Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1191 – The Master of Law Enforcement Hall

Chapter 1191 – The Master of Law Enforcement Hall

The Master of Law Enforcement Hall

*Hong Long……*

The shockwave of the incredible battle spread across, alerting everyone in Skycloud Pavilion.

Numerous core disciples, elders of Law Enforcement Hall and some high and mighty Golden Immortal elders appeared. One should know that it was extremely rare for Golden Immortal elders to have a fight inside the sect.

“It’s Tianji Zi and Yang Shu. Why did fight all of a sudden?”

“Haven’t you all know it yet? The true disciple whom Tianji Zi recently accepted has incapacitated Qu Yuan, a true disciple of Yang Shu. Naturally, Yang Shu won’t be able to stomach this incident.”

“He does have the guts! But since this is the life-and-death stage, there’s nothing Yang Shu can do. The only problem left unresolved now is his face.”


The news that Jiang Chen had incapacitated Qu Yuan was spread to everyone who wasn’t present at the battle very quickly. At the same time, they also knew that Jiang Chen had defeated a half-step Divine Immortal genius with mere half-step Heaven Immortal cultivation base. Such a genius was extremely rare to find even in the whole Ethereal Immortal Domain. The talent and potential that he had could be regarded as first cla.s.s.

“That explains why. Jiang Chen sure is monstrous. Otherwise, given Tianji Zi’s temperament, why would he suddenly accept this disciple and fight Yang Shu just to protect him?”

“Indeed. But his conduct is somewhat too arrogant. He has incapacitated a true disciple on his first day of joining the inner sect. Some control is needed for such arrogance.”


Many people thought that Jiang Chen was too pretentious. Regardless of how talented he was, he was still considered weak. As such, in his situation, it was necessary for him to conceal some of his abilities during an intense battle. However, he crippled a true disciple and caused the two great elders to fight instead. Such an incident was no doubt the first in the entire Skycloud Pavilion.

*Hong Long…*

Tianji Zi was provoked, battling more and more aggressively, but the result of their battle was still unknown.

These two opponents might seem equally matched, but every bystander knew the gap in cultivation between the two.

The thing that made them marvel was Tianji Zi’s Divination Art. They were astounded by his ability to predict. Comparatively speaking, Yang Shu appeared to be annoyed as every move of his could be calculated by his opponent. In truth, anyone who was put in his position would have the same feeling, because they couldn’t exert all of their power.

“Elder Tianji’s Divination Art certainly lived up to his reputation. At first, I thought that Divination Art can only be used to look into one’s future. I have never imagined that it could be applied in battle as well.”

“That’s right. That’s really impressive. Although Elder Tianji is a mere mid Golden Immortal expert, the prestige he has in Skycloud Pavilion isn’t any lower to Yang Shu, a late Golden Immortal expert. I’m afraid that Elder Yang Shu will be no match for Elder Tianji Zi once he advance to the late Golden Immortal realm. Currently, only Master and Daoist Yufeng could suppress him.”

“This is a special ability that most people can’t cultivate even if they want to.”


Tianji Zi’s power and ability amazed everyone. The advantage he had over Yang Shu was apparent, he could perfectly apply the ability of foresight in battle.

Jiang Chen’s eyes were fixed at Tianji Zi. Every time Tianji Zi attacked, Jiang Chen was fascinated by his master’s elegant and surreal demeanor. Currently, he had already been completely entranced by the profundity of Divination Art.

“Please stop, elders.”

At this time, a voice was heard. It came from a yellow-robed and skinny elder who was hovering in the sky. He had a very strong cultivation base. Judging from his Qi, he was stronger than Tianji Zi and Yang Shu.

“It’s the hall master of Law Enforcement Hall, Yuwen Ting, the most distinguished figure after pavilion master and Daoist Yufeng in Skycloud Pavilion. I had never imagined that he would appear on the scene.”

“Like I said, this isn’t an ordinary conflict anymore and is likely to alarm the higher ups. Sure enough, it happened. In the entire Skycloud Pavilion, there’s only the Law Enforcement Hall that can stop Tianji Zi and Yang Shu.”

“Agreed. Even though there are some elders who could stop these two great elders, Yuwen Ting alone is enough to stop them.”


The emergence of Yuwen Ting represented the intervention of the Law Enforcement Hall. Normally, the Law Enforcement Hall would rarely interfere with anything, but once they started to take matters into their own hands, it indicated the seriousness of the incident. Today, due to the clash between Jiang Chen and Qu Yuan, the incident had become very serious. There was no way to solve this problem anymore besides the Law Enforcement Hall.

Seeing Yuwen Ting’s presence, Tianji Zi and Yang Shu stopped, not forgetting to show respect to the hall master. Furthermore, the two of them were crystal clear that there would be neither victory nor defeat in the end.

“Elder Yuwen, I suppose you have already heard what happened today. I, Yang Shu, am a person with high prestige. Today, I’m going to gain back my reputation. As long as Jiang Chen is incapacitated, I promise to let this matter rest,” said Yang Shu in a very tough tone.

“This is ridiculous. What position do you think you are placing me at? Don’t you understand the purpose and meaning of the life-and-death stage? Once the combatants stand on the stage, their lives would solely depend on their fate. When Jiang Chen defeated Qu Yuan, he only incapacitated him. Allowing him to live is a very kind act. Inversely, if Jiang Chen was the one who lost the battle, he would die in Qu Yuan’s hands. I won’t say another word in this. The only explanation for this is Qu Yuan’s incompetence. Yang Shu, don’t you think that continuously pestering someone in the public will only bring you more humiliation?”

Tianji Zi retorted in a t.i.t-for-tat way. Currently, Jiang Chen was just like a piece of treasure to him. It was wishful thinking to incapacitate Jiang Chen in front of him.

Yuwen Ting made a few frowns, and then glanced at Jiang Chen below him and Qu Yuan who was lying on the stage with surprise.

Even the hall master of the Law Enforcement Hall found this dispute tricky. He was having a dilemma now. He couldn’t ignore Yang Shu’s reputation and the hot temper of Tianji Zi. It would be easier to settle if Jiang Chen was merely an ordinary disciple instead of a true disciple. If any of the parties wasn’t satisfied with the outcome, he was afraid that not even his prestige would be enough to stop these two elders from fighting.

But since he had already appeared here, he had no choice but to find a settlement to it. Or else, the Law Enforcement Hall would lose its purpose and would be reprimanded by the pavilion master.

“This incident can’t go on like this. Elder Yang Shu, Elder Tianji, bring your disciple to the Law Enforcement Hall now. It’s more suited to settle the dispute there. I would like to know everything that happened during this period.”

Yuwen Ting said to Tianji Zi and Yang Shu.

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