Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1248 – The Last Two Cities

Chapter 1248 – The Last Two Cities

The Last Two Cities

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That was right. The only thing left in them was despair. Despite them seeing Jiang Chen for the first time, they were incomparably clear about his methods and personality. Everything that happened in the outer region was enough to explain everything.

“Haha! It’s over. They are finished!”

Chen Hui laughed loudly, feeling much better in an instant. Having spent so much time in Evil Abyss, today was the most enjoyable and satisfying day ever. Fighting alongside Jiang Chen truly was an exhilarating matter, because he didn’t have to think about anything. All he needed to do was to act on it as the overall situation was in Jiang Chen’s control.

“Big Yellow, don’t be in a daze. Go and do your thing now.” Jiang Chen patted Big Yellow’s head.

“All right!”

Big Yellow stuck out his tongue and rushed into the battlefield in a ray of light.

“We will join in too.”

Chen Hui followed closely from behind with an unparalleled momentum along with Li Si and Lu Sheng. Their target was Mao Sheng and the other three mid Divine Immortal city lords.

Big Yellow alone was already capable enough to handle the four of them. So it was imaginable what would happen if it was a four versus four battle. In light of the current situation, Mao Sheng and the others had already lost their intent and morale to fight completely. They stood no chance even if Big Yellow wasn’t in the picture, Chen Hui and the other two experts were already enough to deal with them.

“Stop the fight. We surrender.”

Mao Sheng was in deep fear, losing all of his desire to fight. He immediately raised his hands to surrender when he saw Big Yellow rus.h.i.+ng forward with an unstoppable momentum.

“Surrender to your h.e.l.l!”

Big Yellow would never give him the chance to yield. With an incredible speed, he appeared above Mao Sheng in a blink, opened his big mouth and ripped Mao Sheng’s head off in the most savage manner, killing the mid Divine Immortal city lord on the spot. Blood gushed out crazily, making the scene extremely gruesome. The other experts of Dark Yang City who hadn’t recovered from shock were now in total despair. The shadow of death had already completely enveloped them, they didn’t even have the chance to surrender.

“Haha, kill them!”

Chen Hui burst into a hearty laughter. With Li Si and Lu Sheng, the three of them lunged into the crowd of experts. They were so excited as if they had been injected with chicken’s blood. They had never felt so pa.s.sionate before in their lives.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Within just a moment, the place was turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y scene. Incessant wails could be heard and blood was pouring onto the land. The three of them had gone berserk, murdering even the early Divine Immortal experts.



Those early Divine Immortal experts were roaring pleadingly to surrender. Based on Jiang Chen’s way of killing, all city lords were doomed to die, but their underlings – the early Divine Immortal experts might still have the right to surrender, the last hope in their lives.

“Let them surrender,” said Jiang Chen in an indifferent way.

Instantly, hope shone in their heads. Every one of those early Divine Immortal expert was moved, shedding tears. They initially hated Jiang Chen to the core. They thought that they were going to die, but this word of Jiang Chen had turned their vengeful heart into a grateful one.

The three remaining mid Divine Immortal city lords had wounds all over their bodies, their faces were pale, surrounded by Chen Hui and his comrades.

“There’s no need to converse nonsense with them. Follow master’s command. Kill them all!.”

Lu Sheng was incomparably ferocious. He launched his Immortal Weapon violently, penetrating one of their chests. At the same time, the other two city lords died under Chen Hui and Li Si’s hands before having the chance to escape.

At this time, all of the mid Divine Immortals were already dead. No one was able to live. As for those early Divine Immortal experts, all of those who were still alive had surrendered to Jiang Chen, making Jiang Chen the true emperor of the outer region.


On the other side, the late Divine Immortal city lord had finally lost his strength to resist. An arm of his was torn off by the demonic chief. Before he could react, the demonic chief grabbed his skull using its other hand.

*Ka Cha……*

The sharp devil claw crushed the city lord’s head. Blood and brain juices burst out from the pressure, causing him to die instantly.

“Son of a b*tch!”

The other city lord who was being entangled by Ah Da and Ah Er swore. Both of his eyes turned red. He couldn’t believe everything that was happening. Currently, he had only one option -- escape. It was impossible for him to surrender or expect Jiang Chen to let him go.

As expected, the city lord turned and left. Nothing was more important as one’s life when one was on the brink of death. As long as he could escape, he would have a chance of having his revenge in the future. As a late Divine Immortal expert, he had a certain connection with the major powers of the middle region. By that time, he would get the help of a half-step Golden Immortal expert and have his revenge.


However, any attempt to escape was no longer viable. The demonic chief had already gone frenzied and wouldn’t let him leave. The devil’s robust body stood in his way, blocking his only route of escape.

At the present moment, apart from fear and despair, there was also regret inside of him. He regretted ever coming here. If he knew that Jiang Chen wasn’t an easy enemy, he would have joined forces with the other two large cities. Having four late Divine Immortal experts would be better than having only two. By that time, even if Jiang Chen had the late Divine Immortal demonic chief as his trump card, victory wouldn’t be easily determined.

Even if they still couldn’t win the battle, they could get the help from the experts in the middle region. In that case, he wouldn’t have to die and could even play a role in taking down Jiang Chen.

But at this point in time, there was no way that he wouldn’t die. Without a life, there would be no revenge.


At last, under the joint attack of the demonic chief, Ah Da and Ah Er, the city lord was quickly defeated and killed, leaving only a mist of blood behind.

Destructive Qi was still lingering in the sky and a strong b.l.o.o.d.y Qi could be sensed everywhere, just like an Asura Battlefield or a gloomy Asura h.e.l.l.

“Kaka! Little Chen, the outer region is going to be ours soon!” Big Yellow laughed delightfully.

“City Lord, out of the 36 cities in the outer region, there’s only two cities remaining to be conquered,” said Chen Hui, the one who was most aware of the situation in the outer region.

“Proceed in attacking them.”

Jiang Chen didn’t show any sign of stopping. He wasn’t concerned even though the words of today’s incident had been spread all over the place. In his opinion, today was meant to be the day when all of the cities in the outer region would be named as ‘Fragrant Sky City’.

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