Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1238 – The Chaos in the Outer Region

Chapter 1238 – The Chaos in the Outer Region

The Chaos in the Outer Region

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Jiang Chen had already thought of his decision thoroughly. Despite the preciousness of the soul essence, it couldn’t bring the maximum benefit in a short period of time. The effect of the soul essence would only be maximized at the most critical time, which undoubtedly made Big Yellow the most suitable candidate.

First, both Big Yellow and Jiang Chen were sworn brothers and they made no distinction between what one owns. Otherwise, Jiang Chen would never give such an important treasure to him. Furthermore, Big Yellow possessed the powerful Divine Beast Bloodline. His physique was far better than any ordinary demonic beast. If he could fully refine the soul essence, Jiang Chen was afraid that Big Yellow’s cultivation would break into the early Divine Immortal realm.

Once he reached this stage, his combat strength would skyrocket like crazy. By that time, he would even be capable enough to fight an ordinary Divine Immortal opponent.

“Wahaha! You sure are cool! This thing has too much benefits to Master Dog! However, do you still have the Spiritual Spring, that looks very tasty.”

Big Yellow was beaming with joy after receiving the soul essence, but he couldn’t let that Spiritual Spring go.

“You can have as much as you want.”

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes, then took out some of it. He felt speechless about this dog as he couldn’t imagine how Big Yellow would describe something like the Spiritual Spring as tasty, but he did know that Big Yellow had a humongous appet.i.te.

“Ah, this is a lot. Did you go to the territory of the Evil Clan?” asked Big Yellow.

“Of course, and I have gotten quite a lot of benefits in that trip. The demonic devils of the Evil Clan are exactly the nourishment needed to improve my cultivation. The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da has already reached sixteenth level; as for me, I have reached the mid Heaven Immortal realm and edified the chief of one of the tribes of Evil Clan which is a late Divine Immortal demonic devil, and almost destroyed his tribe,” said Jiang Chen straightforwardly. There was nothing that he should hide in front of Big Yellow.

“This is great. With this soul essence, it won’t be a problem for me to advance to the early Divine Immortal realm. By that time, killing a mid Divine Immortal expert will be a piece of cake for me and I can even fight a late Divine Immortal expert. The Spiritual Spring you gave will also probably grant Ah Da, Ah Er, Chen Hui and Li Si a level of advancement. In this way, the overall strength of Fragrant Sky City is enough to conquer the entire outer region.”

Big Yellow’s pupils sparkled. He couldn’t help his excitement when he knew that he could finally accomplish some big things in Evil Abyss.

“That’s correct. Since we have come here, we should no longer stay low-profile. We have to achieve great things. We have to ensure that every city be named as Fragrant Sky City. Go into seclusion and refine the soul essence now. Three days later, we will start attacking the cities in the outer region,” said Jiang Chen.

It was conceivable that there wouldn’t be peace anymore in the outer region. It was doomed to have a reign of terror because of Jiang Chen’s presence. This was a place without kindness and moral. So there was no reason for Jiang Chen to have any scruples about his actions.

Fragrant Sky City might seem quiet, but the number of guards outside the city had been increased. Normally, only a few guards could be observed on the outside of the city, but the emergence of Fragrant Sky City had standardized everything. Jiang Chen and the others had all gone into seclusion as they needed to boost the overall strength of their forces within three days.

After yielding to Jiang Chen, Lu Sheng didn’t dare show the least bit of neglect. In these three days, he was issuing declaration letters continuously to different cities, asking them to surrender in three days’ time. Apart from that, he also replaced the plaque of the other three cities with Fragrant Sky City’s plaque.

For an instant, storm erupted across the entire outer region. Conversations about Fragrant Sky City could be heard everywhere. The name of Fragrant Sky City and Jiang Chen struck Evil Abyss so suddenly, like a wind that came from a hollow cave.

It was impossible to say that conquering four cities at a time wasn’t an impactful matter, because the blow it sent was beyond anyone’s imagination.

“d.a.m.n! What kind of ghost is that Jiang Chen? Does he want to conquer the entire outer region based on his sole strength? He has already hung the plaque of Fragrant Sky City on the front gate of all the four cities and has given us three days to surrender. This only showed that he totally isn’t putting us in his eyes!”

“I heard that Jiang Chen is merely a Heaven Immortal expert but possesses the means and strength to kill Divine Immortal opponents. It’s very hard to imagine the power of such a monstrous figure. Even if he joined those super large sect, he would surely be the best amongst the other geniuses. How can someone like him come to the Evil Abyss? Could he be a genius of some large sect coming here to train? This isn’t right. Those super big sect in Ethereal Immortal Domain will never put their eyes on a place like this, as they already have their own places for their disciples to train.”

“Who cares who he is? The dragon will have to coil up and the tiger will have to lie down the moment they arrive in Evil Abyss. This place isn’t the same as outside. Killing people here is too common. Ever since the Evil Lord took over half of the Evil Abyss, it has been divided into outer, middle and inner region, to maintain the balance. As such, it is impossible for this Jiang Chen to ruin the balance by dominating the whole outer region.”

“That’s right. That Jiang Chen is truly conceited. Even if he is capable enough to take us down, there are still the four super cities in this region and those cities have late Divine Immortal experts. Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to deal with those cities. Plus, those cities also have the support of the big cities in the middle region. What Jiang Chen is doing is akin to seeking death.”


All the others cities were arguing about Jiang Chen amongst each other, making Jiang Chen the common enemy of the whole outer region, however, the fact remained that Jiang Chen had given them a tremendous amount of pressure. Under such pressure, they had lost the peace in their hearts, they knew very well that anyone who came to Evil Abyss was ruthless and violent. The fact that Jiang Chen had taken over four cities in a row was enough to prove of his ferociousness and dominance.

Despite the three days’ warning, n.o.body surrendered, which was just as Jiang Chen expected. Anyone in Evil Abyss who became lord of the city was a ferocious figure that was very unlikely to yield to someone, because once the lord surrendered his power and himself willingly, it would bring a ma.s.sive impact to his life. It would give him a hard time in his future path, and he would likely become a laughing stock to all.

Many cities had already begun joining forces with other city’s, preparing to defend against Jiang Chen’s power. More importantly, all the city lords thought that Jiang Chen was only bragging. Despite how much courage he got, he would never dare do so as these three regions were founded personally by the Evil Lord. If Jiang Chen disregarded this fact, it was akin to going against the Evil Lord. In the Evil Abyss, no matter how presumptuous and arrogant one was, neither of them would ever dare make the Evil Lord their enemy.

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