Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1236 – Boundless of Benefits

Chapter 1236 – Boundless of Benefits

Boundless of Benefits

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As soon as Lu Sheng’s voice dropped, those early Divine Immortal experts made their choice. All of then agreed to accept Jiang Chen as their master. Such result was considered a very good outcome to them. They knew very clearly that they were going to be a follower of someone anyway. Last time, they were Lu Sheng’s slaves, but now Lu Sheng had become someone else’s slave. Therefore, they had no reason to refuse it.

Besides, refusal was equivalent to death. None of them wanted death. It was all because of their good luck if they could live after they lost and they had to cherish this rare luck.

Furthermore, they weren’t fools. They had already seen Jiang Chen’s potential clearly in today’s battle. Despite being a mid Heaven Immortal expert, he was able to kill mid Divine Immortal experts. Plus, his ruthlessness and decisiveness indicated that he was best suited to live in Evil Abyss and his future achievements would be limitless.

Jiang Chen had seized control of four cities in the outer region today, which was something that had never occurred before. Moreover, with his mentality, he would never stop at this point. That was to say, these four cities were just the beginning of his hegemonic journey.

Under his command, the four cities had been integrated. All four cities were now called Fragrant Sky City. It seemed all the other cities would also be named Fragrant Sky City soon. Jiang Chen did not want to be a ruler of only a single city, but the lord of the entire outer region.

In the prefecture, Jiang Chen was sitting on the seat of honour with Big Yellow and Yan Qingcheng on his sides. Huang Ying, Ah Da, Ah Er, Chen Hui, Li Si and Lu Sheng and all the other early Divine Immortal experts were present in the hall. All of them had become Jiang Chen’s underlings. Besides the two dead city lords, almost all the strength of the higher ups of the four cities were gathered here. Of course, there were also a few other stronger cities that were guarded with mighty Divine Immortal experts that weren’t easy to deal with.

“Congratulations City Lord on conquering the four cities in the outer region. Such event is unprecedented in the history of outer region.”

Li Si was trying to show off his flattering remark.

“What’s so good about four cities? Given City Lord’s strength and talent, I believe it won’t be very long before City Lord dominates the entire outer region.”

Chen Hui’s remark might not be as flattering as Li Si, but what he said impressed his counterpart.

“Little Chen, it seems you have gotten tremendous benefits from your trip. You have advanced to mid Heaven Immortal realm,” said Big Yellow.

“That’s right. I have gotten quite a lot of benefits. I surely will reward the few of you for guarding Fragrant Sky City. First, I will have to heal your injuries,” said Jiang Chen.

With a wave of his palm, tremendous wood spiritual Qi rushed out, filling the atmosphere inside the hall with Qi of vigour. Yan Qingcheng, Huang Ying, Big Yellow, Li Si, Chen Hui, Ah Da and Ah Er and the others were all enshrouded within the range of the wood spiritual Qi. All of them were absorbing these spiritual Qi hungrily. They could see the wounds mending itself at visible speed.

“That’s a very strong spiritual Qi with such amazing healing effect.”

It was Chen Hui and Li Si’s first time coming into contact with the wood spiritual Qi. There was no way they could keep their calm.

It wasn’t just them who felt shocked, Lu Sheng and the others were also gawking at the air. None of them would ever believe this if they had not experienced it personally. They knew plenty of vulnerary holy pills and they also had some of them, but none of them had such magical healing effect.

In just about 10 minutes, everyone had recovered from all the injuries they had suffered from the formation backlash. Each and every one of them looked refreshed and as good as new. At this time, everyone changed the way they looked at Jiang Chen, especially Chen Hui and Li Si. The mood they had now was totally different from the time they chose to follow Lascivious Young Master. The only reason they followed Lascivious Young Master was to keep their lives and live better in the Evil Abyss, but as for now, their loyalty towards this new master had taken root in their hearts.

“As I said earlier, I’ll reward those who have contributed and earned the credit. I will distribute a bit of the Spiritual Spring to each of you. After consuming it, you will all experience its good effect. Chen Hui, Li Si, both of you have already reached the peak of early Divine Immortal realm. With the help of the Spiritual Spring, it won’t be a problem for you two to reach the mid Divine Immortal realm,” said Jiang Chen. He had lots of Spiritual Spring and he didn’t mind giving out some of it.

He took out some of the Spiritual Spring and handed it to the two. The instant the Spiritual Spring appeared, everyone’s eyes brightened up. They started looking at Jiang Chen’s hands with widened eyes. They could feel the extraordinary features from this Spring. They could feel that it was a natural and true treasure.

“Ah, this is truly a treasure! The Spiritual Spring will have great impact to people’s cultivation base. Given our current condition, after taking this liquid, we surely will advance to mid Divine Immortal realm. A thousand thanks to City Lord!”

Chen Hui received the Spiritual Spring and saluted Jiang Chen deeply. All remaining obstinacy in their hearts had disappeared, they had now become completely submissive after they received the reward. It was rare to find someone like Jiang Chen in Evil Abyss to have fairness in both punishment and reward. They couldn’t believe that Jiang Chen was willing to share with them even the Spiritual Spring. If he was replaced by Lascivious Young Master, he certainly wouldn’t share even half a drop of the spring. This was the main difference between the two leaders.

“Sister Ying, Qingcheng, the Spiritual Spring will have the greatest effect on both of you. Your current cultivation base is still low. If you absorb the liquid properly, you will be able to break through to the late Heaven Immortal realm or even to the half-step Divine Immortal realm,” said Jiang Chen.

The Spiritual Spring was a natural and holy item and worth more than a city. Otherwise, the two late Divine Immortal human experts wouldn’t engaged in a deadly fight with the demonic devil.

“Thank you Young Master Jiang.”

Huang Ying could only express her thanks. Everyone who was present, including her, knew how valuable the Spiritual Spring was. There was no other option besides accepting this gift because it was necessary for her and Yan Qingcheng to advance as quickly as possible, or else they would become Jiang Chen’s nuisance.

Ah Da and Ah Er had been obeying all Jiang Chen’s commands, so naturally they would get a piece of the benefit. Both of the barbaric bulls were giggling at each other after obtaining their reward.

“Sh*t! Why aren’t you giving Master Dog anything? Could it be Master Dog’s contribution not big enough?”

Big Yellow snapped. Jiang Chen had given benefits to all the contributors in the previous battle, but Big Yellow was excluded from it. How could he possibly accept such unfair treatment since he was the one who contributed the most?

“Why in such a hurry? I will give you something better later.” Jiang Chen slapped the dog’s head.

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