Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1192 – Discrediting Someone

Chapter 1192 – Discrediting Someone

Discrediting Someone

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After Yuwen Ting finished speaking, he vanished along with the other elders of the Law Enforcement Hall. It seemed like all of them were returning to the Law Enforcement Hall. Apparently, whatever would happened next would take place in the hall.


Yang Shu harrumphed coldly. He grabbed the air with his large hand. A force of attraction sucked Qu Yuan up to his hand.

“Save me, master.”

Qu Yuan sobbed, his face was full of despair.


Yang Shu sighed, and then shook his head. If it was just a normal injury, Yang Shu would have ways to heal him no matter how serious it was. Unfortunately, Qu Yuan’s Qi Sea had already been destroyed, which made it impossible to recover even if Yang Shu possessed an extraordinary healing power. He was able to turn a fool into a genius, however, a worthless man could only be a normal man.

“The only thing I can do is to seek justice for you and make that Jiang Chen pay for what he did,” said Yang Shu, he then looked away from Qu Yuan.

Qu Yuan closed his eyes, feeling the pain. Tears of regret trickled down from the corner of his eyes. Was vengeance really so important now? To him, it was no longer important whether Jiang Chen would pay the price of it. Even if he could kill Jiang Chen, he could never return to his former state.

Jiang Chen leap upwards, sprouted a pair of divine-looking wings behind his back and came to Tianji Zi’s side. He bowed before Tianji Zi politely. “Master.”

“Good, very good. You have helped master earn a good reputation ever since I accepted you. You don’t have to talk much in this matter. I know the incident very well. Qu Yuan is the one to blame. With my presence, that Yang Shu won’t be able to touch you even in the Law Enforcement Hall.”

Tianji Zi praised Jiang Chen. His impression of Jiang Chen improved once more. Jiang Chen’s power, dominance and outstanding talent were all consistent with his taste. So he couldn’t like this disciple more.

“Let’s go to the Law Enforcement Hall. I would like to see how YuWen Ting is going to handle this matter.”

After a while, Tian Jizi led Jiang Chen towards the Law Enforcement Hall. The crowd in the martial arena suddenly burst into noises of discussion after Jiang Chen and his master left.

“Jiang Chen really has become famous this time. Everyone in Skycloud Pavilion will know him. He has already gotten rid of Qu Yuan on his first day of joining the inner sect. How incredible!”

“I wonder how the Law Enforcement Hall will deal with him. Yang Shu surely wouldn’t let this matter rest. I’m afraid that it won’t be any less favourable even if Jiang Chen has all the reasons. After all, this incident involves Elder Yang Shu’s prestige.”

“The Law Enforcement Hall isn’t a pleasant place. No one in the sect likes to go there because something more problematic will emerge after arriving there. I heard that Elder Yuwen Ting has a good relations.h.i.+p with Elder Yang Shu. As for Elder Tianji Zi, he has a very hot temper and an aloof behaviour, which doesn’t help him get along well with the other Golden Immortal elders. Thus, I’m afraid that he can’t take advantage of the situation this time in the Law Enforcement Hall.”


Plenty of people were already antic.i.p.ating about what might happen. In Skycloud Pavilion, from the group of mighty elders to the group of ordinary disciples, the Law Enforcement Hall was the most serious and strict existence in their eyes. No one would be willing to go there to settle a dispute. Even if it was a minor mistake committed by an ordinary disciple, he would suffer unimaginably once he was sent to the Law Enforcement Hall.

The Law Enforcement Hall was located at the centre of Skycloud Pavilion. It was an incomparably grand hall. Seeing it from the outside gave people the feeling of solemnity. The atmosphere inside, however, was awful. This place was very important to Skycloud Pavilion, it enforces the law in Skycloud Pavilion and drew fear from people.

No one in Skycloud Pavilion would dare to challenge the authority of the Law Enforcement Hall. Apart from Tian Muyun and Daoist Yufeng, the Law Enforcement Hall represented the highest authority in the sect.

Presently, a group of elders were in the main hall of the building. Yang Shu was there standing next to Qu Yuan who finally stood on his feet, but his condition was still horrible. His body was shaky and he could fall down at any second. His facial expression was as pale as a corpse.

Tianji Zi and Jiang Chen arrived and walked into the main hall. Tianji Zi’s demeanour was imposing. There wasn’t a sign of fear on his face despite the fact that he was in the Law Enforcement Hall. The same went to Jiang Chen. A trace of a smile was revealed at the corner of his mouth. A mere Law Enforcement Hall was way too far from scaring him.

Besides the higher ups, Jiang Chen also saw three men. No doubt, they were the three who had gone to the Iron Dummy Array earlier to cause him trouble. The three of them were kneeling on the ground, s.h.i.+vering. Instead of having the chance to rest because of their heavy injuries, they were dragged to the Law Enforcement Hall and were asked to kneel down.

A hundred thousand horses were racing in Gao Yang’s heart. He felt that his luck was so bad. Initially, he thought that Qu Yuan would be able to get rid of Jiang Chen and avenge them. He had never thought that Jiang Chen was so powerful to such an extent. Not only was Qu Yuan no match for Jiang Chen, he was also crippled by him. The moment Qu Yuan became nothing more than a cripple, what other good things would his sidekicks get?

The three of them repented gravely in their hearts for provoking the disastrous star which was equivalent to asking for trouble.

“Jiang Chen, why aren’t you kneeling down when you have already reached the Law Enforcement Hall?” An elder shouted at Jiang Chen coldly.

“Why should I kneel down when I have all the reasons to roam free across the world? I don’t even know why you all want me here. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Jiang Chen darted a glance at that elder and said in a plain tone.


Jiang Chen’s response drew anger from numerous elders. They couldn’t accept someone challenging the dignity of the Law Enforcement Hall. All along, every disciple who had reached the hall would kneel down obediently and was even afraid to exhale normally. Jiang Chen, on the other hand, retorted the order of a high and mighty elder directly. None of them had ever seen such an outrageous behaviour before.

“Jiang Chen, you have harmed your fellow disciples. This is a tremendous crime.”

That elder widened his eyes and continued. He was a mighty early Golden Immortal expert. His dignity was being violated when a half-step Heaven Immortal disciple disobeyed him. How could he stand to something like this?

“Are you blind? Or you still don’t have any idea what the life-and-death stage mean? I was challenged. It was Qu Yuan who challenged me. Does that mean that I wasn’t allowed to kill anyone on the stage, but my opponent is allowed to kill me? Besides, Qu Yuan is still standing there, intact. In truth, I have shown him lots of mercy.”

Jiang Chen’s words were straight to the point. Obviously, this elder was standing on Yang Shu’s side, attempting to find ways to discredit Jiang Chen. Unfortunately, Jiang Chen would never accept such things.

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