Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1196 – Agreed

Chapter 1196 – Agreed


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The Evil Abyss had a notorious reputation that changed people’s expression instantly. Inside that place consisted of powerful ancient demons. No one would dare to step into such a place. Not even the most outstanding genius would dare to use this place for a tough-training. Regardless of how dazzling and proud Tian Muyun’s path had been, he had never stepped into this place.

Good, Tian Muyun, for using this trick on me.

Jiang Chen sneered coldly in his heart. It seemed like Tian Muyun had already antic.i.p.ated that he wouldn’t accept this challenge. This was how Tian Muyun would find his sense of superiority by attacking the weakness of his rival.

“Jiang Chen, it’s a rare opportunity for you to enter the Evil Abyss for tough-training. As long as you agree to it, I will never go into Qu Yuan’s matter anymore,” said Yang Shu with a smile.

He was intrigued to know what Jiang Chen’s answer would be, but everyone on the scene had already concluded that Jiang Chen would never take this chance. After all, not everyone had that kind of guts to enter the Evil Abyss.

“Whether I enter the Evil Abyss or not has nothing to do with you. Furthermore, Qu Yuan can only blame himself for what happened to him.”

Jiang Chen darted a cold glance at Yang Shu, not giving him face.

“You can decline the offer, Jiang Chen.” Tian Muyun continued.

However, after hearing the description of the Evil Abyss, he started to feel interested in that place. He was a mortal who had lived two lives. He had faced countless of hards.h.i.+ps and had gone to countless of dangerous places.

Challenges would always stir up a man’s pa.s.sion which made one’s life more perfect. This was what Jiang Chen had always been looking for. Whenever he went to such places, miracles would always happen.

Jiang Chen had already achieved his first objective in coming to One-Line-Sky—becoming a disciple of Skycloud Pavilion. The second objective was to kill Tian Muyun, it was something that he needed to work hard for because only with a powerful cultivation and combat strength would he be able to achieve this objective. But then again, it was impossible to achieve this in a short period of time as advancing in needed time.

Thus, in order to speed up his growth, a dangerous and tough training was inevitable. Now that he had become an inner disciple and also a true disciple, there were too few places that he could practice in One-Line-Sky. The Evil Abyss was exactly the place that he needed the most for his training. There would be plenty of ma.s.sacre, bloodshed and cruelty in that place, but this was also what boiled his blood in excitement.

“I accept the punishment.”

Everyone, including Tian Muyun, thought that Jiang Chen would decline the offer, but unexpectedly, he said yes.


The situation made all the people on the scene dumbfounded. Even Tian Muyun was at a loss of words, he had expected to see the timid side of Jiang Chen.

“Is this kid really out of his mind? How can he even agree to this?”

“A newborn calf is surely not afraid of tigers. Apparently, Jiang Chen has no idea how scary the Evil Abyss actually is. Going into the Evil Abyss is no different than dying.”

“This kid surely is the most arrogant man that I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t even put the Evil Abyss in his eyes, but he’s doomed to be a dead man once he enters that place.”


Many of them shook their heads and sighed. It was beyond their imagination that Jiang Chen would agree to this offer.

“No, Jiang Chen, you will only seek your death by doing this. You have no idea about the terror of the Evil Abyss.”

Tianji Zi disapproved on the spot. As long as he could change Jiang Chen’s mind, he still had ways to keep Jiang Chen intact.

“Master, I have already said yes, and I think we’d better not disobey the orders of the pavilion master,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

“You lunatic.”

Tianji Zi shook his head, sensing the craziness of his disciple. No one had ever been able to maintain such calmness and composure when it came to the Evil Abyss. As such, even being a master of Jiang Chen, he had to admit that he was impressed by his disciple.

“Jiang Chen, are you sure with your decision? You still have a chance to rethink your about it,” said Tian Muyun with a frown.

The fact that Jiang Chen agreed with the punishment caused him discomfort.

“Disciple is certain of it, disciple has already promised to undergo the tough-training in the Evil Abyss. However, this disciple humbly requests for three days of time before heading to the Evil Abyss,” said Jiang Chen in a very solemn tone.

He was not scared of the Evil Abyss. No one would have thought that he now had a strong interest in the Evil Abyss.

“You do have the courage. Very well, I will give you three days’ worth of time. Three days later, I will personally open the pa.s.sageway to the Evil Abyss.”

After that, Tian Muyun vanished in a flash.

At the present moment, the fiery aura in the main hall had reduced to its lowest. Since Jiang Chen had already agreed to go to the Evil Abyss, there was nothing else Yuwen Ting and Yang Shu wanted to say.

“Jiang Chen, you…ai!”

Tianji Zi shook his head and sighed. He wasn’t sure if he should scold Jiang Chen right now. Once Jiang Chen made the promise, it had become a fact. Now, he could only hope that Jiang Chen could really survive the Evil Abyss, even though he knew that there was only a slim chance.

But viewing this from another angle, Tianji Zi was quite proud of his disciple for having the boldness to enter the Evil Abyss. Having such a forthright disciple made his face glow with delight, even though he wasn’t the one who trained Jiang Chen from the start.

“No need to worry, master. Disciple already knows what to do. Let’s go to Tianji Mountain now,” said Jiang Chen, then he turned and left.

His top priority right now was to learn the Divination Art. That was also the reason he requested three days of time. He had seen how Tianji Zi gained the advantage over Yang Shu just by using the Divination Art. If he was able to cultivate this technique, it would surely be of great help when he arrived at the Evil Abyss.

The elders of the Law Enforcement Hall couldn’t help but sigh when they stared at the fading images of Jiang Chen and Tianji Zi. Some of them felt that it was a waste that such a rare genius was gone permanently. Looking at this matter from another angle, it could be regarded as a significant loss to Skycloud Pavilion.

“Elder Yang Shu, you have already achieved your objective. Jiang Chen will surely die in the Evil Abyss,” said Yuwen Ting.

Yang Shu patted Qu Yuan’s shoulder. “Master can only help you do this much.”

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