Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1250 – Sir Liu

Chapter 1250 – Sir Liu

Sir Liu

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*Roar…* *Roar…*

After receiving Jiang Chen’s command, the three devils immediately let out uncontrollable roars. They were all born killers. In a place like the Evil Abyss, they were basically killing machines that could stir up a bloodshed everywhere they went.

The scene turned the two city lords’ and the rest of the Divine Immortal experts’ faces ugly. They understood the scariness of demonic devils too well, especially the demonic chief who possessed a domineering momentum. They stood no chance even if it was a two versus one battle. In addition, there were also the two Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bulls.

“What now?” The city lord of Yi Mo City asked.

“There’s not much we can do now. The experts of the middle region haven’t appeared yet. We must act to defend ourselves. Let’s hope that we can last until they come, otherwise we will all die for sure.”

The other city lord spoke while gritting his teeth. Ruthlessness glittered in his eyes. He knew the situation very well. Any acts of pleading would be deemed useless because Jiang Chen would never let them go. The only way to this was to persist in the fight. As long as they could hold until the experts of the middle region came, they would have a chance to live.


The two city lords drew out his Immortal Weapons, both were incredibly brilliant and divine-looking Immortal Sword. Instantly, their combat strength surged to the maximum, they then charged towards the demonic chief and Ah Da and Ah Er, respectively.

*Hong Long……*

The sound of a terrible crash was heard instantaneously. The sky over the entire city was lit up. Violent energy drifted across everywhere. Though the Evil Abyss had always been chaotic, nothing as big had ever happened in the outer region.

Normally, most of the conflicts were either because of personal grudges or to seize each other’s treasure. Most of the battles happened because of the friction created among two cities. It was the first time that such a large-scale battle had ever taken place in the region. All cities in the outer region had become victims of the war and Jiang Chen’s stepping stone.

Fierce battle waves fluctuated wantonly. The city lord of Yi Mo City was at ease while handling Ah Da and Ah Er. At least, neither he nor his opponents had yet to gain the upper hand, but the other city lord wasn’t facing such easy opponent. He could fall into danger any time while confronting the demonic chief. Despite the two of them having the same cultivation base, their combat strength weren’t on the same level.

After only a few rounds of battle, that city lord had spurted out blood. It was imaginable that if the battle continued, it was only a matter of time before this city lord was beaten to death by the demonic chief.

“Dammit! This demonic devil is too powerful. Why hasn’t the experts of the middle region here yet? I won’t be able to hold it for long.”

The city lord cursed. Such a scene rendered him speechless and stirred up his sense of despair. It was an impossible thing to do if he wanted to rely only his own strength to ward off this demonic chief.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Just at this time, wind blew across the battlefield all of a sudden. Three dark silhouettes emerged above the city. Their momentum was extremely powerful. The two of the three weer late Divine Immortal experts like the city lord of Yi Mo City. As for the leader, his body was radiating some vague profound meaning of Great Luo. Although the profound meaning of the Great Luo was still not so obvious, his power was evidently greater than his companions.

No doubt, this was a powerful half-step Golden Immortal expert, a supreme expert. No experts in Jiang Chen’s forces was a match for him. Even the mighty demonic chief couldn’t stand a chance before a half-step Golden Immortal expert.

“Haha! The experts of the middle region finally came. It’s Sir Liu. Jiang Chen, you all are going to be finished!”

The city lord who was fighting the demonic chief laughed aloud. He flashed past the range of the battlefield and flew towards where Sir Liu was at. The city lord of Yi Mo City did the same. Both of them greeted Sir Liu with cupped fists.

“Sir Liu, you have come here at last. If you are one step later, the two of us will be finished. That frenzied Jiang Chen has already destroyed the entire outer region and our cities are the last,” said the city lord of Yi Mo City.

On the other side, each of their faces turned grim as they saw the emergence of the middle region’s experts.

“City Lord, they now have the half-step Golden Immortal expert that comes from the major power in the middle region. What do we do now?” asked Chen Hui.

Jiang Chen curled the corner of his mouth and revealed a trace of a smile. Even though the irresistible half-step Golden Immortal expert had emerged from the enemy’s forces, Jiang Chen’s face was still as composed as ever. This was because he had already calculated their fates using the Great Divination Art before coming here. He calculated that it was highly likely that they would encounter the experts of the middle region, but there would be some accidents happening in the process that would eventually allow him to accomplish his plan.

Although he wasn’t able to divine out what kind of accidents would befall them, he had very high confidence on the Great Divination Art.

“Don’t worry.” Jiang Chen shrugged and showed a face of calmness.

Chen Hui and the others couldn’t help but let out a sigh. They really had no idea where Jiang Chen had gotten his confidence from. The opponent standing opposite them was a very powerful half-step Golden Immortal expert and Jiang Chen was merely a puny Heaven Immortal expert. How could a Heaven Immortal expert not put a half-step Golden Immortal expert in his eyes? They were afraid that across the Evil Abyss, only Jiang Chen was able to do this.

“I have already known everything that happened here.” Sir Liu spoke plainly.

He darted a glance at the two city lords, then took a step forward, facing Jiang Chen. Both of his blade-like eyes were constantly studying Jiang Chen from top to bottom as if he was trying to see through every bit of Jiang Chen.

“You are that boundlessly arrogant Jiang Chen? You must have just arrived here. You do have the great guts.” Sir Liu spoke whilst showing total disdain towards Jiang Chen.

He was a high and mighty half-step Golden Immortal expert, so naturally, he wouldn’t put a puny Heaven Immortal in his eyes and he earned the right to disdain a puny junior.

“That’s right. I’m that Jiang Chen. I suggest you to not interfere in the matters in the outer region as the consequences is not bearable to you,” said Jiang Chen flatly.

After hearing this, Sir Liu seemed dumbfounded, doubting if he had just heard wrongly. How dare a young Heaven Immortal expert remind him not to interfere in the matters and say that he couldn’t bear the consequences? Wasn’t this a joke? He was baffled by how could this young man be so arrogant.

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