Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1254 – The God Shaking Monument

Chapter 1254 – The God Shaking Monument

The G.o.d Shaking Monument

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“That’s of course. This mere outer region is just the beginning. Tyrant, let’s go into the city to have some drinks and chat.”

Jiang Chen clamped his hand on Tyrant’s shoulder and flew towards the prefecture of Yi Mo City. These two brothers hadn’t seen each other for a long time and there were too many things for them to catch up.

“Chen Hui, although we have already ruled the entire outer region, I’m afraid that it won’t last very long. After killing Sir Liu, I’m afraid that the major powers in the middle region would never let this matter rest. Plus, the incident in the outer region will very soon arouse the notice of the Evil Lord in Evil City, our lives surely wouldn’t be easy after that,” said Li Si with concern.

“With City Lord here with us, we don’t have to worry and think about it so much. City Lord naturally will have a plan when it comes to that critical moment.”

Chen Hui shrugged. He now only had thorough admiration for Jiang Chen, feeling that there was nothing in this world that could bring City Lord down. It didn’t concern him at all even after they had killed an expert of a major power in the middle region.

“You’re right.”

Li Si smiled, realizing himself being overly concerned. Even if there were things to be concerned about, it should be their City Lord’s matter.

“Let’s go. The outer region has just been conquered. There are lots of things that we have to do,” said Chen Hui.

Even though all 36 cities had already been conquered by Jiang Chen and renamed as ‘Fragrant Sky City’, there were still plenty of internal problems that needed to be solved in those cities and naturally, they would be the ones responsible to settle all those problems.

Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and Tyrant gathered in the big hall in the prefecture of Yi Mo City . Anyone else other than the three of them was chased out of the hall, outsiders would only distract the hearty conversation of the three brothers.

Jiang Chen spoke about his journey with Big Yellow in the Immortal World to Tyrant. After listening to what Jiang Chen said, Tyrant was astonished even though he was already mentally prepared for it.

“You never bring peace wherever you go. You are just a Heaven Immortal expert, but have already made a half-step Immortal King your enemy. However, I believe that Tian Muyun is going to die in your hands sooner or later,” said Tyrant.

Like the others, he had an inexplicable confidence in Jiang Chen. Back in Saint Origin World, Jiang Chen had created countless legends and miracles. Even if Jiang Chen was now in the Immortal World, he would still create those kinds of extraordinary results.

“Tyrant, how was home?” asked Jiang Chen, sounding very worried about the situation at home.

“Everything was good back home. As the entire Saint Origin World has already been conquered by Martial Saint Dynasty, no one dared to disobey its command. You don’t have to worry about that. By the way, back when I ascended to this world, Sister Ning and Xiao Yu have already reached the benchmark of ascension. One day in this world is equivalent to one year in the world below. So, I’m afraid that two of them have already ascended to this world, it’s just that I’m clueless about where they are at,” said Tyrant.

Jiang Chen nodded. He had already expected this when he first met Han Yan. Due to them not having that much difference in terms of talent, their time of ascension wouldn’t vary too much as well. So by now, they should have already ascended to this world.

“Ah Yan went to a domain outside One-Line-Sky. I wasn’t concerned about him as he already had the ability to protect himself. Xiao Yu and Sister Ning are the ones that concerned me the most, the Immortal World is just too big and it’s too hard for us to meet again. We can only depend on fate now,” said Jiang Chen.

Yan Chenyu and Wu Ningzhu were the most important people in his life. If something were to happen to them, it would certainly deal a huge psychological blow to him. Of course, it was better to be optimistic about this matter.

“I’m rather unlucky in my ascension. After I ascended to this world, I straightaway entered the Evil Abyss. So, there was no way that I could find Ah Yan and the lot of you. However, I have never thought of meeting you two here, which helped me achieve my first objective in the Immortal World,” said Tyrant with a smile.

As a matter of fact, when he knew that he was trapped in this place, he didn’t have much hope on finding Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. So, it was truly a miracle for them to reunite again, and this made Tyrant extremely happy and delightful.

“Stupid monk! Why did your cultivation improve so much? Was it because you have obtained some great things in Evil Abyss?” Big Yellow asked.

“Not really. Do you all still remember the stone monument that I used to have?” replied Tyrant.

“Yeah, I know. That stone monument is incomparably mystical, unlike any ordinary item. Could that stone monument be related to your advancement?” inquired Jiang Chen.

“That’s correct.”

Tyrant turned his palm. The piece of blood-red stone monument materialized, drifting back and forth on top of his palm. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but tremble when he felt the Qi radiating from the stone monument, he could feel a familiar sense of Qi from it, a high and n.o.ble Qi.

That was the Qi of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. There was no doubt about it. These two treasures didn’t come from the same origin, but both of them emanated the same ancient, desolate, n.o.ble and supreme aura.

To put it in another perspective, if the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was a high and mighty G.o.d, then the stone monument on Tyrant’s hand was another n.o.ble G.o.d.

“This stone monument is remarkable. It is an ancient existence equivalent to the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, beyond any ancient supreme divine weapon. Tyrant, you do have good luck!”

Jiang Chen was startled in his heart. Back when he first saw the stone monument, it didn’t have such a Qi. It seemed like Tyrant must have stimulated something inside to cause such changes.

“I already have a certain understanding of the origin of this stone monument. This monument was left behind by the first generation of Buddha Nirvana. It was called the G.o.d Shaking Monument. It contained the essence of the ancient Buddha Sect. Like what you have said, I have gotten tremendous benefits by stimulating the essence inside of it and because of that, my cultivation improved by leaps and bounds. I have also acquired a cultivation technique named Bright Buddha Body. Once this technique reached its completion, it could be fused with the monument into one. However, this definitely can’t be done overnight,” said Tyrant.

After listening to Tyrant, Big Yellow and Jiang Chen exchanged a glance and sighed, admitting that this dude had tremendous amount of luck, which explained how he improved so much within such a short period of time. It seemed like Tyrant’s future achievement would surely be immeasurable and he would ultimately become a supreme monk of his generation in Buddha Sect.

As his brothers, they felt incomparably happy that Tyrant had such achievements. The second reason that they were happy for Tyrant was because Tyrant was originally an orphan who was fortunate enough to be adopted by Great Monk Ran Feng, and life wasn’t easy for Tyrant since he was young.

Afterwards, the three brothers chit-chatted for a long time. They had caught up with basically everything that had happened after they were separated. Despite Tyrant’s early arrival in Evil Abyss, he didn’t have much understanding of the situation here as he had been hiding himself, cultivating with the G.o.d Shaking Monument. So, he basically didn’t pay much attention to the events happening throughout the Evil Abyss.

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