Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1193 – Fierce Opposition

Chapter 1193 – Fierce Opposition

Fierce Opposition

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As soon as Jiang Chen said it, fiery anger began to flood in the main hall. Many elders became furious. Putting aside the fact whether Jiang Chen had the reasons or not, he had broken the biggest taboo by not putting the elder of the Law Enforcement Hall in his eyes. Everyone in the hall was dignified and highly respected. If Jiang Chen wasn’t a true disciple of Tianji Zi, he would already be slapped to death even if he was innocent.

“What an arrogant kid! If a man like you grow up one day, you will surely become a malignant tumor in our sect. You have no respect for the elders. You reb.u.t.ted one of the elders with rude remarks, this fact alone already gave us all the reasons to punish you severely, and crippling your cultivation isn’t even considered a heavy punishment,” said Yang Shu coldly.

Now that he was in the Law Enforcement Hall, he could no longer allow Jiang Chen to act so defiantly. He had to regain his lost face to avenge what Jiang Chen did to Qu Yuan. In any case, Qu Yuan and he were master and disciple. Although he could never restore Qu Yuan’s original state, he had to do something for him.

“Bulls.h.i.+t! Do you think my disciple can be bullied easily? Jiang Chen is right. This incident wasn’t his fault to begin with. But now, all of you are trying to discredit him, could it be that the Law Enforcement Palace also wants to bring humiliation upon itself?”

Tianji Zi wasn’t concerned in all of these. None of the pressure imposed by the Law Enforcement Hall would work on him, and Jiang Chen’s personality was very much in line with his appet.i.te, which made him like Jiang Chen so much more. In order for one to be successful, one had to be resolute and steadfast. This was similar to Ouyang He whom no one in the entire One-Line-Sky was able to make him admit his faults.

“Alright, no more argument. I will arbitrate this dispute justly.”

Yuwen Ting waved his hand. Immediately, the main hall quieted down, but the atmosphere was still full of fiery aura.

“Is there anything that the Law Enforcement elder has to say? It was a life-and-death battle, our fates solely depended on our ability.”

Jiang Chen looked at Yuwen Ting fearlessly.

Looking at this composed young man made numerous elders sigh with surprise. Whether they liked Jiang Chen or not, they had to admit that this young man has extraordinary traits. His composure alone already made him incomparable among his peers.

“Indeed, it was a life-and-death battle, but why did you go to the stage to settle your disputes when you and Qu Yuan had no conflict in the past? There’s certainly a reason behind this and we are now investigating it. Jiang Chen, were you the one who injured Gao Yang and the other two disciples? Despite them being disciples of the same sect, you have broken a major taboo by maiming your fellow disciples,” said Yuwen Ting and his gaze fell upon the three miserable disciples.

After listening to this, Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly in his heart. He had already guessed this coming when he saw Gao Yang and the other two were here as well. He could already tell how good the rapport between Yuwen Ting and Yang Shu. No doubt, he was going to receive loads of attack from them, and these three were just the starting point to trigger him.

“True. They were going to kill me, but I just cut off their arms, letting them off easily. So, how could it be regarded as brutal? I should already be considered as overly generous and kind. If they weren’t disciples of Skycloud Pavilion, I would’ve let none of them alive. Moreover, Qu Yuan has sent them to interrupt me while I was repairing the Iron Dummy Array. They deserved some punishment for their offence. On the contrary, if I was no match for them, I’m afraid that the repercussions will not only be me being injured or killed, but also losing the symbolic array of Skycloud Pavilion as no one could repair them anymore, it would be a much bigger crime and would bring tremendous loss to the sect,” said Jiang Chen with fervor and a.s.surance.

It gave Gao Yang and the other two the urge to spurt out blood. That was right, they felt like spewing out blood because what Jiang Chen said made them feel aggrieved. They could temporarily forget their broken arms, but now they were being blamed for the incident, which rendered them speechless.

“I can’t only listen to your side of the story. Gao Yang, Qu Yuan, share with us your side of the story.” Yuwen Ting looked over at Qu Yuan and Gao Yang.

“Law Enforcement elder, this disciple only asked three of my followers to check the progress of the Iron Dummy Array. After all, the array was the work left behind by Master Ouyang. It will be a great loss to Skycloud Pavilion if something bad happens to it. Disciple was merely concerned about it,” said Qu Yuan, despite the fact that he was not in the mood to speak, he still wanted to have his revenge on Jiang Chen more than anything.

“That’s right, elder. Brother Qu has asked us to go there with the intention of only checking the progress of the repair. Unexpectedly, when we arrived at the place, we found out that Jiang Chen was letting a dog do the repair of the array. This was definitely a blasphemy and an insult to Master Ouyang. Naturally, we had to stop them, but Jiang Chen was enraged, he then cut off our arms mercilessly.”

Gao Yang sobbed out his encounters.

“Jiang Chen, you do have the nerve. How could you let an animal repair the array which you destroyed? This is blasphemy to Master Ouyang. This fact alone is sufficient to pa.s.s you a heavy sentence,” shouted Yang Shu.

While hearing the word animal, Jiang Chen’s eyes turned cold. A surge of faint killing intent rushed out of his body. He s.h.i.+fted his cold gaze to Yang Shu, saying, “Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you better clean your mouth. Big Yellow’s my brother.”

“Son of a b*tch! What did you just say?”

Yang Shu was angered that a puny inner sect disciple dared to call him an old b.a.s.t.a.r.d. After so many years that he had been in Skycloud Pavilion, this was the first time someone disrespected him. If it wasn’t because of the presence of Tianji Zi, what Jiang Chen said could already cost him up to a hundred of his life.

“I said that your mouth is old and stinky.”

Jiang Chen showed no sign of fear. He definitely wouldn’t be polite to the one who reprimanded him. Even though he knew that this old man had an extremely high status, he also knew that this kind of status was useless here.

Also, although the elder was a late Golden Immortal expert, Jiang Chen would never put him in his eyes. With the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, Yang Shu wouldn’t be able to kill him. Additionally, Jiang Chen cultivated the dragon transformation skill, which always gave him an edge over his opponents. It would only be a matter of time before his combat strength or cultivation surpa.s.sed Yang Shu’s.

“Haha! Good, good. You really are fanatic. Elder Yuwen, see, this is a conceited young man who have no respect for the elderly and the rules of the sect. So, how could such a man be of any use to us?”

Yang Shu laughed loudly and spoke to Yuwen Ting.

“Jiang Chen, your att.i.tude is really disappointing. No disciple as arrogant as you has ever appeared in Skycloud Pavilion before.”

Yuwen Ting’s tone turned colder. A wave of faint pressure drifted towards Jiang Chen.

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