Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1252 – Brothers Reunited Once More

Chapter 1252 – Brothers Reunited Once More

Brothers Reunited Once More

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The newly-emerged demonic devil roared, as if wanting to express every anger that had been suppressed inside of it. Its killing intent soared up to the sky. It now looked exactly like when the demonic chief was just released from Jiang Chen’s paG.o.da.

The sight of the roaring demonic devil changed everyone’s face and tensed up the atmosphere. Everyone in Yi Mo City was now gawking at this fearsome devil. Of course, the one who was astounded the most was Sir Liu because he was clueless about how did Jiang Chen summon a half-step Golden Immortal demonic devil at such a critical time.

Likewise, all of the people in Jiang Chen’s side were shocked. It changed their views of Jiang Chen’s completely. Currently, Jiang Chen was no longer merely a young man to them, but a divine existence that could always create miracles, as if nothing was impossible for him in this world.

“My G.o.d! That’s a half-step Golden Immortal demonic devil and it has already been subdued by City Lord! I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. City Lord’s means have is really beyond us and is heaven defying to such an extent.”

“Yeah, that’s unimaginable. No wonder City Lord has always looked confident. It turns out that he actually has such an incredible trump card. We will certainly gain lots of benefits by becoming his loyal followers.”

“It doesn’t matter if we can’t get any benefits. Most importantly, we can’t betray this master, otherwise we are going to end up miserably.”


Discussion and comments broke out from the group of Divine Immortal experts. Each and every one of them admired Jiang Chen so much that they wouldn’t even mind prostrating before him. The reverence they had for their master was like the endless stream of surging rivers. Everyone would constantly remind themselves that they shouldn’t have a single thought of betraying their master -- making Jiang Chen the enemy wasn’t a good thing. Taking the outer region for example, everyone who went against Jiang Chen were dead and that wouldn’t exclude the half-step Golden Immortal expert.

Jiang Chen shook his head, feeling slightly awkward when he saw those admiring eyes, because this half-step Golden Immortal demonic devil wasn’t edified by him.

“Little Chen, when have you gotten the ability to edifying this big dude?” asked Big Yellow with a smile.

“This big dude wasn’t edified by me.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, he then shouted at the void with laughter. “Little Monk, since you have come, why are you still hiding?”

As soon as Jiang Chen’s words faded, a part of the void from a distance trembled; then a monk in a golden robe appeared. He stepped forth towards them, radiating a bright Buddha light and such solemnity that one could instantly tell that he was an eminent monk.

Big Yellow rolled his eyes first when he saw the monk; then bounced excitedly. That was right. This monk wasn’t a stranger. He was their sworn brother, Tyrant. His return astonished and exhilarated Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

In fact, Jiang Chen could already deduce Tyrant’s existence the instant he saw the emergence of the demonic devil. As he had very keen sense for the aura of the Edifying Light, he could instantly detect the traces of the Edifying Light in the demonic devil’s body. In other words, the demonic devil had already been edified by someone.

Across the world, there were only very few people who cultivated the Edifying Light. If that person knew the Edifying Light and came to Jiang Chen’s aid during a critical situation, that person could only be Tyrant.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had no idea why Tyrant appeared in the Evil Abyss, but they were both shocked by Tyrant’s cultivation as he had already reached the terrifying late Divine Immortal realm, although it seemed like he had just made his breakthrough recently. However, this gave the two of them the urge to bash the monk’s bald head, because they had been in the Immortal World for far longer than Tyrant.

“Where did this monk come from? Could he be an eminent monk from the White Dragon Temple?”

“I don’t think so. The White Dragon Temple is a super major power in the Ethereal Immortal Domain that would never come in Evil Abyss. Moreover, they have always been low-profile and rarely appears.”

“Why would this monk help us?”


Everyone’s gaze fell on Tyrant. There were also Buddha Sects in the Immortal World. The renowned White Dragon Temple was akin to the Great Lightning Tune Temple in the Saint Origin World. It was the symbol and representative of Buddha Sect and Tyrant’s appearance made the others can’t help but think of this temple.

“Wakaka! Little Chen, Big Yellow, you two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! It’s so hard to find the two of you!”

However, in the next second, the image of a solemn eminent monk vanished. He approached Jiang Chen, spread open his arms and gave him a bear hug. Before Jiang Chen could react, Tyrant extended his mouth and planted a forceful kiss on Jiang Chen’s face.


Some people stumbled and flopped on the ground while many of them were rolling their eyes uncontrollably.

He’s an eminent monk from the White Dragon Temple? Dammit! His whole image was ruined! Seeing such a monk surely was an eye-opener to everyone.


Jiang Chen, too, rolled his eyes like crazy, and kicked Tyrant off with force. All of his reputation was ruined by this monk’s forceful kiss.

Tyrant chuckled; then turned to Big Yellow. Big Yellow felt a chill down his spine, and quickly moved farther away from Tyrant. He had never admired anyone in the aspect of shamelessness except Tyrant.

“If you dare to kiss Master Dog, Master Dog will swear that he is going to bite you to death,” Big Yellow warned immediately.

“Go to h.e.l.l, who wants to kiss you!” Tyrant glared at Big Yellow.

The atmosphere seemed to be much more favourable now. The three brothers had expressed the indescribable joy of their reunion in their own way.

“Little Chen, how did you two end up here?” asked Tyrant.

“Let’s talk about this again after this situation is resolved.”

Jiang Chen patted Tyrant’s shoulder. He had a lot of questions that he wanted to ask Tyrant. Despite knowing Tyrant’s potential, he knew that it was impossible for his brother to achieve such an advancement within such a short period of time. He knew that Tyrant must have gotten something beneficial along the way.

Even though Jiang Chen had already predicted that a miracle would happen today, he hadn’t imagined that it would be his sworn brother. Nothing could be more perfect than this.

Putting aside the fact of whether Tyrant could kill the half-step Golden Immortal expert with his late Divine Immortal combat strength, this half-step Golden Immortal demonic devil alone was already enough to knockout every opponent on the scene, this has made today’s battle no longer as meaningful.

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