Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1189 – Yang Shu’s Anger

Chapter 1189 – Yang Shu’s Anger

Yang Shu’s Anger


Jiang Chen’s action created commotion from the whole crowd. Everyone’s eyes went wide, they couldn’t believe and accept the scene ahead of them. Jiang Chen had too much nerve to disable Qu Yuan. One should know that crippling a genius like Qu Yuan was no different than taking his life.

Moreover, the consequences that Jiang Chen would face after this would be serious. Everything changed when he incapacitated Qu Yuan. This would no longer be a common fight between inner disciples. By that time, Yang Shu would never let this matter go easily. While Jiang Chen also had a powerful backer, Tianji Zi, who was a person that couldn’t be trifled with, both of these elders would without a doubt clash.

“Jiang Chen, stop!”

Seeing what happened, Grand Elder Li Zhong was shocked. He had never thought that Jiang Chen would have such audacity. The repercussions would be unimaginable if Jiang Chen crippled Qu Yuan today.

Li Zhong took the decisive move to block the attack without having the time to think. Although interfering at this time would violate the regulations of the life-and-death stage, he felt compelled to do so. As the Grand Elder of the inner sect, he could never watch a true disciple being killed. He would be at a loss of words when the mighty Golden Immortal elder found out about this.

However, Jiang Chen was just too fast. Even with Li Zhong’s speed, it was too late to stop the attack. With a sound of ‘ka cha’, Jiang Chen’s palm landed heavily on Qu Yuan’s vulnerable Qi Sea.


Qu Yuan opened his mouth and spewed out another mouthful of blood before his Qi Sea shattered. All of the energy inside dissipated in an instant.

Qu Yuan was dumbfounded while feeling his present state. His face was pale-grey and in deep despair. His ability to reach the half-step Divine Immortal realm at his age showed how special his talent and how bright his future was. But now, everything was finished.

He was supposed to be one of the top geniuses in the pyramid. All of a sudden, he was transformed into a cripple that could no longer cultivate. That wasn’t something that anyone could bear. Although he was still alive, he was nothing more than a walking corpse.


Qu Yuan let out a despairing roar. He now felt that his life had suddenly become dark, dim and meaningless. Although he hated Jiang Chen to the bone, he couldn’t do anything about it, he knew that he wouldn’t have a chance of taking revenge.

At the same time, he was in complete regret. That was right, he was regretting. He regretted provoking a disastrous star like Jiang Chen for no good reason. If he didn’t do so, he wouldn’t have ended like this, both of them would never have any clashes and he would still get to be the miniature emperor in the inner sect.

However, there wasn’t a medicine that could cure regret.

“Jiang Chen, you…”

Li Zhong’s facial expression changed dramatically when he reached the stage. He had never thought that Jiang Chen would be so decisive and cruel.

Jiang Chen turned, stared at Li Zhong fearlessly and spoke coldly, “Grand Elder, haven’t I given you face by keeping him alive? Did you think that your reputation was enough to guarantee his safety? This is the life-and-death stage and you rushed here just to stop me. Aren’t you afraid of breaking the rules? Moreover, saving Qu Yuan is similar to going against me. You said that Qu Yuan wasn’t a person to be trifled with, didn’t that apply to me as well? Qu Yuan has a strong backer, but the same goes to me. Grand Elder, I advise you to stay out of this matter.”

Jiang Chen’s words were incredibly apathetic. There were no politeness and respect for the Grand Elder. Regardless of what the reasons were, the fact that Li Zhong attempted to stop him disgusted him. If it wasn’t because of the old man helping him before, he would never show any quarters to this old man.


Grand Elder was shocked by Jiang Chen’s cold eyes and his innate superior aura even influenced the elder’s soul.

Grand Elder let out a sigh and kept his silence, Jiang Chen was right. It was true that Qu Yuan wasn’t a person to be trifled with and it was also true that he should never offend a person who had the ability to kill a half-step Divine Immortal genius while being only a half-step Heaven Immortal and had the support of Tianji Zi.

At this point of time, Qu Yuan had already been incapacitated. Although he wasn’t able to stop him in time, he had done what he could. So even if Yang Shu demanded an explanation, the blame would be s.h.i.+fted to Jiang Chen instead of him. The fight between true disciples always gave him a headache, as such, it was best to stay out of it.

“Ruthless and ferocious. Skycloud Pavilion is going to change soon now that this monstrous genius is here. Those geniuses are going to be under a great deal of pressure after this.”

“Young Emperor Qu Yuan is incapacitated just like this. I only have the feeling of admiration for Jiang Chen now. I’m afraid that he is probably the only one in Skycloud Pavilion that dares to do such a thing. From now on, the rest of Qu Yuan’s life will be a waste.”

“However, this matter will never be left to rest. Yang Shu will definitely seek Jiang Chen for explanation and compensation. When a dignified Golden Immortal elder’s true disciple was incapacitated by someone, it is without a doubt slapping the elder on the face hard.”

“But then again, Jiang Chen also has Elder Tianji Zi behind his back, which makes him unafraid of all these. Additionally, this incident was started by Qu Yuan himself and they were fighting on the life-and-death stage, which isn’t an ordinary battle. What Jiang Chen did wasn’t wrong. Even if this matter is brought to the Law Enforcement Hall, he has elder Tianji Zi’s support. Moreover, Jiang Chen’s performance was incomparably dazzling. He can now be regarded as the number one genius in Skycloud Pavilion. Naturally, the sect will value such a genius very much.”


People started their own conversations and discussions. Incapacitating Qu Yuan on the life-and-death stage was a major incident. Anyone could already imagine that the development of this matter would never be simple.

Just then, a powerful momentum rushed towards the inner sect. It was a grey-robed elder that looked fifty-ish and slightly pump, but the aura he radiated s.h.i.+vered people’s soul.

No doubt, this elder was one of the well-known figures, Yang Shu. It seemed like he was the first one to know about this incident. Logically, there was no reason for him not to appear when his true disciple was just crippled.

The atmosphere of the crowd turned incomparably tense after the appearance of Elder Yang Shu. No one dared to breath, even Grand Elder Li Zhong kept his head low and was silent. Everybody on the scene was crystal clear that the current Yang Shu was in serious fury.


When the sprawling Qu Yuan saw Yang Shu, he cried out loudly. Unfortunately, he didn’t even have the strength to stand up after being incapacitated.


Yang Shu darted a casual look at Qu Yuan, and then turned to Jiang Chen. His eyes were just like cold blades, desiring to tear Jiang Chen apart.

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