Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1213 – Battle Strategy

Chapter 1213 – Battle Strategy

Battle Strategy

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“Never thought these two barbaric bulls are so hard to deal with. But sooner or later, you two are going to die in my hands. The four of you, get rid of that presumptuous kid and dog.”

Lascivious Young Master gave the command to the other four experts. He knew that the degree of cooperation between these two bulls had already reached the perfect state. Due to the both of them being twin brothers, their minds and hearts were interlinked, which boosted their overall strength by more than two folds or to an even greater extent.


The four early Divine Immortal experts responded; then they locked on Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s position. One humanoid beast studied the two of them for a while and then said to other three comrades: “You three, finish that dog off. Make it fast. Leave this presumptuous kid to me.”


The other three experts lunged at Big Yellow without saying another word. Apparently, they didn’t want to waste any time. They besieged Big Yellow, leaving him no room to escape.

To them, a.s.signing the three of them to deal with Big Yellow while the other onefinish Jiang Chen off made the battle meaningless. The two of them, especially Jiang Chen would be beaten to death in less than ten seconds. The early Divine Immortal beast that handled Jiang Chen felt that it was an insult for him to deal with a half-step Heaven Immortal expert.

However, this was exactly the formation that Jiang Chen expected to see. If two were sent to deal with him, he wouldn’t have any chance of winning. Even with the help of the Divination Art, he would find it very difficult to fight against an early Divine Immortal opponent because of his low cultivation base, but with the experience he had acc.u.mulated, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to get rid of one opponent. Plus, this opponent was a demonic beast, the opponent he desired to fight the most.

As for Big Yellow, Jiang Chen didn’t have the slightest worry for him. Although Big Yellow was no match for the three early Divine Immortal experts, he would be in a situation similar to Ah Da and Ah Er: It would be impossible to kill Big Yellow in a short period of time.

Moreover , Big Yellow was a divine beast with numerous means. He wasn’t an easy prey anyone could hunt down. If the three really got entangled with him, a day and a night wouldn’t be enough for them to get close to killing him.

The present situation was apparent: Ah Da and Ah Er were cooperating flawlessly with each other to fight against Lascivious Young Master while Big Yellow was dealing with the other three experts. As for Jiang Chen, he only had to concentrate on one opponent. Anyhow, the key was Jiang Chen. Once he eliminated the two demonic beasts and successfully advanced to the early Heaven Immortal realm, there wouldn’t be problems anymore.

“Wakaka, do the three of you think that you can kill Master Dog? How stupid! I suppose you three haven’t tasted enough of my fart yet.”

Big Yellow brayed with laughter and said mockingly.

“Flay this dog!”

The three of them were furious and gritted their teeth. There was no way that they could stay calm when they thought of the suffering given by this dog’s fart. It was a total disgrace for them to throw up continuously in front of all those people below. In order to regain their face, they needed to flay this dog alive.

*Hong Long…*

A fierce battle was started as the three Divine Immortal experts launched their attacks on Big Yellow simultaneously. Big Yellow definitely wasn’t an easy opponent to deal with. A pair of sparkling wings sprouted behind his back. Despite his burly body, he was extremely flexible. Flickers of dazzling illusions were seen during the battle, giving his opponents a hard time to determine his location.

In the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, Yan Qingcheng and Huang Ying observed the entire scene with their mouth hanging open. They had never thought that those comrades brought by Jiang Chen was so abnormally powerful. Putting Big Yellow aside, they found it hard to believe that Ah Da and Ah Er could fight against Lascivious Young Master.

At the present moment, they were focusing their attention on Jiang Chen, because he, too, was incredibly powerful. Anyone should know the huge difference between a true Divine Immortal expert and a mere half-step Heaven Immortal.

“Sister Qingcheng, do you think Young Master Jiang can deal with that Divine Immortal expert?”

Huang Ying sounded somewhat concerned. She had just escaped from the grip of suffering and Jiang Chen was the only person she could rely on, the only reason she was still able to live in the Evil Abyss.

“I have great confidence in Big Brother Jiang. He is a genius. He is the most terrifying genius that I have ever seen. Back when he was merely an early Earth Immortal expert, he was already able to kill an early Heaven Immortal expert. Now, even though he’s only a half-step Heaven Immortal expert, we can never regard him as a mere Heaven Immortal expert,” replied Yan Qingcheng.

Despite her heart being extremely worried for Jiang Chen, she still had a very high confidence on him, the confidence that Jiang Chen had planted in her heart back in Yan City. Due to Jiang Chen’s presence back then, the crisis in Yan City was completely reversed.

“He could already kill a Heaven Immortal expert when he was only an early Earth Immortal expert? I have never seen such a cultivator before. In that case, I would like to see if he’s that incredible.”

Ever since Huang Ying met Jiang Chen, the astonishment on her face had never faded. Although she was still sceptical about Yan Qingcheng’s remark, she could sense a glimmer of hope from Jiang Chen.

Two battle platforms of the city were melted by the heat. The early Divine Immortal great demon was standing in front of Jiang Chen, looking and smirking at him disdainfully.

“Kid, I can see that you have a very strong blood and Qi, which will be a great nourishment for me. If I were you, I would surrender to avoid any further physical sufferings. It’s really pointless for me to fight a puny little half-step Heaven Immortal,” said the great demon.

“You will find it meaningful in a while.”

Jiang Chen shrugged. Then, a wild force of a divine beast exploded from his body. Immediately, changes started to appear on his body until he turned into a half-dragon and half-human. To him, using this form in combat was more satisfying than transforming into a full-dragon.

“En? What a powerful transformation technique! It can actually boost his combat strength by so much! Humph! But this won’t give you the privilege to show your arrogance in front of me. Nothing will change regardless of how much your combat strength has increased. Your end will only be death.”

The great demon was astounded upon observing Jiang Chen’s transformation. It was his first time seeing such a powerful transformation technique, but that didn’t give him the reason to pay any extra attention to Jiang Chen. In his point of view, a puny little half-step Heaven Immortal wouldn’t get very strong even though his combat strength had been boosted significantly, and death would only be the end result.

“True Dragon Palm!”

Jiang Chen didn’t bother with the great demon’s nonsense and struck out with the True Dragon Palm. A huge dragon claw pounced on the demon like a cattail leaf fan. The force of this palm strike was produced by the circulation of 450 000 dragon marks that was capable of moving mountains.

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