Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1237 – It’s Just the Beginning

Chapter 1237 – It’s Just the Beginning

It’s Just the Beginning

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After listening to this, Big Yellow grinned and stood aside, keeping his silence. Since Jiang Chen said that he would receive a nice gift, it would definitely be more precious than the Spiritual Spring. This had filled him with antic.i.p.ation.

Lu Sheng and his men could only feel jealous while seeing Jiang Chen distributing the Spiritual Spring to the others. Of course, none of them dared to speak as they were still enemies hours ago.

“As long as you people become an obedient follower of mine and contribute your best, naturally every one of you will be included in the To-Be-Rewarded list,” said Jiang Chen.

“Yes, City Lord.”

All the Divine Immortal experts replied simultaneously and respectfully. Now, they realised that although this youth was ruthless and violent, he was fair in punishment and rewards. Following someone like him would certainly bring them a lot of benefits; they would have more promising future than following any other city lord.

“Now, let’s talk about the next plan. Fragrant Sky City has to prosper in Evil Abyss. These four cities will only be the beginning of our journey,” said Jiang Chen.

As the crisis had already been settled, with a late Divine Immortal demonic devil and the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd as trump cards, it was enough for him to establish a strong position in the outer region.

Lu Sheng perked up when he heard what Jiang Chen said. He knew that Jiang Chen would never stop here. He knew that someone like Jiang Chen would never be satisfied with where he was now. According to his estimation, it was only a matter of time before Jiang Chen’s influence spread across to the middle and even the inner region.

“Master. There is a total of 36 cities in the outer region. Naturally, we won’t put those ordinary cities in our eyes as we can just invade them at any time, making them a part of Fragrant Sky City, but there are four cities that aren’t easy to deal with. They are basically the core cities amongst the 36 cities. Every one of those cities has late Divine Immortal experts. Additionally, they also have connections with the big cities in the middle region because they have been paying tribute to them regularly. Given our present strength, I’m afraid that it would be a little hard to confront them,” said Lu Sheng.

“That’s right. Those four cities no doubt are strong. Almost all of the resources in the outer region are controlled by them. Normally, we as ordinary cities wouldn’t dare to offend them. Presently, the emergence of Fragrant Sky City had possibly already attracted their attention. If we continue to conquer the other cities, I’m afraid that those four cities won’t sit still anymore. In order to avoid further chaos, they will take action without hesitation. It’s true that they won’t interfere in a fight between two cities, but Fragrant Sky City is no longer one or two city. They will do everything they can to stop us from growing ma.s.sively,” another person said.

Jiang Chen revealed a trace of smile after hearing this. If it was before, he would perhaps come to a halt and consider recuperating and secluding, so that he could increase his strength and the forces of his army, but now, none of that concerned him. It didn’t concern him at all even if there were late Divine Immortal experts. Now that he had arrived in Evil Abyss, he had to make sure he wouldn’t live too comfortably, or else all his time would be wasted.

He only have one objective in coming here – that was to improve his cultivation, because he could never do that in a peaceful environment.

Jiang Chen’s enemy was too powerful. It made him feel boundless pressure all the time. Therefore, he had to improve himself whenever he got the chance. Nan Bei Chao was a good example. Currently, he didn’t even know what Nan Bei Chao’s true cultivation and where he was. He guessed that Nan Bei Chao must be stronger than anyone in One-Line-Sky. He estimated that the true Nan Bei Chao’s cultivation had already exceeded the Immortal King realm, he might have reached the Immortal Emperor realm or even Immortal Venerable realm, which was beyond Jiang Chen’s imagination.

Putting Nan Bei Chao aside, Tian Muyun was also hard to deal with. Although Tian Muyun was merely a half-step Immortal King expert, Jiang Chen knew that given Tian Muyun’s talent, he was already equivalent to a true Immortal King expert.

As such, he must utilize his time in the Evil Abyss to improve his cultivation as much as he could. His target absolutely wasn’t just the tiny forces in the outer region. His main target was the Evil Clan, the origin of the Evil Clan was too beneficial to him.

Of course, advancement was a step-by-step process, like how we eat rice. Jiang Chen’s advancement was already considered heaven defying for reaching such a stage since his arrival in the Immortal World.

“There’s no need to worry about them. Lu Sheng, issue a declaration of war to the neighbouring cities. They will have three days to surrender to me and agree to rename their city to ‘Fragrant Sky City’. Otherwise, it will be their end.”

Jiang Chen stood up from his seat, radiating a dense Qi of superiority that came straight from his bones. The blood that flowed in his veins right now was the n.o.blest blood ever in the world and no one would dare to disobey him.

“Yes, master. I will do it right away.”

Lu Sheng bowed to Jiang Chen; then led his people out of the main hall. Finally, the outer region was going to face chaos. Peace would immediately be destroyed. A situation like this would stir people’s fear and antic.i.p.ation. They would be very proud if they were able to fight alongside Jiang Chen when he conquers the entire outer region.

“The few of you can leave now. Utilize the time to refine the Spiritual Spring to improve your cultivation and wait for the war three days later. Anyone who makes a huge contribution will be rewarded as well,” said Jiang Chen to Chen Hui and the others.

“Thanks City Lord for nurturing us. We will certainly do our best and accept any risk.”

Chen Hui’s tone was resolute and firm. The pa.s.sion inside his blood had been ignited due to Jiang Chen’s arrival.

Chen Hui, Li Si, Ah Da and Ah Er left afterwards. After obtaining the Spiritual Spring, they were desperate to refine them now. Yan Qingcheng and Huang Ying had also walked out of the main hall. As both of their cultivation was the weakest, the Spiritual Spring had a greater effect on them. Not only could it improve their cultivation, but also their physique. This wasn’t something that any ordinary pill could do.

After everyone left, Big Yellow approached and asked impatiently: “Quickly take out the good stuff for Master Dog.”

Big Yellow couldn’t wait to see what Jiang Chen had brought him.

Jiang Chen turned his palm and the soul essence of the demonic devil appeared. Big Yellow’s eyes were glittering while he’s drooling.

“This is left by a Golden Immortal expert. How did you get it?” Big Yellow asked.

“Not bad. This is the soul essence left by an early Golden Immortal demonic devil of Evil Clan. I got it by accident while it was being nurtured in the Spiritual Spring. I have already refined a little of it and have achieved an advancement. I will give the rest of it to you. I estimate that this is going to benefit you even more.” Jiang Chen then pa.s.sed the soul essence to Big Yellow.

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