Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1253 – Taking Control of the Outer Region

Chapter 1253 – Taking Control of the Outer Region

Taking Control of the Outer Region

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“Jiang Chen, you really want to kill me?” Sir Liu could already feel Jiang Chen’s killing intent and spoke coldly.

“Don’t you want to kill me? Since you want to kill me, I, too, can also kill you,” replied Jiang Chen flatly.

What he said was an irrefutable fact. The Evil Abyss was originally a very ferocious place, a place where it was either you or your opponent die. So when Sir Liu decided to take his opponent’s life, his opponent too could also take his life.

“Jiang Chen, don’t you get too presumptuous. I’m an expert of a major power in the middle region. A person that you can’t afford to offend. Even if you don’t put the Evil Lord in your eyes, the major powers of the middle region aren’t someone to be trifled with. The number of Golden Immortals in the middle region is beyond your imagination. If you kill me today, you are surely going to feel the wrath of the major powers of the middle region.”

Sir Liu felt reluctant. He had intended to flee but the powerful demonic devil had already locked onto his Qi, making it extremely difficult for him to leave.

“You are really talkative even in the face of death. Let Master Monk help you release your soul from your sinful body.”

Tyrant shook his head; then said to the demonic devil: “Da Kuaitou, kill him now, if you can’t do that, then I will flay you alive.”


After receiving Tyrant’s command, Da Kuaitou immediately let out a roar. Clouds of devil waves soared up to the sky. Then, the demonic devil charged at his target like a mad creature, carrying boundless destructive Qi waves with him. After being edified by Tyrant, he had already become Tyrant’s slave that obeyed all the instructions of his master.


Without putting much thought on it, Sir Liu flew from the battlefield the instant the demonic devil launched itself forward. As a man who had great understanding of the Evil Clan, he knew all too well how powerful this demonic devil was. Although they were both half-step Golden Immortal experts, he wouldn’t be able to gain the upper hand should the battle continue and would eventually end up in a tragic death. If he fled now, he might still have a chance. As for the others, he was no longer in the position to care for their safety.

“Humph! If you were to run away, where should Master Monk put his face at?”

Tyrant had already antic.i.p.ated that this would happen. Promptly, his body flashed. He moved at his maximum speed, blocking the path of Sir Liu in a blink.

“Stupid bald head! Get lost!”

Sir Liu clamoured furiously, he did not put a monk in his eyes. There was no way that this late Divine Immortal monk could match his half-step Golden Immortal strength.


Sir Liu swung his Immortal Sword, slas.h.i.+ng out a brilliant light at Tyrant.


Calmness was the only thing that could be seen on Tyrant’s face. He was also a fighting maniac. Although he was only a late Divine Immortal expert, he wouldn’t have a problem fighting against a half-step Golden Immortal opponent. He waved to strike out a palm, sending out a gale that condensed into Wisdom King’s face. This was the formidable Acala Seal of Buddha Sect with a power that was far stronger than any ordinary combat technique.

Under the suppression of the Acala Seal, Sir Liu could feel the irresistible and endless pressure before being sent flying away by attack. Coincidentally, the direction he was heading was where the demonic devil was flying over.

*Ka Cha!*

The demonic devil clasped both of Sir Liu’s arms with its terrifyingly huge claws, it then roared deafeningly and tore him to pieces.


The scene was startling. Everyone’s facial expression darkened incredibly as it was just too violent. A half-step Golden Immortal expert was killed just like that. Sir Liu was certainly no match against Tyrant and the demonic devil. The whole process was horrifying and b.l.o.o.d.y.

“Over…It’s over….”

The city lord of Yi Mo City shuddered while feeling the ultimate despair. It was an unbearable cycle when a person’s despair was turned into hope then to despair again.

The most depressed individuals were the two late Divine Immortal experts who had come together with Sir Liu. The both of them had the impulse to cough up blood. They were secretly scolding themselves, asking themselves why they chose to come here. Wasn’t it a lot better if they stayed in the middle region? It was too late for them to escape now. They were no fools. They could already see Jiang Chen’s ferociousness and dominance; and given the norm in Evil Abyss, all of their hopes had now been destroyed.

“You two, submit to me now and I will let you live.”

Just as the two of them were in their deepest despair, Jiang Chen spoke and offered them a chance all of a sudden.

After listening to this, the both of them were stupefied for a moment before delight took over their emotion. Compared to death, surrendering was definitely a better choice. And the last thing anyone wanted in Evil Abyss was death.

“We agree.”

The two of them didn’t dare show any neglect. They immediately approached Jiang Chen and saluted deeply. Although they had never thought that they would be subdued by a Heaven Immortal one day, they weren’t reluctant to comply with it.

“Jiang Chen, we will surrender as well.”

The city lord of Yi Mo City and the other city lords spoke. The sight of Jiang Chen offering the two late Divine Immortal experts the choice of surrendering made them see a glimmer of hope.

“Kill them.” Jiang Chen gave out the order without even looking at them.

“Jiang Chen, why did you offer them the chance to live but not us?” The city lord of Yi Mo City paled.

“Because I have already given you all the chance. I will never give my enemy a second chance. They are the same. I will only give them one chance. So if they refused to submit themselves to me, they will end up just like the lot of you,” said Jiang Chen plainly, totally ignoring the despair of his enemies.


Da Kuaitou roared and struck out a palm, crus.h.i.+ng the two city lords to meat paste on the spot. As they were both merely late Divine Immortal experts, they couldn’t withstand the demonic devil’s attack.

At this point, all 36 cities in the outer region had already been taken by Jiang Chen, and they were now all named Fragrant Sky City.

Tyrant and Jiang Chen were standing next to each other, everyone was staring in fear at the monk. The monk didn’t only have the ability to subdue the mighty half-step Golden Immortal demonic devil, but also had an amazing combat strength. This could be seen when he confronted Sir Liu.

“Little Chen, there is always chaos everywhere you go. I have been in Evil Abyss for a long time. When I came to check the situation of the outer region out, I was surprised to discover that you were the source of the chaos. Haha! But this is what I call exhilarating. We can’t be living in an overly quiet and boring life even if we have already ascended to the Immortal World.”

Tyrant laughed loudly. His pa.s.sion for fighting was awakened after he reunited with Jiang Chen and went through an intense fight.

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