Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1255 – The Evil Lord’s Bearing

Chapter 1255 – The Evil Lord’s Bearing

The Evil Lord’s Bearing

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“Little Chen, now that the outer region has been unified and Sir Liu killed, I’m afraid that it will bring you numerous troubles. Additionally, what you did violated the majesty of the Evil Lord. Do you think he will attack us because of this?” Big Yellow asked in a somewhat worried tone.

“Let me be open with you all about it. The purpose of my act is exactly to draw the attention of the Evil Lord. What do you all think is the Evil Lord’s greatest dream?” Jiang Chen looked over at Tyrant and Big Yellow with a smile.

“Of course, to reign over the entire Evil Abyss and wipe out the whole Evil Clan.”

Tyrant and Big Yellow answered spontaneously. The Evil Lord had already been in this place for ten years and his goal was already known by everyone. Just by relying on his own strength, he had helped mankind colonize half of the Evil Abyss and had created a force that was as powerful as the Evil Clan since then. Even though this was already considered a terrifying act and achievement, it was impossible for the Evil Lord to eliminate the Evil Clan entirely and become the only master of the Evil Abyss.

“That’s correct, but if he could subdue the Evil clan and make them his slaves, I’m afraid that his sense of accomplishment will be far more gratifying than just wiping the devils out,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

“I understand now. Your real purpose is to allow the Evil Lord to notice your ability to subdue the demonic devils of Evil Clan. The Evil Lord will surely be intrigued by such an ability which he doesn’t have. Now that Tyrant is here too, and has a similar power to subdue mighty demonic devils, it would be hard for the Evil Lord to not pay attention to us. Haha! This definitely is a good move.” Given Big Yellow’s smartness, he was able to guess Jiang Chen’s ulterior motive almost instantly.

“So, even if the major powers of the middle region want to get rid of us, the Evil Lord won’t agree to it, the outer region is nothing to him compared to his ultimate plan.”

Jiang Chen smiled. There was no doubt this was a wise move. He was certain of his actions, especially after he cultivated the Great Divination Art, like everything was within his control. He had once calculated the fate of the Evil Lord using the Great Divination Art and found out that this overlord of the Evil Abyss was unlikely to become his enemy.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen also wanted to meet the Evil Lord in person. In a way, he and the Evil Lord were the same kind of people with extraordinary fighting spirit and were unwilling to accept mediocrity. That’s why the Evil Lord created this piece of territory for the human race.

“Little Chen’s right. We don’t have to do anything right now. All we have to do is to wait for the Evil Lord to come looking for us. To us, the Evil Lord is someone that we have to meet anyway, the pa.s.sageway to the outside world is in his possession and we can’t stay here forever. So we have no other choice,” said Tyrant.


Jiang Chen raised his thumbs up for Tyrant, the truth was similar to what Tyrant had said. It was easy to enter Evil Abyss, but it wouldn’t be the case if one wanted to leave this place because the only exit was under the watch of the Evil Lord. That was the reason Jiang Chen conquered the entire outer region to attract the Evil Lord’s attention. In other words, they would need to get in contact with the Evil Lord if they wished to get out of this place.

The middle region of Evil Abyss!

The geographical division here wasn’t much different to the outer region. It was also divided into a number of cities. Although the cities here were as many as the outer region, their sizes were a lot bigger. There was a city that was the closest to the outer region. Its air was lingering with mists, Qi waves were rolling in the sky above, spreading the evil Qi to the surrounding area. This was one of the city in the middle region, a city that had the existence of a true Golden Immortal expert.

Currently, inside the city was a group of higher ups. Sitting on the top most was a man in his forties, with a moustache, a beard and a robust physique. The Qi he was exuding could make people’s soul tremble. There was also a strong Great Luo detected from his body. That was the symbol of Golden Immortal realm. Without a doubt, his current cultivation had already reached the early Golden Immortal realm.

Wherever a mighty Golden Immortal was, he would certainly prosper. He could even be a city lord in this highly compet.i.tive and cruel abyss.

Sitting below the Golden Immortal were a few powerful experts. Two of which were half-step Golden Immortals like Sir Liu. For a major power as strong as this, no one in the outer region would dare to disobey it.

At this moment, the city lord was infuriated. His eyes were blazing with fury. Everyone there could sense his anger.

“Hubris! That’s absolutely hubris! It was fine if he only unified the outer region, but he had also killed one of my men. This Jiang Chen must have too much of a nerve.”

The infuriated city lord slammed on the armrest of the chair, breaking it instantly.

“City Lord, that Jiang Chen is a pretentious man who thinks that he has some kind of extraordinary talent. He is lawless and doesn’t put any one of us, and even the Evil Lord, in his eyes. Now that he has already killed a half-step Golden Immortal expert of ours, I think we should make him pay for what he did.”

A half-step Golden Immortal spoke, gritting his teeth, seeming as if he had a deep hatred for Jiang Chen.

“Yes, City Lord. If such man is allowed to roam free, he’s going to become a great nuisance to us in the future. Besides, he killed one of our men! If we do nothing about it, we would become the laughing stock of others,” another Golden Immortal added.

“Very well. You all follow me to the outer region to eliminate this brat. We have to make him understand that not everyone could act unscrupulously in Evil Abyss.”

The City Lord stood up abruptly with murderous Qi soaring high up to the sky, seemingly fully prepared to root out this nuisance.

Just as this moment, a man ran into the hall in a fl.u.s.tered way holding a signaling spirit talisman.

“What made you look so nervous?” asked the City Lord with a frown.

“City Lord, this is the spirit talisman sent by Evil City. And it’s for you,” the man spoke. He then handed the spirit talisman respectfully to the city lord.

The city lord didn’t dare show any sign of neglect. Evil City was the central city in Evil Abyss and the place where the Evil Lord resided. Thus, this spirit talisman must be carrying a decree of the Evil Lord.

As a ray of divine sense entered the spirit talisman, it burst in an instant and sent out a vigorous and majestic voice.

“From now on, no one in Evil Abyss shall touch Jiang Chen.”

That was the voice of the Evil Lord. This mere and simple words contained inviolable dignity and reason. It was an order that everyone had to obey.

This sentence represented the Evil Lord’s att.i.tude towards Jiang Chen. Such outcome happened just as Jiang Chen predicted.

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