Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1195 – The Evil Abyss

Chapter 1195 – The Evil Abyss

The Evil Abyss

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However, Jiang Chen could see sharpness and a strong sense of jealousy within those praising eyes, as if he wanted to see through everything of Jiang Chen.

No doubt, Tian Muyun was a scary opponent, but Jiang Chen wasn’t a small figure either. It wouldn’t be easy for Tian Muyun to know everything about Jiang Chen.

“Thank you for master’s appreciation,” said Jiang Chen neutrally.

“Jiang Chen, today’s incidents happened because of you. I have already known all of them. It’s good news for Skycloud Pavilion to have a genius like you, but now that I’m here, I will have to settle this conflict. You have maimed your fellow the disciples and crippled a true disciple as well. Elder Yang Shu certainly won’t let this matter rest if you do not receive any kind of punishment. It’s always my duty to take care of the emotions of elders. Additionally, you have reb.u.t.ted with the elders of the Law Enforcement Hall rudely and disregarded the law, you should also be punished for this. So, are you willing to accept the punishment that I’m going to sentence you now?” said Tian Muyun with a slight smile. His tone was soft and light, but it carried an indisputable aura within.


Tianji Zi’s facial expression changed slightly. Tian Muyun waved to interrupt him before he could say out a word.

“Elder Tianji, I’m now talking to Jiang Chen, please don’t interrupt.”

Tian Muyun darted Tianji Zi a glance then s.h.i.+fted his gaze back to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had a hint of a cold smile in his heart. Tian Muyun showed a trace of hostility to him. It might seem pretty uncommon, but this was within his expectation.

Tian Muyun was a person who had a very keen perception. Perhaps he could feel that Jiang Chen’s existence was a threat to him. Therefore, he began to display more of his hostility and less of his appreciation.

As a matter of fact, there was a difference between Tian Muyun and Ouyang He. Ouyang He belonged to the old generation. He was hoping that some peerless genius would emerge from his sect and help the sect prosper. This was because Ouyang He had already reached his limit. Getting to the Immortal King realm was basically the limit of his cultivation. It was impossible for him to advance any further, but it was not the same to Tian Muyun who was still young and had lots of potential. There was a common and incurable psychological sickness in someone like him. The sickness was to be malevolent to anyone who had a greater talent than him.

Jiang Chen was the evident example. Jiang Chen’s monstrous talent had indirectly outs.h.i.+ned him. Although he was already the master of the pavilion who possessed the highest status, his paranoid views on monstrous geniuses still existed.

However, Tian Muyun’s unfriendliness didn’t concern Jiang Chen at all, because he had already regarded Tian Muyun as his enemy which he would kill in the future. On the contrary, if Tian Muyun admired him and wanted to nurture him like Tianji Zi, he would feel uncomfortable instead and might find it hard to take Tian Muyun’s life when the time came. So it became easier when Tian Muyun had taken the initiative to be hostile to him. In the future, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have to hesitate even a second before avenging Ouyang He’s life.

“I wonder what kind of punishment it will be,” asked Jiang Chen with interest.

“Rest a.s.sured. I will surely cherish a rare genius like you. After all, you will represent the future of Skycloud Pavilion. Neither will I hurt you, nor sentence you to any horrendous punishment. Instead, I will give you a chance for tough-trial,” said Tian Muyun with a smile.


Jiang Chen sounded surprised, but his intuition told him that this wasn’t going to be an easy trial.

“Jiang Chen, I will give you the chance of practicing in the Evil Abyss. I reckon this punishment will account for your crimes. If you are able to survive in the Evil Abyss, your future achievements will transcend even mine.”


When the name of the Evil Abyss was spoken, the entire main hall was filled with exclamation. This was something that not even Yang Shu had imagined. He never thought that Tian Muyun would give Jiang Chen such a heavy punishment. In fact, this wasn’t a punishment at all, but a death sentence.

“Master, you are sending Jiang Chen to death. Don’t you think that such a punishment is too heavy?”

Tianji Zi lost his patience and his eyes turned red. It was imaginable how angry he was right now. If it wasn’t because of the presence of Tian Muyun, he would have already gone wild.

“Hehe, why is Elder Tianji being so emotional? Master Tian is doing this for the sake of Jiang Chen. A peerless genius like Jiang Chen will surely have great achievements after his trial in the Evil Abyss.”

Yang Shu chuckled. Currently, his mood had turned better. In his point of view, sending Jiang Chen into the Evil Abyss was even more satisfying than incapacitating Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, of course, you can choose not to accept it. I won’t force you on this.”

Tian Muyun stared at Jiang Chen with a I-will-not-force-you face.

Jiang Chen understood what Tian Muyun was thinking very well. Although he had no idea what the Evil Abyss was, judging from Tianji Zi and Yang Shu’s expression, it had to be a vicious place, otherwise it wouldn’t be called ‘Evil Abyss’.

“Jiang Chen, don’t agree to it.” Tianji Zi spoke with haste.

“Master, what kind of place is this Evil Abyss?” asked Jiang Chen with curiosity.

“The Evil Abyss is an independent s.p.a.ce that connects One-Line-Sky and a dozen other huge domains. There are demons and all kinds of ferocious creatures inside. In addition, there are also crooked and evil cultivators there. The whole s.p.a.ce is full of evil, blood and killings. The only law inside is the law of the jungle. Even I, your master, can’t keep myself intact after entering such a place. All this while, countless of sects and empires in those dozen of domains have sent their criminals to that evil place to die. Almost everyone who went into the Evil Abyss died. So if you are going to there, it’s basically no different than seeking death,” said Tianji Zi with solemnity.

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