Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1190 – The Terrifying Divination Art

Chapter 1190 – The Terrifying Divination Art

The Terrifying Divination Art

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As Yang Shu’s eyes fell on Jiang Chen; the scene turned cold and chilly. All of them could feel Yang Shu’s anger and his strong killing intent. Perhaps, Qu Yuan’s life wasn’t as important as his face, but crippling Qu Yuan made him lose all of his face.

“It’s over. I already felt Elder Yang Shu’s killing intent. Do you all think that Elder Yang Shu will kill Jiang Chen straightaway? If he really made a move now, Jiang Chen will surely die in vain.”

“It’s hard to say. Pavilion Master will never blame a Golden Immortal elder for killing a true disciple.”

“It seems like Jiang Chen can only pray for his good fortune now. What he did today is exceedingly audacious. I still couldn’t believe that he even dared to cripple Qu Yuan.”


A lot of them continued with their conversations but with a softer voice, agreeing that Jiang Chen was currently in a very dangerous situation. After all, the person he provoked wasn’t an ordinary figure. It was a Golden Immortal Elder, a late Golden Immortal expert, one of the top figures in Skycloud Pavilion that even Tian Muyun had to show respect.

Jiang Chen met Yang Shu eyes with a slight smile and fearless expression. Yang Shu certainly wanted to kill him, but Tianji Zi surely wouldn’t allow that. One should know that defeating Qu Yuan on the life-and-death stage had earned Tianji Zi a tremendous amount of reputation. Furthermore, the fact that Jiang Chen could defeat a half-step Divine Immortal opponent as a half-step Heaven Immortal proved his extraordinary combat strength. Tianji Zi would definitely regard him as a precious talent and wouldn’t let someone kill him. When Yang Shu appeared on the scene, it meant that Tianji Zi wasn’t far away from here.

“Jiang Chen, you had the nerve to harm my disciple. How dare you, a puny inner sect disciple be so audacious? How dare you not put this old man in your eyes. Today, I’m going to teach you a good lesson. I will personally cripple you as well, just like what you did to Qu Yuan.”

Yang Shu’s tone was icy cold. He was ready to strike after speaking. He was a powerful Golden Immortal expert with a n.o.ble position that could ignore the rules and regulations of the sect. According to the rules of the life-and-death stage, it wasn’t anyone’s business if Qu Yuan was killed in battle and Jiang Chen wouldn’t have to bear any consequences and punishment. Despite the rules, no one dared to stop Yang Shu from punis.h.i.+ng Jiang Chen.

“I would like to see who has the guts to cripple my disciple!”

As soon as Yang Shu’s words faded, another powerful momentum emerged somewhere in the center of Skycloud Pavilion. Subsequently, a divine figure flew past the crowd and halted on the stage, standing next to Jiang Chen. This man wasn’t a stranger. He was Tianji Zi.

He glanced at Qu Yuan who was lying on the ground expressionlessly and then turned to Jiang Chen. Instead of reprimanding Jiang Chen, he praised his disciple.

“You did well, boy. You’re worthy of being called my disciple.”

Tianji Zi patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder. Evidently, what Jiang Chen did today had earned him a great deal of reputation.

“Yang Shu, you have the nerve to cripple my disciple. Who gave you the right to punish my disciple?”

Tianji Zi looked over at Yang Shu and said impolitely.

The whole scene turned silent after the emergence of these two important figures. A scene like this was just the same to what they had imagined. The conflict between Jiang Chen and Qu Yuan was going to be spread to the higher ups. When Qu Yuan was crippled, Yang Shu had decided to cripple Jiang Chen as well, and naturally Tianji Zi would protect his own disciple.

“Humph! Tianji Zi, that’s easy for you to say. Your disciple has crippled my disciple, shouldn’t he be punished for such a crime?”

Yang Shu harrumphed coldly. Judging from his expression, he didn’t seem to be giving up on taking revenge.

“Haha! Yang Shu, this should already be clear to you. This is the life-and-death stage. It was all because of the incompetence of your disciple. Jiang Chen has already shown mercy by allowing him to stay alive. You should thank Jiang Chen for that instead.”

Tianji Zi laughed loudly, a typical and direct way of beating one’s face.

“What if I insist to attack? Do you think you can stop me, Tianji Zi?”

Yang Shu’s eyes turned cold, seemingly reluctant to give in. In the aspect of cultivation base, Tianji Zi was merely a peak mid Golden Immortal expert, whereas Yang Shu was a late Golden Immortal expert. Tianji Zi wouldn’t be able to gain any advantage in the fight.

“Then you should try and see. I would like to see who has the ability to hurt my disciple in front of me today.”

Tianji Zi’s Qi shook, showing no sign of fear and the intention of backing away.

Jiang Chen nodded secretly. The disposition of Tianji Zi suited his qualities very well. It seemed like he had found the right master.

“I’m going to do it no matter what.”

Yang Shu was a grumpy old man. He had never gotten along with Tianji Zi. And today, Jiang Chen made him lose all of his face. There was no way that he could swallow this anger. All of a sudden, he struck out a huge palm at Jiang Chen.

Seeing what happened, Tianji Zi also struck. He moved like a banished Immortal. Just as Yang Shu launched his attack, he shot out a ray of golden light with his finger, destroying the half condensed palm.


Later, Tianji Zi flew skywards and shouted at Yang Shu, “Yang Shu, how dare you attack my disciple in front of me? That’s totally not putting me in your eyes. Since you want to fight, then let’s fight!”

Tianji Zi’s Qi was incredibly strong. Despite the fact that he was only a mid Golden Immortal Expert, he was fearless in front of Yang Shu.

“You want a fight? So be it, Tianji Zi! I would also like to see what’s the extent that your Divination Art has reached.”

Yang Shu’s momentum was overwhelming. Immediately, he launched another attack at Tianji Zi. Both mighty Golden Immortal experts engaged in a fight in the sky above the martial arena, turning the sky to darkness, but neither victory nor defeat could be determined.

All of their attention was focused on the two because it wasn’t easy to watch a fight between two Golden Immortal experts.

Jiang Chen had even put all of his concentration on the battle. He initially thought that Tianji Zi would be no match for Yang Shu, but it seemed like he was seriously wrong.

“Master’s Divination Art is truly amazing. He is able to predict the moves of his opponent. Although Yang Shu’s cultivation base is a grade higher than master’s, master can calculate Yang Shu’s skill and attack before he even struck out. And then, master will kill it with an attack that collided with Yang Shu’s attack before he can even fully condense it out. So, Yang Shu won’t be able to achieve the maximum damage in every strike.”

Jiang Chen was incomparably astonished. It seemed like the Divination Art was much scarier than his imagination. It wasn’t only used to divine misfortune in the future, it could also be used to create a huge advantage for oneself in a fight.

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