Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1214 – The Practical Usage of the Great Divination Art

Chapter 1214 – The Practical Usage of the Great Divination Art

The Practical Usage of the Great Divination Art

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The great demon couldn’t help but reveal a surprised face after noticing Jiang Chen’s fierce attack. It was totally beyond his imagination. There was a saying: whenever you launched your attack in battle, your opponent would know the degree of your power. He had never thought that such an incredible force could erupt from a mere half-step Heaven Immortal expert.

However, that was still not enough for him to take Jiang Chen seriously. It was all because of Jiang Chen’s cultivation base. There was no way that he would attach so much importance to a half-step Heaven Immortal expert.

*Hong Long…*

A pair of demonic and black sharp claws were struck out, colliding heavily with Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Palm. Violent energy was spread from the impact, causing the void to tremble.

*Deng!* *Deng!* *Deng!*

Under such intense impact, Jiang Chen was forced three steps back before regaining his balance. He could feel the numbness from his body due to the shockwave, but with the help of the wood spiritual Qi, he had recovered almost instantly. The result had been within his calculation as his opponent was, after all, a powerful Divine Immortal expert that he couldn’t gain an upper hand from.


The great demon was shocked by what had happened. It was just like when Lascivious Young Master collided against Big Yellow. He found it hard to accept that his violent attack could only send a half-step Heaven Immortal opponent a few steps back. There was neither injury nor damage inflicted.

Was this a joke?

Finally, Huang Ying witnessed Jiang Chen’s power. This was her first time seeing Jiang Chen’s attack ever since she met him. All along, the impression she had for Jiang Chen was all formed from Yan Qingcheng’s words. It was no doubt eye-opening to be able to see it for herself today.


Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste any more time. He drew out the Heavenly Saint Sword. The blood-red dragon sword glinted in the night sky. The Qi of this divine weapon had fully integrated with Jiang Chen’s Qi. The body of the sword was a complete living divine dragon.

At the same time, Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered with seven different colours as he circulated the Great Divination Art. Due to his Great Divination Art having reached the Heavenly Vision realm, he could already use this art in battle. If he didn’t rely on this technique to fight an early Divine Immortal opponent, he wouldn’t stand a chance even if he exhausted all of his skills.

“Kid, I’m eager to see how powerful your puny little half-step Heaven Immortal power can reach.”

The great demon was infuriated. He regarded the fact that Jiang Chen could block his attack as an accident. Subsequently, he casted a black ocean of stormy energy at Jiang Chen, but before he could fully launch it out, half of it was already blocked by Jiang Chen.

The Heavenly Saint Sword turned into a ray of light and slashed at the centre of the black energy, cutting away the source of its power.


The great demon was astounded even more this time. He looked at Jiang Chen with surprised eyes. He was clueless what kind of means his opponent had used. It could antic.i.p.ate his attack and stop it before he could even launch it out.

“This is an accident, this must be an accident.”

The great demon could only comfort himself in such a way. When he couldn’t find an explanation for the situation, he could only admit that it was Jiang Chen’s luck.

However, in the following exchanges, Jiang Chen repeatedly cut off his attack, giving him no chance to fully launch his attack and forcing the other half of the attack back to him. Such a situation would certainly affect one’s power the most. When the great demon’s power was reduced dramatically, Jiang Chen’s chances of victory began to rise.


The great demon was mad. Although he hadn’t lost the upper hand yet, such a battle was too stifling. It gave him the impulse to go frenzy, which was what Jiang Chen wanted him to do. Jiang Chen wanted to wait until his opponent went into a frenzied state before launching a full-fledged attack. By that time, it would be the end of his opponent.

In the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, Huang Ying was dumbfounded. Jiang Chen’s power had conflicted all of her expectations. If she wasn’t seeing a half-step Heaven Immortal expert making an early Divine Immortal expert go mad with her own eyes, she wouldn’t have believed it because there wasn’t such a ridiculous thing in the world.

“Sister Ying, Big Brother Jiang still has lots of other means. You’ll see. This great demon is going to be finished soon. He’s going to die in Big Brother Jiang’s hands.”

Yan Qingcheng said in an incomparably confident tone. Apart from her infatuation for Jiang Chen, she also had admiration and idolization for him.

“I am beginning to believe it.”

Huang Ying sighed. After witnessing Jiang Chen’s abilities, she had found the reason to believe Yan Qingcheng’s words.

Lascivious Young Master was still entangled with Ah Da and Ah Er. Although he was able to force the two barbaric bulls back, but due to the two working too well with one another, there was no way for him to change the outcome of the battle unless he could get rid of either one of them. If the battle continued this way, Ah Da and Ah Er would surely trouble him for another hour or two.

Even though Lascivious Young Master knew that there was always a weak spot in every coordination, he found it incredibly difficult to find that spot.

On the other side, Big Yellow had already displayed all of his skills, keeping the three experts occupied, so that they had no chance to focus on Jiang Chen. Big Yellow wasn’t an idiot and he had also reached a perfect tacit understanding with Jiang Chen. Therefore, he didn’t need to be told what the next move was.

Furthermore, he had already seen the situation clearly. The key to whether they could overthrow the young master of Lascivious City was Jiang Chen. As such, buying Jiang Chen time and creating chances for him was the most important thing to do.

The infuriated great demon that Jiang Chen confronted had already turned into its true form with a ghastly face that no one had ever seen before. Six claws had popped out from his limbs, but unfortunately, this form wouldn’t help him turn the situation around.

Since its mind had already been disorientated, its skills had lost its purpose and function. Jiang Chen, on the other hand, was immersed in the profundity of the Great Divination Art. The many rounds of battle he fought, the braver and the more fluid his movements became. After ten minutes of continuous battle, the great demon had lost its control as it couldn’t bear it anymore.

“The opportunity has come. Fusion of Dragon and Sword. Nine Phantom Wolves!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. It could only be said that he had too much battle experience and could always launch the most crucial attack at the most critical time. Just like what happened now. Jiang Chen waited until the great demon lost all of its focus and composure and then launched the most deadly attack. At this point in time, his Nine Phantom Wolves would work best.

For a moment, Jiang Chen and the Heavenly Saint Sword combined into one, but in the great demon’s eyes, there were nine swords or dragons, confusing it even more. It became impossible for it to find out who the real Jiang Chen was.

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