Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1212 – The Strength of Barbaric Bulls!

Chapter 1212 – The Strength of Barbaric Bulls!

The Strength of Barbaric Bulls!

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Lascivious Young Master had gone completely mad when he was made fun of by a dog in his own territory. Furthermore, it was done in such a disgusting way, and it had brought him great insult. Today, with so many people watching from below, if he didn’t kill all these fanatics, he would surely lose all of his face.

“d.a.m.n dog! Die now!”

Lascivious Young Master struck out a large blood-red palm all of a sudden that pressed against Big Yellow like Mountain Tai.


Big Yellow’s fighting spirit had been ignited, revealing all the ferocity in his body. He didn’t have the slightest fear despite facing a mid Divine Immortal expert. His roar rumbled like a dragon’s roar throughout the sky. Countless golden rays gushed out from his body, making him look divine and magical. The Qi of a Divine Beast that was unleashed from his body was astonis.h.i.+ng.

A golden halo appeared above his head. The size of his body was doubled in an instant. He didn’t dare to show any neglect while confronting a mid Divine Immortal opponent as he was merely a late Heaven Immortal expert.

Since he had already decided to stir up some troubles in Lascivious City, he had to first display all the momentum that he got.

With his current unparalleled condition, he smashed against the large blood-red palm with his head.


Seeing what happened, Lascivious Young Master couldn’t help showing a hint of a sneer. To him, what Big Yellow did was no different than seeking death. Using just the skull to meet his attack? Wasn’t that an act of disdaining his attack?

*Hong Long……*

The huge blood-red palm landed heavily on Big Yellow’s head, producing a deafening roar. During the impact, innumerable lines of crack appeared on the blood-red palm. Big Yellow’s head had always been his most powerful weapon and it was incomparable to any kind of ordinary Immortal Weapon.

Although cracks became visible on the surface of the palm, Big Yellow wasn’t in a favourable situation either. His huge body was thrown several hundred meters away, but because of his powerful physique, he was able to halt his body with a twist.

“d.a.m.n! This lascivious dude sure is powerful.”

Big Yellow pounded his muddled head to stop his head from spinning. As the difference between them was just too great, Big Yellow was already considered freaking awesome to come out unharmed.


Lascivious Young Master’s facial expression changed dramatically and exclaimed. Not just him, the other four early Divine Immortal experts widened their eyes as well, astounded, not able to believe what they had just seen. They knew very well how powerful that strike was. They couldn’t believe that Big Yellow actually blocked it.

“b.u.g.g.e.r! How can this dog’s head be so hard?”

“This is… d.a.m.n! That’s why some said weirdos exist. How could a dog’s skull be this hard?”

“This dog is truly ferocious. It seems like he also has an incomparably strong bloodline. Luckily he is only an early Heaven Immortal expert. If he’s a Divine Immortal, none of us will be a match for him.”


No one wasn’t surprised. Although Lascivious Young Master had gained the upper hand, it didn’t prevent him from being shocked by Big Yellow.

“Such a hard head, I’m going to break it no matter what.”

His face turned resolute, he focused all of his attention on Big Yellow, ignoring the presence of Jiang Chen, Ah Da and Ah Er. The only way to regain his face and release his grudge was to crush Big Yellow’s head.

“Ah Da, Ah Er, block him,” Jiang Chen commanded.

“Yes, master.”

Without saying another word, the both of them turned into two rays of light and blocked the path of Lascivious Young Master. The Qi of the Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bull had already been fully unleashed. When these twins cooperated in a fight, nothing else could beat their flawless coordination.

Ah Da and Ah Er were already early Divine Immortal experts and if they joined forces, they would be capable enough to deal with a mid Divine Immortal opponent. Although Lascivious Young Master is stronger than an ordinary mid Divine Immortal expert, the two of them wouldn’t have a problem stopping him.

Jiang Chen had always been the most experienced one when it came to battle. His initial intention was to cause a great mess in Lascivious City, so that the young master would have something to worry about, but after he saw the drastic improvement of Ah Da and Ah Er, he changed his mind to conquering the city.

His current gaze were fixed at the four early Divine Immortal experts because two of them were demonic beasts like Ah Da and Ah Er. Now that his foundation had become strong and solid, as long as he could refine the demon soul of these two demonic beasts, his cultivation would be boosted to the early Heaven Immortal realm.

Although this kind of advancement might have a certain impact on his foundation, it wasn’t significant and he could recover from it easily. Once he advanced to the early Heaven Immortal realm, his combat strength would soar once more. By that time, it wouldn’t be a problem for him killing the other two early Divine Immortal experts. Then, he and Big Yellow would join Ah Da and Ah Er, finis.h.i.+ng this obscene dude off.

Jiang Chen would never do things that he wasn’t certain of, especially in battle. And he wouldn’t omit any factor. Additionally, with his Great Divination Art, it made his planning and calculation more precise. Before this, he had already done the calculation about Lascivious Young Master and he knew that this obscene guy was going to die today.

“These two barbaric bulls want to stop me from this? How idiotic!”

Lascivious Young Master didn’t put Ah Da and Ah Er in his eyes. Immediately, he struck out two streams of b.l.o.o.d.y light at the two bulls.

*Roar!* *Roar!*

Ah Da and Ah Er were also ferocious and ruthless by nature. And besides, they had already advanced to the Divine Immortal realm, which made them unafraid of Lascivious Young Master. They unleashed their devil aura completely and formed two dark clouds, lunging at the young master.

*Hong Long…*

An intense battle of two versus one exploded, making the sky and land even darker. As Lascivious Young Master was more powerful and had a greater means of attack compared to any ordinary mid Divine Immortal expert, he managed to gain the upper hand at the first exchange.

However, that wasn’t important. What was important was that despite Ah Da and Ah Er failing to gain the upper hand over their opponent, they wouldn’t be defeated for a period of time. In other words, Lascivious Young Master was going to get entangled in an unending battle.

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