Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1249 – Confidence

Chapter 1249 – Confidence


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In everyone’s point of view, it was an inevitable fact that the last two cities would become Jiang Chen’s territory, Jiang Chen’s methods were beyond their ability to handle.

At this moment, the situation in the two cities was unsettling. At first, none of them had ever paid much attention to Jiang Chen nor put him in their eyes no matter how much terror he created across the outer region. But now, two late Divine Immortal experts had died under his hands and the fact that Jiang Chen could subdue the mighty late Divine Immortal demonic chief far exceeded their expectation.

“Never thought that Jiang Chen could be this terrifying. We must think of a way to deal with him. Otherwise, we will end up just like them. We are no match for the late Divine Immortal demonic devil even if we combine our strength.”

Inside Yi Mo City, the late Divine Immortal city lord was pacing back and forth in the hall, fidgeting nervously. They were very well-informed and had already known everything about the recent incident.

“Those two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are really stupid. They should have joined forces with us. If the four of us were together, Jiang Chen wouldn’t stand a chance. Now that Jiang Chen has eliminated those two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, we are now put on the brink of danger,” another person said.

“In fact, they can’t be blamed. They have been nursing grudges against us and had virtually no contact with us. So it was logical that they didn’t come to seek for alliance. However, it’s no use to discuss about this right now. That Jiang Chen is going to be here soon. Given his ferocity and disposition, I’m afraid that he won’t let us go.” The city lord spoke in a worried tone. Everyone was afraid of dying and the two of them were no exceptions.

“Don’t worry and don’t forget that sooner or later, what Jiang Chen is doing will cause public indignation. No one in the Evil Abyss has ever dared to do what he’s doing. In this territory, the Evil Lord is the only authority and what Jiang Chen was doing is already considered as a sign of disrespect and blasphemy to the Evil Lord. I have the signaling spirit talisman of the experts from the middle region with me. I will now send them out and tell them everything that has happened here. I believe that the experts in the middle region will come and help us kill Jiang Chen.”

The other city lord spoke. He seemed somewhat more composed, at least much more composed than the other city lord.

“Given the situation, this is the only option we have.”

The city lord of Yi Mo City sighed. Like the other city lords in the outer region, he was high and mighty and lived an incomparably comfortable life. Normally, he would never get in touch with the experts in the middle region unless it was a critical situation, the major powers in the middle region was many times greater than them and they had to put themselves in a very humble position in order to talk to them.

So, even if they had the signaling spirit talisman that could directly connect them to the major powers in the middle region, they were still reluctant to use it, but given the current crisis, there was no other way besides seeking help from those supreme experts. They would only await their deaths if no expert from the middle region came here to help.

As a matter of fact, the order in the outer region was no longer their concern, but not their lives. In this world, there was no one who wasn’t afraid of death. The better the life of a person was, the more unwilling the person to die.

The other city lord turned his palm, a pale yellow spirit talisman materialized. The spirit talisman radiated a somewhat divine light. It was a simple signaling spirit talisman that could only be used on certain areas. As Yi Mo City was very close to the middle region, the message could reach the middle region pretty fast.


A stream of divine sense was instilled into the signaling spirit talisman, it then disintegrated and turned into a ray of pale-yellow light and vanished in the air.

After the talisman had been sent out, both of them exchanged a look and heaved a huge sigh of relief. At least, they weren’t as worried as before now. In their point of view, as long as the experts in the middle region were willing to help, they had nothing else to fear about Jiang Chen.

*Hong Long……*

Not long after they sent out the talisman, a violent blasting sound echoed from outside. The city lords’ facial expression changed and they stood up from their seats abruptly. Given their experience, it wasn’t hard for them to know that it was an attack.

“Jiang Chen is quick.”

The city lord of Yi Mo City said in a quivering tone. There was no question that it was Jiang Chen, there was no one else besides Jiang Chen that would dare to attack them at this time.

“Let’s go out and see. Based on the time, I estimate that the experts of the middle region will be here soon,” the other city lord spoke, he then brought a huge group of experts out of the city.

These two cities were the strongest in the outer region. They were incomparable to those cities that only had mid Divine Immortal experts, they had plenty of mid Divine Immortal underlings, but apparently, these underlings couldn’t make much impact in such battle.

Outside Yi Mo City, Jiang Chen was dressed in white, tall, stately and handsome, he didn’t seem to look like a mad devil who was on a killing spree, however, the outstanding Qi that emanated from his body was beyond anyone’s reach, it was like he was the true son of the Heavens. His impalpable aura of emperor allowed him to become the center of attention anywhere he went.

On Jiang Chen’s left and right were the huge demonic chief and the murderous and tyrannical Ah Da and Ah Er. Their killing intent was soaring up to the sky. They were ready to strike and level this city any time once Jiang Chen gave the command.

“Jiang Chen, you insane b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Do you know what you are doing?”

The city lord of Yi Mo City clamored just like those previous city lords, however, this method had already been proven useless in the past.

“Cut the c.r.a.p and kill him!” said Big Yellow with great arrogance.

“Jiang Chen, don’t be too savage. You won’t be able to stay arrogant for long. You have already offended the Evil Lord and it’s only a matter of time before you die. Besides, we have already sent a distress signal to the middle region. Soon, the experts there will come to our aid,” another city lord spoke loudly.

After hearing the words ‘experts from the middle region’ Chen Hui and the others couldn’t help but tremble. They had been in the Evil Abyss for a longer time, they knew exactly how powerful those big cities in the middle region were.

“City Lord, if the experts from the middle region really appear, I’m afraid that we will be in deep trouble,” said Chen Hui with a frown, seemingly somewhat concerned.

“Demonic Chief, Ah Da and Ah Er, attack now and kill the two of them.”

Jiang Chen paid no attention to Chen Hui’s warning, he immediately gave the order to the three devils. His expression was so indifferent that everyone started to wonder where his confidence was coming from. How could he even ignore the existence of the experts in the middle region?

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