquillity Before the Storm Comes

The Tranquillity Before the Storm Comes

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The disappearance of the spirit talisman along with the Evil Lord’s voice turned the atmosphere in the main hall of the prefecture to silence. Everyone, including the city lord, was stupefied, not knowing what exactly had happened.

“What’s going on? Why would the Evil Lord give such an order? He’s telling everybody in the Evil Abyss that he’s going to protect Jiang Chen.”

“What’s the origin of this Jiang Chen? How could he get the protection of the Evil Lord after doing something against the Evil Lord’s will? What is the meaning of this?”


Everyone was puzzled, they couldn’t understand why the Evil Lord had given such an order. Based on their understanding, the Evil Lord should have gone mad by now based on what Jiang Chen did in the outer region. Jiang Chen, after all, had completely violated the Evil Lord’s decree and ruined the Evil Lord’s reputation.

This however did not infuriate the Evil Lord, judging on how the Evil Lord reacted. They believed that their city wasn’t the only city that had received the Evil Lord’s signalling spirit talisman. To put it in another way, Jiang Chen would be safe and was free to act unscrupulously in Evil Abyss. Because of the support of the Evil Lord, there was no one else that Jiang Chen should fear.

“I have already guessed the reason the Evil Lord sent us this decree.”

The city lord regained his senses and returned to his seat. The Evil Lord’s spirit talisman forced him to fully dispel his thoughts of dealing with Jiang Chen. Like he said, no one in the Evil Abyss would dare to oppose the will of the Evil Lord, because once the Evil Lord decided to get rid of an expert, that expert wouldn’t have a chance to live even if he had a hundred lives. He had to admit that he wasn’t as capable as Jiang Chen who could win the protection of the Evil Lord even after going against the Evil Lord’s will.

“What? Could it be that this Jiang Chen is an acquaintance of the Evil Lord?” someone asked.

“Very unlikely. Didn’t you remember the monk that came out during the critical situation? Both the monk and Jiang Chen have the ability to command mighty demonic devils in battle. The Evil Lord must have taken a fancy to such an ability, which explained why he would stand up for them,” said the city lord.

Those who could survive and prosper in Evil Abyss proved that they were no ordinary humans. Given the city lord’s intelligence, he had no problem figuring out the key of the matter.

Everyone else in the main hall began to understand the situation after listening to what their city lord had said.

“That’s right. The greatest wish of the Evil Lord is to conquer the entire Evil Abyss, but this was undoubtedly very hard to realise. Our race has already been competing against the Evil Clan for ten years, however, we have remained equal. Jiang Chen’s emergence must have given the Evil Lord a glimmer of hope. If he could learn the ability to control the entire Evil Clan and make the demonic devils his slaves, it will be far more pleasing to him than to wipe out all of the devils,” another half-step Golden Immortal spoke.

“City Lord, what do we do now then? Are we just going to let this matter rest?” A person asked with slight reluctance.

“What can we do even if we don’t let this matter rest? Could it be that we should disobey the Evil Lord’s decree? Just let this matter go. Let that Jiang Chen claim his crown in the outer region. It would be fine as long as he doesn’t make trouble in the middle region.”

The city lord waved his hands and spoke in a somewhat helpless tone. Despite his unwillingness to let the matter go, he had no other choice. He couldn’t ruin the plan of the Evil Lord unless he wanted a devastating repercussion.

Meanwhile, all the cities in the middle region had also received the Evil Lord’s command. During this period, Jiang Chen’s name had spread all over the Evil Abyss. Now, almost everyone in the place knew who Jiang Chen was. No one like Jiang Chen had ever appeared in Evil Abyss. No one in Evil Abyss had ever earned the protection of the Evil Lord.

Furthermore, what Jiang Chen did was amazing. Although they had never seen Jiang Chen in person, they knew that he was a peerless and frenzied man who did crazy stuffs. They admired him greatly.

Back in Yi Mo City of the outer region.

Jiang Chen had never left the city together with Tyrant and Big Yellow after unifying all the forces in the outer region. They were waiting for the Evil Lord’s call. Unfortunately, there was no sign from the Evil Lord even after they had waited for a month. The whole Evil Abyss had fallen back to its quietness and peace. It could be said that this month was the most peaceful period ever since the invention of the Evil Abyss spatial zone, especially in the outer region, where no fights could be observed. Occasionally, there were one or two demonic devils appearing in the zone, but they were gotten rid of almost immediately.

Tyrant and the other two’s hearts began to palpitate, not understanding what the Evil Lord was thinking. Evidently, the current situation wasn’t normal.

“Little Chen, what’s going on? According to the facts, the Evil Lord should have summoned us to Evil City already, but there’s no response from the other side and it has already been a month,” said Tyrant.

“Indeed. How this Evil Lord thinks is very hard to grasp. He stopped the experts in the middle region from attacking us, but he himself didn’t come to find us. Could it be that he intended to ignore us and let time pa.s.s by just like this?”

Big Yellow sighed. He wasn’t able to figure out the real intention of the Evil Lord despite of his cleverness.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. According to his previous calculation, the Evil Lord should have already come to find them, but there was no sign of him. This however had increased Jiang Chen’s impression of the Evil Lord.

If the Evil Lord came to find them in a hasty manner or used either bribery or threat to force them to hand out the means of subduing the demonic devils, it would make Jiang Chen look down on him. A man who only knew how to act recklessly wouldn’t achieve any great things. Now, it seemed like the Evil Lord hadn’t disappointed him. The Evil Lord was no doubt a man with a calm disposition.

However, thinking about the history of the Evil Abyss, the Evil Lord had already spent ten years in this place. So, spending another dozens of days wouldn’t concern him at all.

“The Evil Lord is observing us,” said Jiang Chen.

“What’s he observing?” asked Tyrant.

“He wants to observe our means more clearly. If there’s no mistake in my calculation, this month of quietness is merely the tranquillity before the storm comes. According to my calculation using the Great Divination Art, it would take at most three days before some kind of great event took place,” said Jiang Chen.

“What kind of great event?” Both Big Yellow’s ears stood upright; he asked curiously.

“It’s hard to tell the specific details of the event, but I’m sure that it will be within the control of the Evil Lord. We’ll just have to wait.”

Jiang Chen smiled. The aura he was exuding was as still as Mount Tai. One could never see the slightest expression of nervousness from his face.

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