Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1194 – Tian Muyun Emerged

Chapter 1194 – Tian Muyun Emerged

Tian Muyun Emerged

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The pressure radiated from Yuwen Ting was formidable. That was the pressure of a peak late Golden Immortal expert, a pressure not everyone could stand. Of course, Jiang Chen wasn’t an ordinary person. With his strong spiritual power together with the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, such pressure was considered nothing to him.

“There’s no need to scare me, Elder Yuwen. You don’t have to care about what methods I used to repair the Iron Dummy Array, because the array has been fully repaired and it has been perfected as well. I suppose you all have already checked the condition inside the palace secretly,” said Jiang Chen straightforwardly without fear.

After hearing this, many elders couldn’t help but nod silently. It was true that they had already seen the condition of the Iron Dummy Array. They too had to admit that the array was nicely repaired and perfected. Although it had lost seven dummies, the overall power of the array had become even stronger than before. So if they talked about the Iron Dummy Array, Jiang Chen should receive praise and rewards for his contribution and effort.

“We will put the matter of the Iron Dummy Array aside for now. The fact of you maiming the three disciples remains. I can forget the life-and-death battle between you and Qu Yuan, but you have spoken arrogantly and shown no respect to the elders, the rules and the Law Enforcement Hall. By putting these two crimes together, I must pa.s.s you a sentence to defend the dignity of the Law Enforcement Hall,” said Yuwen Ting solemnly.

When all of these things came out of his mouth, they all sounded perfectly justified.

“Elder Yuwen, I suggest that you hand the punishment part to me. Based on the situation, it isn’t excessive to sentence him to death, but considering that he’s a true disciple, I can be kind enough to let him live, but I have to turn him into a cripple just like Qu Yuan,” said Yang Shu with a sneer.


Tianji Zi raged. “Yuwen Ting, Yang Shu, are you really treating me as nothing? None of you have the right to decide the punishment of my disciple. With my presence today, I would like to see who has the nerve to touch Jiang Chen.”

It was obvious to Tianji Zi that Yuwen Ting and Yang Shu had cooperated to find a reason to punish Jiang Chen. Adding the fact that Jiang Chen had maimed three disciples and had disrespected the Law Enforcement Hall, the whole situation was becoming less favorable.

However, he was fearless and wasn’t a person that anyone could easily bully. Since it was impossible to justify with reason, he should stop doing so and just confront them with force.

“Tianji Zi, don’t go too far with this. This is the Law Enforcement Hall, it isn’t a place where you can turn wild!” clamored Yang Shu.

In fact, once Tianji Zi went mad, the situation would give everyone a headache. Sometimes, even Tian Muyun had no solution to deal with this pioneer and sometimes, even Daoist Yufeng had to lower himself to speak to Tianji Zi nicely. When Tianji Zi was really pushed to the limit, he would listen to no one. Moreover, Tianji Zi had the ability to calculate the future, which was a great help to the growth of Skycloud Pavilion. Although Tianji Zi had only reached the peak of mid Golden Immortal realm, he had a pivotal position in the sect. Even his combat strength wasn’t any weaker than a late Golden Immortal expert. This could be seen from his previous fight with Yang Shu.

“What’s the big deal about it? Since you all are being unreasonable, don’t blame this old man for being impolite. Once you provoke this old man, this old man will even demolish this whole d.a.m.n hall!”

Tianji Zi had gotten so mad that even Jiang Chen couldn’t help but give a thumbs up to him.

“Humph! Tianji Zi, no one in Skycloud Pavilion has ever dared to come here and create trouble, this place represents the highest authority of Skycloud Pavilion. What you are doing right now is challenging our authority. I have already shown you sufficient quarters. If you continue to mess around, I won’t hesitate to punish you as well. Don’t even think that you can get away from here with just your Divination Art.”

Yuwen Ting was infuriated. As the highest authority of the Law Enforcement Hall, no one has ever dared to challenge him.

For an instant, the entire hall was filled with fury that would explode into a great war at any second.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

At this time, an invisible wave blew across the main hall. It contained a stormy aura that made people around suffocate. Then, everyone saw the void above the hall trembled, and a good-looking man walking out of it.

He was a half-step Immortal King supreme expert who had mastered the spatial force. By utilizing the spatial force, he could emerge anywhere at any time.

He was young, highly-esteemed and stately. When these adjectives combined together, it represented a single person, Tian Muyun.

No doubt, it was Tian Muyun who had suddenly appeared. He was the supreme ruler in Skycloud Pavilion, a half-step Immortal King supreme elder and a legendary figure in One-Line-Sky. As the master of the pavilion, he would normally not show himself in such a situation, however, today’s incident had attracted his attention, it only indicated the seriousness of the matter.


After seeing Tian Muyun, everyone, regardless of their status and cultivation, stood on their feet and saluted him with respect. Although they were much older than Tian Muyun, and some of the elders was even old enough that they had watched him grew up, none of them dared to show any signs of disrespect. This only showed that despite Tian Muyun’s young age, he had a very high prestige in Skycloud Pavilion. To put it bluntly, Tian Muyun’s prestige had already surpa.s.sed Ouyang He’s after two years of being the pavilion master.

When Jiang Chen saw Tian Muyun, he couldn’t help but show a hint of coldness and disgust deep in his eyes, but it was well-hidden by him. For a supreme expert like Tian Muyun, any changes in your expression would be detected by him.

Tian Muyun nodded casually. There was a faint trace of superiority radiating from his body, which made him look majestic and imposing. He didn’t bother looking at the other people, not even Yuwen Ting and Yang Shu. His gaze immediately fell upon Jiang Chen.

“You are Jiang Chen?”

Tian Muyun asked in a very flat tone, but everyone could clearly see the different expression in his eyes when he looked at Jiang Chen. That was the expression of a genius looking at another genius. It was a very complex expression as it consisted of appreciation, praise, jealousy and some hostility.

“Disciple is Jiang Chen, greetings, Master.”

Jiang Chen naturally couldn’t show any signs of disrespect in front of him. Immediately, he held his fists and saluted.

“Incapacitating a half-step Divine Immortal while being only a half-step Heaven Immortal? Your talent surely is above mine.” Tian Muyin said.

Instead of reprimanding Jiang Chen’s faults, he praised him.

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